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Chapter II- Catch me, find me…



The moon rose up from the high mountains that covered the surroundings of East Heaven Empire. The starry sky twinkled brightly as the rays of the full moon lit the country of East Heaven. Prince Leon was walking up the ivory stairs, holding the black onyx rails with a tiresome look. He sighed as he temporarily gave up searching for his future wife, Mint, who ditched him a few hours ago as his Father held him back for a bit of his barbaric celebration of wine.

"Ugh… that is the last time I'll ever be force to drink with Father. Hmph, alcohol-pride my ass! He spewed soy sauce at me, thinking that is Pollywog wine…" the prince mumbled as he sat down at the middle of the stairway, wiping the stain of his royal clothes.

Suddenly, the Prince saw one of his soldiers lying front-flat on the wall, murmuring to himself while making weird laughing noises. Leon slowly wobbled towards him and kicked him to flip on his backside, facing towards his future majesty.

"What the heck are you doing sitting around the hallway? You are supposed to be investigating the entire area!" Prince Leon shouted.

The soldier looked up at him with a goofy face. "Heyyy *hic* Prince Leon! Are you going to look for that crazy brat and do lovey-dovey stuff to her? *hic*"

"I wish. But that's too early to do that to someone I just recently met. I cannot be so hasty to this situation, can't I, Biggs?"

Biggs laughed, not understanding his highness for what he said. "Relaxxx brahh! A good wife equalz *hic* doubling the amount of fortune and popularity *burp* And whenz we get back, the whole kingdom will rejoice for the accomplishmentz you have madezzz! Hahaaa *hic* Righttttt?"

His royal highness kicked him again in the back., making Biggs spew out brown liquids he had drank. "That is not what I am sayin', ya nincompoop! Ugh, why am I talking to you when you are drunk out of some soft drink of Fancy Mel's Funge Delish?" he said while taking hte bottle out of Bigg's hands.

"What yer talkin' *hic* about?! This is Pollywog blood!"

The Prince threw the glass out and stepped away from his trusty soldier "… Yuck! East Heaven Kingdom served those kinds of drinks?"

"*hic* C'monnnn your highness! *hic* A grown man like you should *hic* taste all kinds of drinks!"

"No way, I already have a migraine thanks to my idiotic Father and his friends. It is best that I go sleep inside lovely Mint's room and relax than sleeping at the dining table that is full of stench and spilled drinks. Anyways, I'm outta here."

As Leon walked pass Biggs, he suddenly tripped as Biggs grabbed his highness's right leg. The Prince slowly stood up looked at his soldier with an evil look and sighed.

"Let me guess. You want me to stay with you until you fall asleep?"

Biggs drank the last drop of Pollywog blood wine and opened another bottle. "Brahhh! It's time for ya to *hic* know the secrets of being a man and dive in to the forbidden gates of women!"

"Dammit Biggs! I don't need to hear that sort of thing-"

Biggs cut him off as he wrapped his large buff arm around his neck. Prince Leon tried to free himself from his grasp, but gave up as his vision blurred as he smelled the horrid stench of Pollywog blood.

"I think I'm going to throw up…"

"C'mon brahhh! *hic* Without mai advize *hic* about the secrets of knowing women *hic* you're gonna regret it! *wheeze*"

And so, Biggs talks all day long about giving tips about women as poor Prince Leon suffered a heavy case of migraines and the stench of Bigg's breath.

~ * ~ Maya's Room ~ * ~





Maya paced back-and-forth around her queen bed while thinking of the situation from earlier. "This is absurd! How can my sister casually recieve the title of getting the throne to the kingdom? The counselor said that she was degraded down to an 'ex-princess'… but… why? I cannot believe that idiotic Prince chose her!"

She stopped and paused a bit.

"Hmm… but I do hate this Prince Leon from calling me 'boring.' Grrrr! Father must cancel off this whole thing and re-think wisely about the situation at hand. There is no telling what will happen if Prince Leon married my dear sister. The whole kingdom is doomed once Mint got the Kingdom under her hands."

"Say that again, you [expletive]!"

Maya gasped and looked at the balcony. She then sighed as she saw Mint's pigtails peeked out from the balcony roof. The young princess went outside and starred at Mint with a blank face.

"I'm up here, you butt-hole!"

"My dearest sister, What are you doing up at the roof at this hour?"

Mint rolled her eyes at Maya and beckoned her hand. "Just come over here and I'll tell ya something."

Maya sighed as she teleported herself right next to Maya, thanks to her trusty book of Cosmos. Mint sighed at her young sister and stood up.

"For once, you need some exercise. Teleporting your way here and other places with that book of cosmos of yours will make you fatter than ever, just like Father."

