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Tifa watched the scene in slow motion unable to stop anything from happening. She knew that Loz's blow would stop her heart and there was nothing she could do…

The rock exploded, Tifa stared in disbelief trying to understand how it had happened but was distracted as something warm and wet landed on her face. She looked up again at Loz who had frozen in the air a shocked expression on his face. It took a second for Tifa to see the four metallic claws through his chest. Loz remained motionless and blood began to trickle from his mouth. The claws in his chest dragged him backwards till he was pulled through the new gaping hole in the rock. Still too shocked to understand exactly what had happen Tifa stood up and wiped the blood from her face.

Understanding hit her like a ton of bricks and its metaphorical force was almost enough to knock her back to the ground. Carl had changed entirely. His body was covered with bone-like white armor and his hair was a crown of bonelike strands. he dwarfed the rest of them easily and thick membranous wings spread from his back complete with hooked claws on the end. The wings were jet black and the contrast was terrifying but most of all were his eyes. Carl's eyes… entirely ultraviolet and entirely devoid of human emotion.

The creature looked at its bloody claw and frowned. The face was different and it was harder to tell what emotions were showing. Tifa found her voice


The creature looked up examining her with detached interest

"No… I am Fury"

The words seemed to be a struggle to say and the creature held its head as if in pain… its eyes momentarily switched between purple and ultraviolet.

"I do so love it when they resist" Tifa turned to see Yazoo leaning back against a piece of battered fence nonchalantly "but they all fall in the end"

"Shut the hell up!"

This was Fury still holding his head.

"I would conserve your strength 'Carl' or maybe you should just stop fighting then you can be the one to kill this girl instead of me"

A thunderous growl from Fury vibrated the ground at Tifa's feet and she ducked as a clawed hand swiped at Yazoo who dodged easily. Fury removed his hand from his head and roared and made as if to charge at Yazoo. Yazoo smiled and suddenly Fury changed direction tackling Chaos instead. The ifrit summon had long since been reduced to bones and meat but Chaos had continued to rip it apart and revel in the blood shed. Chaos roared at Fury extending its wings to their full height in attempt to make itself look bigger. Fury swiped with one of his wings but Chaos took off before the blow landed. Fury followed suit and soon the battle was in the sky. Chaos outmaneuvered Fury but unable to match the speed or physical strength. Chaos' was clearly holding back which made Tifa think that Vincent was maintaining a slight hold on the demon. She wondered how long that would last once Chaos received a few blows.

Tifa was distracted as Yazoo fired his gun at her apparently able to multitask better then the others. Tifa ducked and twirled till she was on the opposite side of the rock. Counting to five she pounced, trying to disarm him. She brought her fist down on his wrist but his grip on the gun was tight enough for him not to loose it and in a fluid motion he brought his gun up and smacked her in the chin with it. Tifa dived out the way and so did Yazoo as a stream of crackling black energy seared a line through the ground. Chaos was becoming more frantic and shooting more randomly. Fury didn't seem to use a weapon his claws were deadly enough.

Yazoo started firing again and Tifa was forced to duck behind the remains of a chocobo stable. Suddenly Barret was beside her

"You okay?"

"Yeah so far you?"

"Yeah I'm fine but cant say the same for Cait Sith or spiky for that matter"

"What happened to Cloud?"

"He's taken a few hits from Kadaj"

"What about Nanaki?"

"Still passed out bur otherwise fine"

"Right I have an idea"

"I'm all ears"

"We have to set Avarice free"

"But she might try and kill us"

"I don't think we will be her main target"

"You're right! She is goanna be mad as hell at these remnants"

"Exactly so are you ready?"

"Yep let's go"

They dived out from behind their shelter and ran straight for the limp form of Avarice. Yazoo kept firing at them but was distracted as Chaos scorched the ground with another blast. Tifa arrived at Avarice's side and noted the shallow breathing and oozing wounds. Avarice weakly turned her head revealing more barbed wire around her neck.

"I thought WEAPONS could only be harmed by WEAPONS"

"No he didn't say that he just said that wounds from WEAPONS had to be treated differently and besides she probably cant heal with all this JENOVA around"

Barret used his metal arm to unwrap the wire from around Avarice's body but she barely stirred. Tifa lightly touched Avarice's face

"Wake up Avarice your brother needs you"

Avarice didn't respond straight away then opening a purple eye she coughed weakly.

"I have no power…"

"There must be something you can do"

Avarice regarded Tifa and smiled

"Humans they always want what they cant have… but I have to admire how stubborn you are… fighting when there is no hope"

"There is always hope and I will fight as long as I have people to fight for!"

"Someone to fight for?"

"Yes Avarice everyone needs someone to fight for you can't just give up!"

Avarice growled and strained to get up

"I never said I was giving up"

She staggered a torn wing stretching in front of her to catch her before she fell. It was at this moment Yazoo appeared. The bullets tore through the membrane of Avarice's wings but before Yazoo could do anything else Avarice swiped a mighty claw across and pinned him to the ground. She leered at him unpleasantly then leaning forward said

"Look into my eyes"

Yazoo tried desperately to look away but it was too late he went limp and his power was taken. There was a brief pause and then Avarice made a fist and brought it down on the remnant. An explosion of tainted Lifestream surged toward Kadaj joined by a new stream from Loz's body. Cloud leaped away as the light engulfed Kadaj who staggered.


He said falling back suddenly he clutched his arm and exclaimed in pain. Blood poured freely from some unseen wound. His arm disconnected and he was left holding the stump. The free arm began to twist and morph and change shape.

"It's a JENOVA part!"

At that moment the Death Penalty fell from the sky and was embedded to the trigger into the ground. Seconds later it was followed by Chaos. The badly wounded WEAPON tried to rise but the odd angle of its wing made it hiss. Seconds later Fury was on ground level facing JENOVA it had apparently forgotten about Chaos. Its claws were soaked with Chaos' blood and his twisted face allowed them to see all of his teeth.

Avarice struggled over to him and stood by his side ready to fight. Since Fury wasn't interested in anyone else the rest of AVALANCHE bar Vincent, Cait Sith and Nanaki got ready to attack the now tentacle covered JENOVA part.

Kadaj ran holding his arm and leaving his sword behind. Nobody made a move to follow him but Avarice did shout a few insults about being a coward after him. Fury roared a challenge and Avarice whispered to Tifa

"Are you ready for this human?"

"Of course as long as I'm fighting with my friends"

"Well then let us destroy this alien monstrosity…

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