6 months had passed, and it was now near the end of October, but there was still no sign of Dr Lecter.

What had happened 6 months ago for him to leave without a trace?


When I had arrived at the hospital 6 months ago for my 3rd appointment with Dr Hannibal Lecter, I had this strange feeling in my gut that something was wrong.

Waving at the blonde receptionist as I wandered down the corridor towards room 6, I looked out of a window and saw a magpie.

I muttered to myself, "Oh, shit...one magpie on its own is bad luck, isn't it? Shit!"

My paranoia got the better of me, and I practically ran towards room 6, constantly looking back when I should have been looking where I was going.

I tripped over my own feet, and landed on the floor in a heap of flailing limbs.

"That's odd, I've never been the sort of person to fall over my own feet...?"

Shaking my head at my newfound clumsiness, I got up off of the floor, my cheeks red with embarrassment.

I jumped in surprise when I saw Dr Lecter standing there in front of me.

"Are you alright, Miss Flarin?"

I nodded, "Yes, I'm fine thank you, Dr Lecter."

He smiled at me, and then said something that slightly annoyed me, "I'm afraid I have to go because of an emergency, Miss Flarin. My apologies for not informing you sooner."

"What's the emergency?" I asked without thinking.

"Nothing you need to worry about, Jennifer, now go back to your mother and go home."

"Goodbye..." I muttered, annoyed that I had wasted my time coming here to the hospital to talk to Dr Lecter.

"Goodbye for now, Miss Flarin."

My mum asked me as soon as she saw me walking back down the corridor why I was back from the appointment so early.

"I have no idea,mum, he just said that there was an emergency and he had to go and that I had to go home with you now..."

My mum frowned, but nodded her head in understanding anyway, and held the door open for me to walk through to the car park, forgetting to make an appointment for next week.


The next morning was a Tuesday morning, but I didn't have any school because it was the holidays.

Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes as I climbed down the stairs, I heard the news blaring out of the television in the kitchen.

"Good morning, and welcome to the 6 o clock news. The date today is Tuesday the of 29th of October, and we have some rather disturbing news for you all this morning-"

My ears pricked up with interest at the words 'disturbing news', and I speedily walked into the kitchen to hear what the 'disturbing news' was.

"Yes, that's right, he did this all to himself! Horrific, isn't it? He ate his own nose and then fed the rest of his face to his two dogs!"

"The work of a cannibal, Ian, this has got to be the work of a manipulative cannibal. No one in their right mind would do something like this to themselves!"

The news reporter called Ian raised a brown eyebrow at his fellow reporter, who was called Ella, "Anyway...The main suspect at the moment is a psychiatrist, who is to be unnamed for legal reasons, as Mason went through counselling after being convicted of molesting a child."

"Unnamed meaning that they have no idea who the sick bastard who did this is." My mum muttered bitterly at the TV screen as she buttered a piece of toast for herself.

I felt strangely guilty when my mum said that, like as if I knew who was responsible for manipulating Mason to mutilate his own face.

I know now that I probably did know who it was.

He was hiding right under my nose the entire time...

Making me feel stupid.

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