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Wesley P.O.V:

Robinson Mansion

Date: September 17,2038.

Time: 4:30 pm.

I was writing my essay about Tony Stark's amazing inventions,when I felt something strange.

I glanced towards my holo-clock.



I,quickly,turned on my watch/intercom and called Wilbur.

"Hey West!"Wilbur said,as he answered the call.

"Where are you?"I asked,as I glared at my 13-almost-14-years-old little brother.

"Eh...I kinda went to the future...'September 7,2045' to be exact."Wilbur replied."And...I'm in...my future wedding."

I gasped.

"Wilbur..."I started.

"Please don't tell Mom and Dad."Wilbur begged.

"Anthony..."I continued.

"Please,West."Wilbur said."Don't tell them."

"Robinson."I finished."You better stay there,because when I get there you're going to be in so much trouble."

"Stupid 23-years-old brother."Wilbur mumbled.

I rolled my eyes.

He then ended the call.

Carl then ran in,Tallulah and Laszlo were following him.

"Where's Wilbur?"Carl asked,as he folded his golden arms.

"In the future!"I replied,mocking my little brother's voice.

Tallulah gasped.

"We'll go with you."Laszlo,quickly,said.

"Thanks,Laz."I replied,as I fist-pumped with my 24-years-old cousin.

Tallulah rolled her eyes.

We ran towards the travel tube and it took us to the garage

The Garage

Time: 4:47pm.

I sat in front of the steering wheel.

"Are you guys ready?"I asked Laszlo and Tallulah.

"Yep."My cousins replied.

I typed "September 7, 2045." on the keyboard(which was on the steering wheel).

The time machine began to elevate.

"This is amazing!"Tallulah squealed.

Wilbur P.O.V:

Robinson Mansion

Date: September 7, 2045.

Time: 6:40 am.

"Was that Wesley?"Wil/Older Me asked.

I nodded.

"Is he coming?"Wil asked.

I,once again,nodded.

Wil bit his lip,as he ran to the bathroom.

I looked towards Older Carl.

"Explain."I said,as I folded my arms.

"Your parents and your brother had a fight in 2040."Older Carl explained."Wesley got really mad that he said that he was going to move out,which he did,and your parents...they didn't take it so well."

I gulped.

Wil then walked in.

"So,we're getting married?"I said,trying to start a conversation.

Wil nodded.

"Are you kidding me?"I cried."We are seriously getting married!"

Wil smiled.

"I'm not joking,Wilbur."He said.

Older Carl rolled his eyes.

"Wilbur,what are you doing here?"He asked me.

"I just wanted to talk with Wil about The Unstoppable Four."I said.

"You,me and Dad will talk about this later."Wil said,as he sat on the floor.

"Ok."I said."...I have a question about your bride."

Wil nodded,in a 'go on' way.

"How does she smell like?"I asked.

"Victoria's Secret 'Strawberries&Champagne',and it's a very sexy scent."Wil replied.

"Someone's gaga for this girl."I joked.

Older Carl and I started laughing.

"Shut up." Wil snapped,as he blushed.

I laughed harder.

Wil rolled his eyes.

"Wilbur,are you awake?"I heard a voice say from outside of my future room.

"Yeah,dad!"Wil said.

"Are you ready?"Cornelius asked,as he walked in.


Cornelius rolled his eyes,he then looked towards me.

"What are you doing here?"He asked me.

"He needs to ask us something."Wil said.

"After the wedding."Cornelius said.

"That's what I told him."Wil said.

"Now,get ready."Cornelius said to Wil.

He then turned towards me.

"You're coming with me."He said.

"Ok."I nodded.

And with that,Cornelius dragged me to his lab.

"Okay,Anto."Wilbur said,as he sat on AntoRodriguez7's desk."Why do you gave me an older brother?"

"I thought you needed one."AntoRodriguez8 grinned evilly.

Wilbur rolled his eyes.

"Are you kidding me?"He said.

"Maybe."AntoRodriguez7 says.

"Agh!and he gets a 'P.O.V' in his first appearance!"Wilbur screams.

"Well,I thought it would be fun giving him some of your spotlight."AntoRodriguez7 shrugged.

"Believe me,it's not fun."Wilbur said."...When do you start school?"

"October 9."AntoRodriguez7 replied.

Wilbur gasped.

"I wanna have your vacations."He says.

"Oh,so you're jealous of me?"AntoRodriguez7 teased.

"No."Wilbur lied.

AntoRodriguez7 rolls her eyes.

I hope you guys liked this chapter.

Disclaimer: I do not own "Victoria's Secret",even thought it's only mentioned. I do own Wesley Hale Robinson(from my story "Memories Of The Robinson Family").

The reason why I included Wesley: I started writing this chapter as a random idea,but then I included some "The Unstoppable Four" things and...BOOM! I had this chapter finished in an hour. I mostly take a few hours when I write chapters for "The Unstoppable Four",but today I was using my iPod Touch to write instead of using a laptop...so blame my sister for not letting me use her laptop.

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