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The phone next to the bed rings causing Deeks and Kensi to exchange a questioning look. "I'll get it," Kensi says, being the nearest. "Hello?"

"Hi, Miss Graison, this is the receptionist. I'm very sorry but there's a package here for you. We forgot to give it to you when you checked in."

"Oh, Okay," Kensi says as it dawns on her they'd forgotten about it too. She places a palm over the phone and mouths 'care package' to Deeks as the woman on the other end of the line continues to talk.

"I'm very sorry but would someone be able to come down and sign for it? Usually I'd have someone bring it to you, but my colleague is dealing with a minor emergency on the second floor and I can't leave the desk."

"No problem, I'll be along shortly." They exchange a brief goodbye and Kensi hangs up. "I need to go sign for our stuff. Why don't you call in to see what they have for us?"

"Will do," he tells her. As she steps away from the bed in the direction of the door, he quickly reaches out for her and snags her hand. She looks down at their hands and then at him. She smiles before giving him a quick squeeze and heads out. Digging his phone from his pocket Deeks sits on the bed and hits the speed dial for Ops. As he listens to it ring he lifts his legs up on the bed and settles back against the pillows. The phone picks up and the bright and cheery voice of Nell greets him. "Just the lady I need," Deeks says smoothly.

"Deeks!" He can virtually hear her smile through the phone. "Thanks for calling in. Is Kensi there too?"

"Just me at the moment. We just checked into the hotel. Kensi's off collecting our care package. What have you got for us?"

"Ah, okay. Well a couple of things. First, Sargent Peters has turned up. Callen and Sam are in the boat shed waiting to speak to him on a satellite link. He's currently in a briefing session with his CO. If we get anything from him we'll let you know."

"That's great Nell. Hopefully he can give us some insight into where his sister was headed or maybe who this friend was whose place she was staying at. What was the other thing?"

"We found where Corporal Peters stayed that first night. Eric was checking all of the big names, Holiday Inn, Marriott and the like. I got the smaller places that don't have electronic records. I Googled B and B's and started with those closest to where the bus drops off and then worked my way out. Third place I called we hit pay dirt."


"Place called 'The View'. I'll send the details to your phone. I spoke to one of the staff there. She looked through their records for that night and sure enough, they had a Miss S. Evans booked. One of the owners, a Miss Scarlet Dean, lives on site so she's the person you really need to speak to. At the moment she's out running errands and isn't due back till after two."

"So it looks like we'll be heading off to Visalia this afternoon."

"Sorry, I know you've already done a heap of driving this morning."

"Not an issue." Kensi appears at the door with a small envelope in her hand. He smiles and points at the phone and mouths 'Nell' at her. She nods and joins him on the bed. "Sorry Nell, Kens just got back." He puts the phone on speaker and lays it on his chest.

"Heya Nell."

"Hi, you guys get the cards?"

"Uh huh," she waves the envelope at Deeks. "I can see some retail therapy in our near future."

As if out of nowhere a new voice cuts in on the line. "Miss Blye, I'll be getting a detailed record of your spending. If I find any unnecessary purchases be assured I'll be deducting them from your pay." Deeks slaps a hand over his mouth attempting to suppress the laugh wanting to escape, earning him a glare from Kensi. "That goes for you too mister Deeks."

"Yes Hetty," Deeks answers all sweetness and light, making Kensi mouth, 'suck up' at him.

"Very well, I trust you to make your purchases wisely. Carry on Miss Jones," and with that she's gone again.

Silence reigns for a beat before Nell finally starts talking. No one wants to say anything about their little interruption just in case everyone's favourite mini ninja is still listening in. "So yeah, I was uh, just telling Deeks, well I'll let him tell you actually. But you got the credit cards and driver's licenses, so you're all set." Kensi confirms they're good. "So... when I phoned the B and B, I pretended to be Nick's sister, that way your cover's still intact. I told them you were in the area, so they're kind of expecting you." The pair chimes in with their thanks. "All right, so unless you need anything else?"

"No, that's great, Nell. We'll call in later. Bye."

"Bye Kensi, Deeks."

"Bye Nell," Deeks calls out before tapping the end call button. He starts to chuckle, "You were so busted!"

"Yeah, because she doesn't shoot you down all the time."

"Never said she didn't. It's just funny to see you knocked of your perfect little pedestal," he says smirking a little in amusement. "I mean, me, I get it all the time. You, well not so much, hardly ever in fact."

"Hey, I never said I was perfect!" Kensi puts on her best wounded look.

"Oh trust me I know," he answers smirking.

"And what does that mean?"

"That I just can't win with you," he sighs in mock exasperation.

"See you're learning," Kensi teases. "So what did Nell have to say?"

Just as Deeks starts to go over everything he and Nell had talked about, his phone alerts him to a text with the information Nell had promised. He flashes the screen at Kensi. "We were right, Peters did stay overnight in Visalia and we have a location. The B and B owner who we need to talk to is due back after two. Oh, and Evan Peters has surfaced. Callen and Sam will be video calling him later this afternoon."

