All That Matters

The Darke Domaine was gone. Magyk had returned to he wizard tower, and most people had awakened from the Darke Trance.

But all was not well. Marcia Overstrand, the ExtraOrdinary wizard, had disappeared. So had Marcellus Pye. Beetle was dead and the manuscriptorium had no Chief Hermetic Scribe. And the princess was very ill.

3rd person POV_

High above on the twentieth floor of the wizard tower, Septimus Heap, the ExtraOrdinary Apprentice, awoke. He got up and did his daily morning routine. Then, putting the silver spiral stairs on emergency mode, he went downstairs and out the wizard tower. Septimus ran towards to sick bay. It had become his regular routine ever since he had returned from the isles of Syren. As he walked through the doors of the sick bay, Rose, the sick bay duty wizard, looked up.

"Here to see Syrah?" She asked.

Septimus nodded and strode into the DisEnchantment chamber without a word. It had now become quite crowded in here after the Darke Domaine left. He knelt by Syrah's cocoon of Magyk and started talking to her. He told her that the Darke Domaine was gone, he and Marcia had gotten rid of it with The Great Undoing, how Marcia and Marcellus had then disappeared, and Beetle was dead, and Jenna was seriously ill.

As his tale was finishing, he saw Syrah's eyelids flicker once, twice, and then her eyes slowly opened. She turned around and saw him.

"Septimus?" She got out.

Septimus started crying. But they were tears of happiness.

As Septimus walked out of the sick bay, Syrah's hand in his, he felt as if he didn't have a care in the world. It didn't matter that Marcia and Marcellus were missing. It didn't matter that Beetle was dead. It didn't matter that Jenna was dying. It didn't matter that the Two-Faced ring would never be destroyed.

Syrah was awake now.

And that was all that really mattered.

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