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Summary- Rue and all the other people are invited to Mint's wedding in East Heaven Kingdom. However, reuniting with the West and East Heaven is pretty much a problem when Mint suddenly have a distress problem between freedom of seeing her friends again or to stay forever looking out to her future husband...

It is basically a Threads of Fate pairing saga that heavily involves around Rue and Mint. It also involves other people such as Maya, Duke and all the other characters being paired up as well. Chapter I will start out short as ever. Also, chapter one may be short, but at least the story will tell you the main details of the story.

~ * ~ Chapter I- The Finest Prince ~ * ~

It was yet another peaceful afternoon in East Heaven Kingdom. Mint is sleeping on her messy bed with her silky blanket drooping on the checkered tiles while she was wearing her favorite pajamas, which is colored mismatched. She turned and groaned, having sleep with an empty stomach since she have not ate since dinner. Not to mention she has to do chores around the kingdom that was strictly ordered by her father to raise her as a strong responsible princess.

Mint turned once again as she mumbled from her sleep, "…zzzzzzzzz…zzzwhy me…"

Suddenly, the door slammed wide open. Mint jolted up and saw her younger sister Maya.

"My dear sister, father is calling us for very important news downstairs."

Mint rolled her eyes and covered herself with a blanket, "No way! If he wants me to help him massage his greasy neck again, then you do it. You're his favorite massager."

"Dear gracious! That has nothing to do with anything! How will you fulfill your duty as a princess when you are not up to a small simple task of going downstairs?" she said as Maya jerked the covers out, revealing a pouty Mint.

Maya then turned her back on her older sister. "Well I guess the entire banquet is all to myself then. It's a shame to miss out on a big giant feast filled with luxurious food and many positive critics from the royal counselors. Goodbye then."

Mint immediately sat up and ran to the door. "Hold it! Did you say big feast?!"

Maya laughed as she shut the door, making Mint hurting herself as she slammed herself against the door. She sat up, rubbing the pain from her nose. She growled in anger for having a rude awakening, especially from her younger sister Maya. "Dammit Maya you [expletive]! You are sooooo dead! Oww…"

~ X ~ Dining Room ~ X ~

The warrior princess slid down the stair rails and ran through the long oriental hallways with an angry look. "She better not eat the entire feast all to herself! If she did not leave leftovers for me, she is sooo deaddd!" she shouted to herself.

Mint burst open the door with her signature kick, as usual. Instead of walking in and immediately taking several plates on the table, she took a step back and saw a whole bunch of people on the table she had never seen before. One of them was sitting on Mint's seat, gobbling up the entire plate that was supposed to be for her.

Everyone looked at Mint with raised eyebrows. One of them choked on a piece of noodle from his plate full of chow mein.

"Ah, looks like all of my people are all here now. Mint, take a seat right next to your younger sister," East Heaven's King said with a smile.

Mint walked casually to the dining table, eyeing on the people who are dressed with royal outfits. Some of the men laughed at Mint from her awkward appearance as she is still dressed with her pajamas. Gramps gulped and look at his angry grandchild making bitter faces at the royal consolers.

She sat down right next to Maya, which she is giggling. Mint growled at her as Maya shut her mouth and continued eating her food.

"Maya! You are so toast when dinner is over!" Maya's older sister whispered vehemently. Maya replied back by sticking out her tongue at her and continued eating.

The East Heaven King smiled at his daughters and starred across the table. "Ah, it seems that almost everyone is here. Now we need the royal highness and his son."

"They should be here any minute," the high counselor of West Heaven said to the King, looking at his watch. The other royal men continued to stare at the East Heaven's lovely daughters with mixed emotions as they eat the food. Others gawked at Mint savagely ate her first giant plate.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xox

Several minutes passed by as everyone is enjoying the banquet. Mint burped and put her bare feet at the table and rocked the chair.

"Ahhhh, I feel great! The best part is that every pot of food does not contain any pumpkins!" Mint said happily as she burped loudly. Some of the Western Heaven's men smiled at her casual personality.

"Princess, put your feet down this instant!" Gramps said, running towards the princess.

"Relax! This is what I usually do after a good meal. Chill out, would you Gramps?"

Gramps sighed. "Even after 2 years, you haven't changed one bit!" He turned to his king, "See your highness? Your daughter is still lazy as ever!"

