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It hurts, like someone is tightening a strap around her chest. She can hear noises but she can't make them out, voices maybe. The noises don't stop but they fade in and out like someone is playing with the volume on the car radio. If it weren't for the pain she would almost feel quite comfortable in this odd dream like state. Slowly the noises are becoming clearer, yup definitely voices but she can't tell whose or what's being said. There are other noises too, in the background like the constant hum of machines. It reminds her of the cooling fan whirring on her laptop.

There is no concept of time and everything seems so fuzzy, but she's aware of it getting lighter. No, brighter. She tries to open her eyes but it's too bright so she just peeps out from under heavy eye lids. She makes out shadows of people moving about, that must be who the voices belong to. Her eyes close again, the effort too much. She concentrates on the voices. They're familiar but she can't put names or faces to them. She makes out the odd words but none of them make sense so she concentrates harder and tries to focus on one voice at a time.

'No idea...so fast...' she makes out, the voice coming from somewhere.

'They're going as fast as they can.' she hears, this time she can tell the voice is coming from her left side.

She tries her eyes again, and this time she gets them half way open and can make out two figures. It goes quiet.


She tries again and this time her eyes open all the way. It takes a few seconds for her eyes to adjust and it's like waiting for a camera to focus. The image does eventually clear though and she makes out the two figures. Sam and Callen are standing over her.

"Hey there sleepy head," Sam's voice is soft.

A small smile tweaks at the edge of her lips and she tries to sit up in bed. She takes a look around her and sighs. She's in a hospital bed. It's starting to come back to her. There was an explosion...no, not an explosion, but it sure felt like one. She's confused now and it feels like something is missing but she isn't quite coherent and can't focus.

"What happened?" she manages to ask but her voice sounds shaky. And then the pain hits again and as if on cue a nurse appears. Its bad timing as it stops her from getting the answer she was after as both men wait for the nurse to leave to speak to Kensi. The nurse explains that she was knocked unconscious and sustained some bumps and bruises, including some fractured ribs but is otherwise whole and there's no lasting damage. She asks if she wants some pain meds and she can see Callen glaring at her over the nurse's shoulder, so she just nods and the nurse disappears to fetch her something.

The two men look concerned.

"Spill it," she orders. Sam looks over at Callen, waiting for him to speak. He's just about to answer her when Kensi suddenly freezes stock still, palms down on the mattress a look of panic flashes across her features.

"Where?" she says urgently but then her voice softens and almost drops to a whisper. She sounds so frightened when she says; "Where's Deeks?" A rush of memories flood back and hit her like a giant wave.

She remembers everything up until the point she hit the ground and then it's all a blank. They had been at the Marine base, training in one of the mock villages they used for CQB training. Kensi had been helping him get ready for another of the courses he'd been taking to keep his training in line with the rest of the team. He had confessed he felt lacking in certain areas and didn't want to let the team down. So every time they had any down time between cases and paperwork one of them would be helping him with some form of training.

They'd been working on building clearance as a two man team. Deeks had gone in first. They cleared the bottom story of what was supposed to be a typical four bedroom house, all be it void of anything but concrete walls and the odd bit of battered furniture that had been placed for training. They had worked their way up a flight of stairs with Deeks still in front and Kensi at his back watching down the stairs and covering their backs. He had reached back and tapped her twice to indicate he was moving right and she'd stayed put at the top of the stairs. The next part felt unreal. She had remembered hearing his voice come from around the corner, the scarily serious tone.

"Kens, you need to get out... run!" She didn't even get a chance to question him before he was pleading with her, "Please Kensi, just go! I'll be right behind you...promise."

At that promise she'd put all her trust in him and done as he asked, launching herself down the stairs two at a time. She'd not stopped but briefly glanced back over her shoulder. He wasn't there. She remembers screaming his name but before she'd even finished he'd cut her off; "I'm here...don't stop!" She could hear his feet on the stairs so she'd kept running. Then there had been that god awful noise and she'd launched herself from the front door of the house, missing the last few stairs and landing awkwardly. Before she blacked out she vaguely remembers what sounded like thunder and lots of dust.

"The building it..." she can't say it. Her chest is tightening again and she doesn't know if its pain from her injuries or blind fear. It feels as though she's losing her grip. Callen reaches for her, but her anger surfaces and she bats his hand away.

"Kens, take it easy."

