Crazy Dares Red Style

The room is dark. Pitch black. Until...

"Lights!" a feminine voice cries. In an instant, the room is lit up. It appears to be an empty, abandoned warehouse. The only thing taking up space in the room is a female in the very center.

She has black, curly hair down to her shoulders, which has neon blue and green highlights. Her eyes are ocean blue, filled with compassion. Her skin is the perfect shade of tan. She wears an elegant red-colored lipstick, her mouth pulled into a confident smirk. She has a blue, wool-knitted tunic, and navy tights. Her black zip-up boots go to her kneecap. On her shoulder rests a black purse strap, which attaches to a black purse, resting just below her hip. A nametag is stuck on her shoulder, with her picture and the name 'CPG' on it.

"Hello, everyone. I would like to welcome you all to the very first Hoodwinked dare show!" CPG says happily, clapping her hands together excitedly. She claps her hands, and a clipboard appears in her hands. She flips through a few pages, and clears her throat.

"There are some rules to go over. First, no M rated dares. Second, OCs can stay on the show for ten chapters at a time. Third, due to my major fangirl-ism, there will probably be Red/Wolf. Don't pick on me, I just think it's cute. Fourth, truths can be given as well as dares. Fifth, no killing a character. Brutal beatings are fine. And finally, you can give as many dares as you like, so long as they fit in the review" she quickly explains. She takes a deep breath, and lets it out.

"Now, we get to introduce the darees!" CPG exclaims after a moment. She pulls out a wand, and waves it around a little, until a pink glow emits from the ceiling. A portal opens, and some characters from Hoodwinked fall down, and hit the ground below.

Red groans, sitting up, and soon the other characters do the same. Red rubs her head, trying to make the pain go away.

"Who's the chick?" Wolf asks, staring at CPG, who responds by smacking him with her purse.

"The name's CPG. Welcome to a Truth or Dare show, everyone! And I can say right now that about half of you won't make it out with a happy ending" she says wickedly. The characters look at her in shock.

"Now, no one attack, and no one gets put in the alligator pit" she adds as a threatening after-thought. To prove her point, she presses a button on the wall, and the floor opens up, revealing a pool with five hungry, rabid alligators. She closes the floor again, and turns to the camera.

"Remember to dare!" she declares, striking a pose.