"Ohohohoho! Your highness has forty-two gold statues of him? I must say, that is quite impressive! Even I cannot keep up with that accounting number!" The East Heaven King said to the West Heaven counselor, completely ignoring Gramps. He turned to the wall at the corner and head bang onto the wall, tears coming out from his eyes from being completely ignored by his King. Mint looked at Gramps and shrugged at his depression.

"By the way Maya, how come these weirdoes have come here into the kingdom? Do they want something or what?" Mint whispered.

Maya put down her fork and turned to Mint, "Apparently West Heaven Kingdom is offering East Heaven a peace treaty. You know how Father desires his country to ally with the Western country, right? Over the years, our country and theirs have been enemies for generation after generation."


"And… Mint? Mint? Are you listening to me?" Maya asked. She went closer to her sister and heard her mumbling.

"Heheheh… but if the country reunites… then East Heaven Kingdom will be ten times powerful as it usually is! And then after that I shall get my wo-"

"No way! You are not planning for world conquest again! Remember the last time you almost achieve the sacred [relic]? I almost have a heart attack back there! Literally!" Maya shouted, making Mint jumped up. A few men looked at the two girls and continued back what they are doing.

"Oh yeah?! If you were in my shoes, you would think the same thing!" Mint shouted back at her, standing up.

"For Heavens sake! Nobody would want to think about your selfish dreams! Your idiotic dreams may destroy the entire world!"

"What was that you [expletive]?! That's it, you are soooo dead! You hear me?! D-E-A-D!" she shouted at Maya, getting the royal men attention.

Maya laughed at her older sister and stood up. "Dead? Hmm… where are your dual halos, my dear sister?"

"It's right here you dumb butt!... Huh?" Mint turned to her back and noticed that the Dual Halos were not there. Mints arms scrambled at her back, looked down under the table and looked at made a nervous laugh to Maya.

"I'll be right back!" Mint said and ran to the door.

"Tsk tsk tsk. You should have come prepared before you set foot on the dining room," Maya said and giggled. The young East Heaven princess readied her book of Cosmos as many of the men looked at her.

Mint turned to Maya and pointed at her, "HEY! I'm not even ready yet!"

"Not quite. This is not an automatic duel; it is called first-come-first-serve!" Maya shouted as she summoned three giant pumpkins. Mint gasp in horror as she ran at the hallways for her dear life.

~ x ~ At the hallways ~ x ~

Mint turned her head and saw three of the pumpkins still chasing her. One of them tried to attack her, but luckily Mint was swift to dodge it.

One of the pumpkins tackled her onto the floor with a mischievous face. Furious, Mint rolled her body aside and kicked the giant pumpkin out of frustration. She then kept running while starring at the ground. "UNGH! This is such an embarrassing day already… MAYAAAA! I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS!"

Suddenly, while not looking where she is running, Mint accidentally tackled someone as the two both fell onto the floor. "Ahh… ouch…" Mint whimpered in pain and noticed she was on top of someone. Mint gasped and scrambled herself to sit up as she viewed a pretty young man on the ground.

She could not be more amazed to see a gorgeous looking man with short mocha colored hair hinted with fainted gold. He is wearing a Victorian prince outfit; ruffles covering his toned chest. His golden shoulder pads gave off a wonder

The young boy conscious stirred and slowly sat up to see a close up to Mint. Unfortunately, Mint stormed off in a blink of an eye as three more the pumpkins continued to chase after the poor princess.

"Aghh… my head…"

"Leon! Are you alright, my boy? I suddenly saw a crazy young woman ran past me and tackled me down with my dessert," the West Heaven King said, looking at the fallen shortcake at the ground. "Arghh… my head… yes father. I am fine, thank you," Leon said, picking up his royal crown. He sighed and continued walking towards the dining room. "Geez, East Heaven Kingdom has some crazy things running all over the place. First I see Pollywogs and then a girl with evil pumpkins chasing her. However…" Leon turned back at the hallway, "she does seem cute."

~ x ~ Back at the dining room ~ x ~

"Maya? Where is Mint? She just missed the Peace treaty speech from King Albert" East Heaven's King asked. Maya shrugged while she is re-reading the pages of her book of Cosmos.

"Your humble custody made my men look relaxed and happy. I thank you, Maximillion," West Heaven's King Albert said to the East Heaven King with a smile.