"At least I won't get scrape myself for climbing up a tree and fall, just like you did recently."

Mint stood up and readied her Dual Halos. "What was that?!"

Maya laughed at her. "Best you lower your voice. It's the middle of night, you know? Anyways, what do you want to tell me at this hour?"

The eldest princess sat down and sighed. The pleasant breeze She took out a worn-out photo and flashed the picture in front of Maya's face. "Remember this?"

Maya took the photo from her hands and examined the picture carefully. "Ah, I remember this! Is this the photo where Gramps was pushed out from the screen from that Pop Purrel tackling him? I can barely see part of his leg sticking out from the photo…"

"Something like that. At least he did not go ape at the Pop Purrels after he accidentally stepped on the poor guys."

Maya laughed at the funny memory and smiled at the photo. "Hmm, it has been 2 years since we saw our friends. I wonder what are they up to lately?"

"It's quite obvious that Klaus is searching up for another the [relic] again. Duke and Belle they are probably doing the same thing, I guess. Overall, I'm not too surprised about what both Klaus and the two treasure lovebirds are doing right now." Maya turned to her eldest sister and looked at her, "Hmm… you seem calm about this. I am guessing that you are going to search for Aeon's [relic] as well once Klaus finds the whereabouts?"

Mint smirked and flipped her hair casually. "Duh! And once Klaus finds out the location of the powerful [relic], the world is all mine for the taking! Haaahaaahaa!"

Maya sighed and rolled her eyes at Mint. "You are so predictable! When are you ever going to give up on that dream of conquering the world? You are going to be the next Queen in line soon in the kingdom…" Maya said with so much disappointment in her tone, wishing that she could reign the throne instead of her sister.

The future queen made an evil laugh and stood up. "But being the queen of East Heaven is not enough than owning the world! Besides, it takes years to unite countries to East Heaven, and the procedures of talking to the sovereigns are so dull and boring. If I get my hands on that [relic], it'll be quick and easy to conquer various countries and continents from around the world. I could care less about the sovereign's stupid discussion about the rules of unifying my kingdom anyway."

"Then conquering more countries equals war. How are you going to take on many armies?"

"Simple," Mint twirled her dual halos around. "I'll defeat them with my magic, of course. Nothing can stand in my way of my dreams!"

Maya starred at Mint with a blank face and sighed. "Well, there is nothing I cannot do from changing your mind. However!" she stood up and readied her trusty weapon. "I'll stop you from trying to get to the [relic]."

"Hmph, be my guest you blubber-butt. I'll toast you like the last time we fought," Mint replied casually with a devious smile.

Both of the Eastern Heaven sisters stood silently, starring at each other as they can hear the wind howling across the rooftop.

"Hey Maya… there's something on your face. OH MY GOSH, is that a slash-mark? !"

Maya gasp and touched her face. "Huh?"

"YAHHHHHH!" Mint suddenly did her signature kick at Maya's face. Maya fell to the ground and slowly stood up, cringing at her sister for pulling such a devious act.

Mint laughed and twirled one of her halos around. "I can't believe you fell for the oldest trick in the book. What now, sis? Also, that's for humiliating me earlier!"


"Hmm? Cat got your tongue?"

Suddenly, Mint fell onto the ground as a big pumpkin tackled her from above. Maya casually walked up to her older sister, putting on a victory smile. "Look whos talking. Seriously sister, you will never surpass me with my tricks too, ya know. Ughh…" She slowly rubbed her forehead "I felt like I'm having a headache now…"

Mint kicked the pumpkin out of way as it fell at the edge of the roof. Both of the sisters groaned in pain while laying down at the ground. They stared at the beautiful night sky, reflecting its magnificence. A shooting-star passed by.

"Oh, a shooting star! I heard that a meteor shower will appear sometime this week."

Mint sat up while looking at the sky. "Oh boy, that'll be fun."

"Hmm? This is odd for you to not act so thrilled. Meteor showers come around ever 30 years or so."

"Duh. I probably won't see it because I'll be stuck inside this castle with that blasted prince. He's going to be around me if I ever accept his offer to be his queen, princess, whatever. Anyway, I'm not surprised or excited."

Maya's eyes grew with concern as she looked at her. "So… you do not like the prince at all?"

"Like? Hold it, I never have any feelings with him. Hell, he's just another lame-ass pretty-boy who's just a figurehead. I bet that he doesn't have any powers or the guts to take down a monster."

Maya laughed as she sat up. "For once, I agree with you. I do not like the prince nor his father. They might as well make this kingdom a pig-stie place with full of drunkies and other kinds of vulgar people as his royal soldiers. However… I cannot make my judgment on them instantly since we only met them today. I might change my mind in the future… but I hardly doubt it."

