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Wilbur P.O.V:

Just when my 14th birthday comes around...new adventures and new people come into my life:

1)The memory scanner is stolen.

2)There's a new girl at my school. And she's SO my type!sadly...she has a 'body-guard-like-male-best-friend'.

3)My father,Cornelius Robinson,is allowing me to use the time machine. Can you believe it?

4)Look around your town because 'The Unstoppable Four' might be there. Yeah,I'm part of The Unstoppable Four...and I'm Captain Time Travel(to be exact).

So you guys might be wondering "who are these Unstoppable Four people?"...that's an excellent question that hopefully I'm going to explain.

When the Memory Scanner was stolen(long story!),I promised Carl that I would find it.

The next day at school,I met the new girl(and by "met" I mean that I learned her name)...


I was sitting at my usual spot,in the back of the classroom near the window.

I,obviously,wasn't paying attention to the class because it was boring,instead I was thinking about the time machine.

The door then burst open,and it snapped me out of my thoughts.

Then I heard Mrs. Lee yelling at the new girl,who had came late.

The new girl had chest lenght brown hair with natural orange streaks(Um,I personally think that when she turns 15,her hair is going to be 'waist lenght' if she doesn't cut it) ,pale skin and minty green eyes.

She wore a white v-neck t-shirt,black skinny jeans,a cherry red leather jacket,a silver belt(similar to mine) and red converse. She also had a plain Aeropostale backpack.

"Hayley Joanna Burns!you're late!"Mrs. Lee screamed.

"I-I'm t-truly s-sorry,M-Mrs. L-Lee."The new girl stuttered.

"Burns,sit next to Robinson."Mrs. Lee growled.

"Robinson?"Hayley asked,obviously not knowing who I am.

"I'm Robinson."I say,as I raise my hand."Wilbur Robinson."

Hayley nods and sits next to me.

Mrs. Lee then turns to the blackboard,and starts her History class.

Later,at lunchtime...

My friend Max(Michael Yagoobian's son) and I were going to sit at a free table,when I noticed Hayley sitting alone in a table far away from everyone.

"Max,how about we sit next to the new girl?"I ask,almost begging.

"Whatever."He says,as we walk towards Hayley.

"Hey Hayley!"I,cheerfully,say as I take the seat next to her.

"Hey 'Robinson'!"She jokes.

I laugh.

"I'm Max."Max says,as he runs a hand through his dark brown hair.

"Nice to meet you,Max."Hayley smiles."I'm Hayley."

Max waves.

Then a random boy comes and sits with us.

He has shoulder lenght brown hair,light skin and...magenta-colored eyes?

He wore an apple green t-shirt,dark blue jeans and black converse.

"Hey Hale."He says to Hayley.

"What'sup Fred!"Hayley says,as she fist-pumped with him.

Hayley then turns to me and Max.

"Guys,this is my friend Freddy Dust."She says.

"I'm Wilbur."I say to Freddy."And this is my friend Max."

"Nice to meet you guys."Freddy says.

End of flashback...

And that's how I met the other two members of The Unstoppable Four.

Now,I'll tell you guys about when we became the Unstoppable Four.

Another Flashback...

"Wil,are you ok?"Hayley asked me,when Mrs. Lee left the classroom because her husband was calling her.

"Yep."I reply.

"What happened?"She asks,as she folds her arms and glares at me.

"One of my dad's inventions was stolen."I whispered.

Hayley gasps.

She then went back to reading her history book.

5 minutes later,she pokes my arm.

"I have an idea."Hayley grinned evilly."You,me,Freddy and Max. Lunchtime. And I'll explain it all."

I nod.

Later,at lunchtime...

The boys,Hayley and I were at a random table.

"So,my plan is to find your dad's invention."Hayley says.

"Brilliant idea."I say."How?"

"Doesn't your father have a time machine?"Max asks me.

I nod.

"Maybe we can use the time machine to go back in time and see who stole the invention."Hayley says.

"Then we spy on that person and 'rescue' your dad's invention."She then adds.

Freddy nods,in agreement.

"Who's in?"I ask,with an evil smile.

"I'm in!"My friends say.

"We need a name."I,randomly,say.

"The Unstoppable Four."Freddy says.

"I like it."I reply."We also need code names."

"We'll think about that later."Hayley says.

I nod.

End of flashback...

"Wilbur!"Carl yells,as he walks in my room.

"What?"I ask.

"Your mom says that she's ready."Carl said.

"Yay!I can't wait to go to Grandma and Grandpa Framagucci's house!"I say with fake enthusiasm.

Carl rolls his eyes.

"Your parents are waiting for you in the hover car."He says.

I sigh,and use the travel tube that leads to the main entrance.

Then I open the door and ran towards my dad's hover car.

"Hey mom!hey dad!"I,cheerfully,say.

"What did you broke?"My mom asks me,worried.

"Nothing."I say,awkwardly.

"I hope so."My dad mumbles.

Random sketch to finish the chapter:

AntoRodriguez yawns,as she glances at her laptop,and looks at her story.

She then keeps typing on her laptop.

"This is so hard."She says.

Wilbur Robinson then appears.

"Keep moving forward!"He says.

"And I'm sweating."AntoRodriguez whines.

"Keep moving forward."Wilbur repeats.

"And my neck hurts."AntoRodriguez complains.

"Keep moving forward."Wilbur repeats,once again.

"Thanks,Wilbur."AntoRodriguez,sarcastically,said."I feel better."

"Keep moving...was that sarcasm?"Wilbur said.

AntoRodriguez nods.

"You're evil."Wilbur says.

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