"Oh, believe me, I've been called worse." said Dr Lecter, smirking as he walked towards me.

"Why did you hit Gemma with your car? What has she ever done to you?"

"Well, from what I could see, she was about to throw you onto the road herself. So I stopped her."

I backed away from him as he got closer and closer to me, "Stay away from me!"

"Gemma's not dead, Miss Flarin."

I stared at him in disbelief.

"I heard a snapping noise...her neck's broken!"

Looking amused, he walked over to Gemma, "Come and see for yourself."


"Would you like me to drag you over to see?"

My eyes widened in horror, "You wouldn't?"

Dr Lecter smiled, "Oh, I would."

I shook my head several times, "I'll go over if you move away."

He smirked at me as he moved to stand next to his car.

Taking a deep breath, I made my way over to Gemma, and I saw that Dr Lecter was telling the truth.

Her neck wasn't snapped.


I looked up to my right to look at Dr Lecter.

"I guess you were right-"

I stopped talking when I realized that Dr Lecter was no longer standing next to his car.

"You should never stand in front of a car, Miss Flarin."

Before I could look away from the car, I was falling to the ground.

Knocked out unconscious.


I woke up with blurred vision to the sound of an engine purring away.

The side of my head throbbed painfully as I tried to sit up.

But as soon as I lifted my head up, I felt incredibly dizzy.

"Ah, good...you're awake."

I breathed deeply in and out as I tried to control the dizziness, ignoring whoever just spoke to me.

Wait...where am I?

A pair of maroon eyes narrowed at me.

Who has maroon eyes...?


"I prefer to be addressed to as Dr Lecter, but considering the state you're in right now I'll forgive you."

"Why...where's Gemma? Where am I?"

"Gemma has been found and taken to hospital alive, and won't remember a thing about what has happened... so no one knows you're with me."

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