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Wilbur P.O.V:

The Lab

Date: September 7, 2045.

Time: 6:45 am.

As soon as Cornelius and I walked in the lab,I gasped.

"LEWIS!"I cried.

Yep,Lewis was there...but he looked a little bit older than me.

He was wearing a long sleeved white shirt,his blue sweater vest and jeans?

"Hey Wilbur!"14-years-old Lewis greeted.

"What are you doing here?"I asked.

"You brought him here."Cornelius said.

"You mean,Wil brought Lewis here."I said.

Cornelius nodded.

"Now what are you doing here?"Lewis asked.

"I can't tell you about it."I said.

"Why not?"Lewis asked.

"None of your business."I snapped.

"Is this about T.U.F(The Unstoppable Four),Wilbur?"Cornelius asked.

I nodded.

Cornelius turned towards Lewis.

"Sorry,you have to wait until it happens."He said to his younger-self.

Lewis shrugged.

"I can wait."He said.

"You guys are going to stay here,until Wil and I come back."Cornelius said.

Lewis and I nodded.

Cornelius turned towards the staircase,when I gasped.

"Dad,wait!"I said.

"What?"Cornelius asked,still facing the staircase.

"Wesley...he's coming to get me."I said.

"Ok."Cornelius mumbled.

And with that,he left.

Wesley P.O.V:

The Main Entrance

Time: 7:00am.

Tallulah,Laszlo and I were at the front door.

"Hey kid,ring my..."Spike was saying,before he noticed me."W-Wesley R-Robinson...?"


Tallulah rolled her eyes and knocked on the door.

The door opened and Lefty came out,followed by Carl.

"If you're looking for your brother."Carl said."He's in the lab."

"Can we look around?"Tallulah asked.

Carl shrugged.

Laszlo and Tallulah then walked towards a different direction from the lab.

"You come with me."I said to Carl.

Carl nodded and we walked to the lab.

A few minutes later...

We were in the lab.

"Wesley,can we stay?"Wilbur begged me."I have to ask Wil a few things."

"Besides today's my wedding day."He then added.

I sighed.

"Ok."I said.

"Thanks,West!"Wilbur cried.

Normal P.O.V:

The Cannon Room

Date: September 17, 2038.

Time: 5:30pm.

Cornelius walked in.

"Gaston,where's Wilbur,Wesley,Tallulah and Laszlo?"He asked.

Cornelius then noticed Hayley,Max and Freddy.

"Hi."He said.

"Hey Mr. Robinson!"Hayley waved.

"Hayley?"Cornelius asked.

"Why are you guys using uniforms?"He then asked.

"Eh..."Freddy said."We..."

"Wilbur told us one of your inventions was stolen."Max,quickly,said.

"WHAT!"Cornelius screamed.

"Mr. Robinson,we just wanted to help Wilbur."Hayley said.

Cornelius then got an idea.

"You guys know what?"He said."I'm not mad. In fact,I'm happy because now you guys are going to try my inventions."

"Do you guys wanna stay for dinner?"Cornelius then added.

"Sure."Hayley,Max and Freddy said.

Cornelius turned towards Gaston.

"You didn't answered my question."He said.

"Wilbur's doing some time traveling."Gaston replied.

"And Wesley?"Cornelius asked.

"I think he's doing his homework."Gaston said.

"Ok."Cornelius said.

"This chapter is very random."Wilbur says.

"Look,Wilbur."AntoRodriguez7 snapped."I think you should stop complaining about my work."

"Now,let's go to the kitchen and eat cookies."Wilbur suggested.

AntoRodriguez7 shrugs.

"I do like cookies."She says.

"I know you do."Wilbur smiled.

"I heard about the new invention."AntoRodriguez7,randomly,says.

"You mean the 'wash-n-glow' gloves?"Wilbur asked.

"Yep."AntoRodriguez7 said."May you explain to the readers what the 'wash-n-glow' do?"

"The 'wash-n-glow' gloves are the future version of a dish washer."Wilbur explains,as he faces the readers."The left glove is supposed to clean the dirty dishes with soap and the right glove,which looks a little bit like Ironman's gloves,has a small hose which is supposed to rinse the soap. The gloves also glow in the dark."

"Where can I buy that invention?"AntoRodriguez7 says."I hate washing the dishes,it's totally boring. But the 'wash-n-glow' make washing the!"

Wilbur helds up sign that says: 'Soon at your local store'.

So,yeah...Wilbur and I just did that commercial for the 'wash-n-glow' gloves,which are going to be in the next chapter.

Even thought this chapter is very random and short,I did enjoyed writing the last part(the 'wash-n-glow' gloves part).

Note: Just 1 more chapter in 2045 and they go back to 2038(and Lewis goes back to 2009).

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Meet The Robinsons,I do own the 'wash-n-glow' gloves and Max Yagoobian,Hayley Burns and Wesley Robinson. My friend Victorious Monster High Winx Lover owns Freddy Dust.

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