He laughed and patted his friend's shoulders, "Hahaha! It is not a big deal! Thank my daughters for them putting up a wonderful show to entertain your men."

Maya sighed and rolled her eyes. "Father, it is not a show. Mint started making all the drama."

"Ah, I see. So Leon, did any of Maximillion's wondrous daughters catch your eye?" King Albert said, elbowing his son.

"Daughters? I only see one, which is that boring-looking girl over there. She is not the woman that catches my attention," Leon said with a nonchalant tone. King Albert and his men exchanged looks and made a nervous laugh. Maya's eye twitched when the prince called her boring. She glared at him for a moment and resumed reading her book of cosmos.

Suddenly, the door burst open, revealing none other than Mint. Her long vermillion hair was neatly tied up into two pig tails, swaying left and right; not to mention that she is dressed onto her casual purple princess garments.

"Hey Maya! Here's your stupid pumpkin back!" Mint shouted. Leon ducked as Mint threw the giant pumpkin onto Maya and hitted her face. The young princess fell backwards from her chair and glared at Mint, whom her older sister is whistling happily as she twirls one of her dual halos around. Both King Maximillion and Albert took a step back, including the other men.

"Ungh! That's it! If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you will get!" Maya said as she readied her book of cosmos.

Mint flipped her hair and cracked her neck, "Bring it on, you pumpkin devil! Its time I give you a sibling smack-in-the-face with my magic!"

Both of the sisters charged up their attack as the room radiates with heavy magical power.

"This is horrifying! Hey you, do something to stop this nonsense!" Albert said to Gramps. However, Gramps laid down on the floor for overexerting himself for banging his head too hard and caused him to faint, leaving a red mark on his forehead. King Albert hugged Maximillion cried about his last hopes of his existence.

Suddenly, Prince Leon went to Middle and grabbed Mint's wrist. Mint gasped as she canceled out her attack.

"I have seen you from earlier! You are Mint, daughter of King Maximillion, yes? I am truly humble to meet by your acquaintance," Leon bowed and kissed Mint by the hand. Everyone gasped, including Mint.

Maya lowered her book and took a step back from both Leon and Mint. "This is impossible! How could anyone be so courteous towards my dear sister?! I… must be dreaming. Dreaming a horrible nightmare…"

King Albert and Maxmillion smiled at each other. "This is truly magnificent! It seems my son grown a liking to your daughter Mint."

"Err yes… I believe so. I thought he would choose my other daughter Maya. But it seems the tables have turned my guess, I suppose," King Maximillion replied, scratching the back of his fat neck. Most of the men sighed in disappointment, giving 1000g to the winning people who chose Mint as their bet.

The soldier pat the West Heaven's royal counselor's back, "Golly! And here I thought choosing Princess Mint was just a joke! Sorry Bob, but it looks like all of your paycheck is mine."

"Ugh. Next time choose an easier bet that makes the results predictable to choose," Bob groaned, giving his paycheck that contains 100000g.

Mint looked at her Father and made a nervous smile. "Umm… what the heck is going on here? What do you guys mean by choosing the right woman? Is there something I missed out while I was gone or what?"

"Oh, you haven't heard, princess Mint?" Leon said as he let go of Mint's hand. "Naive as ever I see."

"Who are you calling naïve?!" the eldest Princess replied, glaring at him. She could hear her younger sister giggling at the background.

"Please, excuse my rudeness. Let me explain: As all of the other regions of Heaven Kingdom, there is a rule of offering a peace treaty. One is either marrying the princesses or princes, which is yet the easiest peace treaty of all. If one kingdom does not have a child, then the obligation of offering a peace treaty is going to be a challenge."

"Couldn't you just offer a peace treaty by signing a peace of paper or something?" Mint asked, a bit confused of how the peace system works.

Leon shook his head. "No. It is not critically strong enough to just sign a paper and immediately ally with the country. Over the past generation, both East and West Heaven have broken the peace contract over a dozen times, so it is definitely out of the option. Marrying the ruler's children is effective and simpler. It is like saying, marry one of the supreme ruler's children and we will all be a big happy family as country to country. For instance, if I marry you Mint, then you and I will be the center connection of the peace treaty. After all, marrying you will be an easier way of taking the title as King and Queen."