She glares at him. "Miss Blye?" the nurse chooses that moment to walk in, cup and tablets in hand. She joins in, glaring at Sam and Callen then hands Kensi the cup.

"You want them out?" She asks, thinking that their presence is upsetting her. Kensi just shakes her head. She's getting frustrated and wants to know what the hell is happening. Her partner's not here and no one is being forthcoming. She washes down the two tablets, mutters a thanks and the nurse leaves them again.

She shuffles herself up the bed again wincing at the pain in her ribs.

"So are you gonna tell me or do I have to get up and go find out myself?" The glare is gone but she's being deadly serious.

Callen doesn't beat about the bush or sugar coat it. "Deeks is missing," he tells her flatly. She stares at him so he continues, "That place came down on top of him, and very nearly you."

She's trying to get off the bed and she's throwing the covers back not caring that she's been stripped to her underwear so they can assess her injuries. It's nothing they haven't seen before. She can see the various cuts that pepper her body but the adrenalin that's now starting to race through her system is blocking out any pain that they're causing. There are bandages all around her chest and they're a little tight. She guesses this is what a corset would feel like and then wonders why anyone would choose to wear one.

She's looking about for her clothes. "I need to go find him," she says, leaving no room for doubt that she's deadly serious.

"Told you," Sam finally pipes up eyeing Callen. Kensi..." he waits till he has her attention. She's found the dirty and tattered remains of her clothing under the bed and is trying to get her jeans on but stops to look at him. "Emergency teams are trying to clear the debris, but it was all so unstable, so it's slow going and they're doing everything they can". He speaks in a calming voice but it's really not helping her. She can feel the panic rising. She stands and does her jeans up with a wince.

They both want to tell her she should stay put and rest but they know it's futile. Hell if they were in the same position they'd be doing the same thing, and this is Kensi. She's twice as stubborn as both of them put together. They can both see she's in pain but her ribs are strapped and all the cuts have been cleaned and stitched where needed. If they don't let her do this she'll only do herself more mischief and that's why they had both gone straight to the hospital on the base to collect her and take her back to the CQB training house. She needed to be there when they found him, and not that they would admit it out loud but they wanted to be there too.

"Shit, shit, shit... he was right behind me," she states a little panicked and worried all the while trying to wrestle on the white tank top she had been wearing under her shirt. In frustration it's thrown to the ground and she tries to put the shirt on.

"Here." Callen lends a hand. Unlike the jeans, the shirt isn't so damaged thanks to the assault vest she had been wearing. Just the sleeves are a torn up. "Slow down," he tells her. "We'll take you." She smiles at him and then Sam too.

"Thanks," and she really means it because she knows they really want her to stay here but they're doing this because it's what she needs. "How long was I out?"

"About 50 minutes. We heard the noise from the other side of the compound and came running." Sam helps her with her socks and boots and she is a little embarrassed but it doesn't last. "By the time we got to you the emergency teams were on site. You were in a heap on the ground and surrounded by debris. There was no sign of Deeks and they were trying to get you on a gurney to bring you here. It's just lucky the camp has its own hospital on site so they were able to check you over and patch you up quickly."

Callen takes up the story; "You were out cold. The first response team wouldn't let us near the building and said it was too unstable. What the hell happened in there? It looks as though the place just collapsed."

Kensi shakes her head "I... I don't know," she said fighting her emotions. She's dressed now and just wants to go. Sam steadies hers as she gets to her feet. Callen dashes ahead of them and clears it with the nurses. They're not happy but being NCIS has its perks. He promises they will stay with her and bring her back if needed. The nurse wants him to take a wheel chair but he declines knowing she would refuse it. He heads back to the pair who are making slow progress toward the lift. He goes to help support her from the other side but she waves him off telling him she's good.

As they wait for the lift she begins to tell them what she remembers before she blacked out. It takes her a little while to get all the details out as she has to stop and reel in her emotions a couple of times. She just needs to get back to him and find out what's going on. There's a part of her that wants to collapse into a pile and burst into tears, but the trained part of her kicks in and tells her it would achieve nothing, so she battles with her emotions. The lift arrives, takes them down two stories and deposits them in the lobby where she spots Sam's challenger parked in front of the glass doors. She finishes speaking and they're all quiet as they make their way across stark and sterile entrance area. The glass doors slide open, Callen heads to the car and climbs in the back. Sam lowers the seat and helps Kensi into the front before making his way to the driver's seat. Before he pulls away he pats her leg and says, "Let's go get your partner."

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