"Hmph, if they stained their dirt on this place, they are so going to regret it! It IS my future-kingdom after all, haha!" Mint said with a mischievous laugh. Maya sighed in disbelief, having to hear sister's goal over and over again.

"That's great, I guess. Goodnight, my dearest sister. I'm turning myself in for this night." She said with a tired sigh and teleported back to her room. Mint shrugged and looked at the moon, letting the cold November breeze. She thought of everything of what happened today and groaned.

"If things get worse, I'll run away like last time, search of the [relic] and conquer everyone that stands before me! And then… and then who's boss Maya!" she said loudly. Suddenly, another pumpkin hit her on the head.

"Please do not disturb my beauty sleep, Mint," the pumpkin mimicked the voice of Maya. Mint groaned in pain as she wrestled with the giant pumpkin. "GET OFF OF ME YOU [expletive]!"

~ * ~ The next morning~ * ~





The next morning, a handful of high estates and other people were chattering away. Maya scanned the whole place and found neither the sight of her sister nor the prince of West Heaven. King Maximillion yawned and rest his head on King Albert's shoulders.

"Come now, Maximillion! My servants have recently washed this expensive fur coat!"

"Ahh, save me Albert! Why is the room spinning so fast?!" the West Heaven King groaned in pain, rubbing his head. Albert sighed and patted his friend's head, feeling pity for him. Suddenly, two people burst out from the chamber door, revealing no other than Mint and Prince Leon. Both of them were exhausted, apparently.

"Ohmygod I am deeply sorry, Father! I have uhh… a little trouble of waking myself up earlier!"

"Huff…fuhh…. Yeah right! Why the heck were you sleeping on the stairs with so- mphhh!" Mint's mouth was covered by Prince Leon and made a nervous laugh. The estates raised their eyebrows as the two kings laughed at their kids.

"See Albert? They get along just fine," King Albert said with a smile. King Maximillion slowly nodded in agreement with a weak smile and stood up from his throne.

"Today, I, King Maximillion the VIII…"

"IT'S THE IX!" a random soldier shouted out from the background.

"Oh right, I, King Maximillion the IX, shall declare the start of the wedding preparations between his lovely daughter, Maya, and my son, Prince Lion!"

"HEY YOU BLUBBER-BUTT! THAT'S MINT, NOT MAYA!" Mint said angrily, stomping her foot.

"For the last time father, my name is not Lion. It is Leon, remember?"

"Never heard of him before," King Maximillion said, shaking his head.

"Oh dear lord."

"Anyway, that is all. The wedding will take place at the island of Lumeria, which is at the northern continent. Can I sleep now?" King Maximillion turned to his friend. King Albert nodded and stood up and walked up to his daughter. The people began to leave the audience chamber, leaving Mint, Prince Leon, and a few more people.

"My dear Mint, remember to not to escape, go out, give any secret information to sketchy people, send your crazy friends invitations and other whatnot. I'm going to tend Maximillion's poor headache. He seems he had a rough time last night from all that drinking."

"Wha? Shouldn't you be in the same situation as he is? I mean, you're not even a heavy drinker at all," Mint whispered at her Father.

"I have no idea what you are talking about! Now go have fun with your new husband now!" King Albert said with a laugh and pushes her to Prince Leon. Both of their bodies were close, but Mint backed away with a nervous smile.

"Ehhh…sooo…" Mint started off, trying to find the right words. Prince Leon turned to her and went closer to her. "Hmm, what is it?"

"So what island are we going to? Lumeria, right? What is it like there anyway?"

Prince Leon sighed. "Think of it as where all things many cannot afford are all there. It is also a tropical place to relax for the rest of your life, well, not really. In other words, it's a rich lovely island that many people have never heard about."

"Ohh! Do they also have jewels as well?" Mint said, feeling excited of the location she is going to be wed.

"Of course. There is this one jewel that many people have not found. Many past hunters said that there is a hidden Zultanite buried deep in the ruins."

Mint smiled and laughed. "Ohhhhh I just can't wait to find that treasure! Once I do, I can show it off to Maya and make her feel bad, like last time! Heeheheheh…"

"However," Prince Leon wrapped his arms around Mint's neck, "that is not why we are not there for. There are other things that is way beyond better than finding a stupid jewel, and you know what that is."

The princess turned to Prince Leon and managed to slip out from his grasp and took a step back. "Hey you! It's all too sudden to have a wedding… yet. Let me think about this first, would ya?"

Prince Leon chuckled. "I'm afraid not, sweetheart. Our contract is sealed by both our fathers, so it is their control. In fact, I like the way how they set things up. I mean, this is my only chance to ever get to know you within this hour."