"King and… Queen?" Mint said slowly. She turned her back on Leon and twirled her dual halos around, thinking of the situation she is in. King Maximillion and Albert smiled at each other and went to their children.

"Yes, my dear Mint. You see, I am retiring my position as East Heaven's ruler. I will either pass it onto you if you marry West Heaven's finest prince of all. However, I may advise you to not neglect your duty as Queen, or else the kingdom may fall," King Maximillion advised to Mint with a hug. Mint found herself speechless as she stared at the prince.


Suddenly, Mint ran to Maya and point at her, "In your face Maya! You said you are going to be the next ruler of East Heaven, eh? Think again, little girl! HUAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!"

Maya kneeled down the floor, feeling defeated by her evil eldest sister. "I have trained to be a responsible Queen and it is all for naught… for naught… ugh…" She looked at Mint angrily with teary eyes and immediately exited the dining table.

Leon walk towards Mint and smiled at her, "so what will it be, my Queen?" He bowed to her and took her small hand, "Will you, Princess Mint, considered to marry—"

"NO. It is automatically set that once the Prince have chosen his girl, it is automatically an arranged-marriage," King Albert stated happily. Prince Leon stood up and sighed as Mint shrugged at West Heaven's supreme ruler. King Maximillion laughed at his friend.

"Ahhhh problem solved! Now King Albert, let us drink the day away! Hahaheeee!" King Maximillion said, offering a bottle of Gudon wine.

"Yeah well, this is getting rather odd to cut out my dramatic propose, father!"

"Odd?! Hahahaa! It is not odd, it is a matter of getting straight to the point, my son! Now let us all drink for celebration!" King Albert shouted happily and raised his wine up. The other royal men cheered and celebrated with the two East and West Kings.

"Geez, old man. Anyways Mint, why don't you show me around the castle?" Leon said and turned to her. However, Mint exited the room before he even notice she was gone.

"My boy! Do not ask a lady to show her around the kingdom! Stay here and drink like the rest of us!" King Albert said with a roaring laughter. Leon rolled his eyes and sat on the table, drinking a little bit of wine.

~ x ~ In Mint's room ~ x ~

Mint slammed her body on the bed and giggled to herself, thinking of the conversation from earlier.

"A Queen! Queen! Me! I can't believe that hunky-looking prince chose me over Maya for me to marry," Mint said with a laugh. But then, her laughter died down when she looked out at the window. The afternoon Valencia skies have merged upon the purple skies, which Mint could see a few stars appearing at this hour.

"But after I take title as the Queen of East Heaven Kingdom, I will not be able to go outside often…"

Silence have filled the atmosphere, but not for long. Mint suddenly burst into laughter.

"Whatever! If I'm ever bored, I'll just runaway like I used to," she said, giggling. As soon she turned over her body away from the window, she saw a worn-out picture lying on the floor.

"Hmm, I could've sworn that wasn't on the floor earlier." Mint sat up from her bed and picked up the picture.

"Taken by Graham? Who could this be?" Mint slowly turned over the worn-out picture to see….

… a photo from two years ago from her adventure. Her eyes widen for a moment when she first saw the picture. She sees everyone in the picture that brought out many flashbacks from the past.

She laughed when she saw a picture of Belle giving an uppercut of Duke, dressed in a star suit. Mint also giggled when she sees Rod giving a kiss to Mira's hand as Klaus gave an irritated look at him. She also see Prima and Elena giving each other a hug, Fancy Mel teasing Maya by grabbing her hat and finally, Bloody and Smokey on the floor, being tortured by the Pop Purrels.

Everyone looked so happy in this photo, that Mint remembers everything from her past adventure to set forth her journey to search for the [relic].

Mint's vision blurred as she looked at the photo once more, seeing a photo of her and Rue, arm to arm with both of them with big giant smiles with a quote written on the bottom, saying…

"I will never forget you, Mint. Thank you for everything" -Rue

OH MY GOSH! I am finally done with chapter I! I told you it will be short… kinda. Here are some point outs you want to see…

~*~ the worn out picture was taken by Graham at the end before everyone splits their ways.

~*~ Prince Leon is basically a young man who is a few years older than Mint. He is respectful yet rude in some ways. He is also a drinker like his Father, King Albert.

~*~ Story is set out 2 years after the ending.

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