Mint felt a bit uncomfortable by his presence. It felt as though she is forced to go out with him. She glanced at the curtains, the door, and back to her future-husband. Prince Leon questioned her actions and raised an eyebrow, confused.

"Alright then, let's have a game, shall we?" Mint ran and leap up to the big open window.

"Hmm, interesting. Fine, what's your goal?" Prince Leon said, arms folded.

"Try to catch me! If you find me, you win and we'll deal what you really want to do. If you don't, you will have to treat me to dinner in an expensive restaurant such as the finest place I'll ever eat in my entire life. Got it? See ya!" Before Leon could say anything, Mint jumped out of the window with a laugh.

"Hey wait!" Prince Leon shouted as he ran to the window. He gasped when she saw the height where she fell, which is like, ten stories high than an average hotel building. Prince Leon felt so nervous jumping down and ran to the door.

"For Pollywog sakes, why is she making my life so challenging! If she wants to play dirty, then its fine by me. I'll just do the easy way and send my guards after her," he said with a smirk. He casually walked out of the audience chamber.

~ * ~ Castle Gardens ~ * ~






"Wahhhhh!" Mint screamed. The princess landed uncomfortably on her butt onto a patch of bushes that was a patch of roses. She groaned in pain as her purple attire was scraped with thorns and cuts.

"Ahhh…ahhaha….good thing I landed on Maya's favorite rose bush… it's so… worth it to be destroyed… urp." The poor princess crawled slowly to get out of the deadly rose bush. She then made her way to a nearby tree and climbed her way up. Slowly, Mint rested herself onto a tree branch and looked up at the sky. From above she saw the dark clouds covering the sun's bright rays, but imagined that she could see a god from behind.

"Man, it sure looks cloudy. To think that weather can be strange at times.." she mumbled to herself as she put her arms behind her head. She took out the worn-out picture again and looked through the people she have met. Mint couldn't help but smile and thought for a minute… and suddenly…

THUNK! Mint fell flat to the ground as Maya landed sat on her. She stood up and crouched to her eldest-sister.

"My dearest sister! The guards are looking for you, saying that Prince Leon wants you by his side."

"Ughhhhhh…..whatever….what do you want anyway?" Mint groaned and slowly sat up.

"Just checking up on you. I wouldn't want you to be running away like you did last time, blubber-butt."

"HEY! Don't you dare steal my lines, pudgy", Mint yelled in anger. Maya chuckled at her older sister.

"Anyway, there's trouble going on while you were with the prince of West Heaven."

Mint sighed and kicked the dirt. "I knew bad situations are going to stir up. Alright, shoot. What happened?"

Maya took a deep breath and turned away from Mint. "Someone… someone destroyed the portrait of Father."

The warrior-princess snorted. "Yeah, so what? I graffiti Father's picture once, so what is the big deal anyway?"

Maya sighed. "You are really dense, are you? I mean, someone destroyed every entire portrait of Father in the entire room! I knew there are things suspicious when we invite the West Heaven people onto our castle. And also…" Maya went close to Mint, "I'm doing this for your own good. I got a bad feeling about you marrying the Prince."

Mint huffed and put her hands on her hips. "Don't worry about it. I can handle this whole mess. I got my super-duper magic, remember? I'll toast anyone who trashes my kingdom."

"Our kingdom," Maya corrected.

"Whatever, anyway, let me hide from Prince pretty-boy. If he finds me, I'll have to deal with him with his stupid affairs. Any way to teleport me somewhere like my room? Or the pantry?"

Maya laughed from Mint's suggestion. "They will surely spot you if you hang out in your room, especially mines. Best if you go hide on top of that tree you fell earlier." Maya readied her book of Cosmos and smiled at Mint. "I'm going to find out who tampered the room of Father's portraits. Have fun hiding from the guards!" With a laugh, Maya teleported away as Mint stomped her feet at her.

"ughh! I'll make her pay once I deal with this stupid game! And once I do, I'll destroy more of her favorite rose bushes she planted! After that, it's her neck to be strangled by my hands!" Mint shouted loudly and tried to climb the tree again.

While the Eastern Sisters split their ways, a mysterious figure looked at the whole kingdom and gently chuckled. She sat on the castle roof, petting a little black kitty that is on her lap. "I see... so this is the East Heaven kingdom. Hmm... I better do something in order to keep that valuable safe from those crooks." She stood up and gently jump to another side of the rooftop. With a instant, she took a couple of royal letters and made it disappeared in an instant from her small hands. "Here is a little something from yours truly, Maya. I hope we can meet again sometime in Mint's wedding." And with a chuckle, she disappeared like a ghost, leaving her black kitty on top of the roof.

The kitty waddled its tail and began to wander around in East Heaven's kingdom.

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