Kensi glances at her watch, "It's eleven thirty four, so we have two and a half hours before we need to be anywhere."

Deeks nods, "What do you have in mind?"

"How far is Visalia? With a flourish Deeks brandishes his phone and makes a big show of tapping away. "Idiot!" Kensi snorts at his antics.

He shows her his palm, "Really not feeling the love Kens."

"You'll be feeling something in a minute..."

"Promises, promises."

"Shut up! Well, how far?"

"Twenty three point two miles, anywhere between fifteen to thirty minutes depending on which of us is driving."

"Not biting Deeks."

"Shame..." Suddenly his arm shoots out and he grabs her pulling her toward him. "Are you sure I can't tempt you, we have time."

What he has in mind is far from the gentle kiss she places on his lips. "We need to go shopping." She sits back up and tears open the envelope she's still holding. Inside are two smaller envelopes with their undercover identities hand written across the front. She tosses his over to him and it lands on his chest. Opening them up they find the same two things inside. A driver's license and credit card in the names of their aliases. Kensi holds her new credit card up, "I have just the place to make use of this."

"You do? Where?"

"Memorised," she tells him tapping her temple.

"Ah!" He wiggles around the bed fishing the keys for the car out of his front pocket. "You're driving then," he tells her, tossing over the keys.

"Look at us."

"I know, Hetty will be so proud," Deeks coos.

She shakes her head again, "But before we go anywhere I'm changing your dressing." She pulls away from him and heads for the paper bag sitting on the dresser. Coming back she perches next to him. "Ready?"

"As ever."

He watches her every move as she carefully removes first the cast then the dressing over his wound. With a now practised ease she cleans up the area of the wound with delicate fingers. It only takes a minute or so, as Deeks had so rightly pointed out, the damage is healing well. The way in which she goes about the task is methodical. She follows the same routine she has every time she's done this before. This time however she seems so much more relaxed about it, about the way she touches him.

Deeks leg all re-dressed and cast strapped in place, he's good to go and follows her out to the car. The drive to the mall is a short one and Kensi is pleased with herself for having gotten them there without any navigational aids whatsoever. She jumps from the car, a spring in her step and as before is at his door holding his crutches out to him before he can wrestle them from the back seat himself. "My knightess in shining armour," he beams taking the crutches from her and edging out of the vehicle.

"That's not a word!"

"Well, it should be."

"Meh!" She shrugs and then takes his elbow for support. "Come on fair maiden, let me escort you to ye olde clothing store."

Deeks shakes his head, "You still need to work on your sense of humour sweetheart." She rolls her eyes at him. "What? I'm gonna find a cute name for you that sticks so get used to it. I'm just trying a few on for size darlin'."

"Oh, definitely not!"

"Okay how about... Honeybee or Baby cakes?" The scowl on her face becomes more severe. "Oh I got it, hot lips, no no too..." he waves a hand in the air stuck for the word he's trying to find. Kensi tugs at his elbow encouraging him to move toward the Mall. "Tiger, that's more you, yeah, yeah Tiger, that's it."

"Yeah, and I'm gonna call you Sweet Cheeks," she tells him with a swipe to the butt.

"Hell no, and double hell no if it's in front of Sam and Callen. I'll never live it down."

"Then you might want to refrain from calling me 'Tiger' or any other cutesy nicknames you come up with."

"Not even Kensalina or Fern?" She's unusually quiet, unable to answer his question. But the lack of answer tells him all he needs to know. "I knew it! You love it when I call you those," he gloats.

"Shut up!" She tries to show as much annoyance as she can in two words, while at the same time slugging him on the arm.

"Oh, ow! What happened to not hitting the injured man?"

"What happened to 'I'm not delicate'?"

"How about I just roll over and surrender now?"

"Good boy," she pats the top of his head before giving his hair a ruffle. He chuckles and turns to give her a kiss but at the last moment changes his mind and licks her cheek. "Eww," she quickly moves away from him and swipes her sleeve across her cheek attempting to remove Deeks' slobber. "That's just disgusting."

Deeks pouts. "You treat me like a puppy I'm gonna behave like one, and I'm slightly offended. You don't react like that when Monty kisses you."

"Monty's a dog."


"He doesn't know any better."

"So I need training?"

"Most definitely," she says full of certainty. They enter the mall through sliding doors and stand looking around trying to figure out where to head first. Deeks points at Sears and Kensi nods in agreement, but before they set off she leans in and whispers in his ear, "Don't worry sweet cheeks I'll be taking care of your training personally."

Deeks' head jerks up and he turns to look at her, a warm intensity lights up his eyes. "Promise?" he asks in a hushed tone.

Leaning in further she presses her lips against his and whispers a "Yes," as she looks into his eyes.

There's an energy sparking between them and Deeks isn't sure if he's grateful they're in a public place or annoyed. He's pretty sure if they were back in their hotel room right now he'd be stripping Kensi of her clothing in record time. By the look in her eye he's confident her own thoughts are running parallel to his own right now. His reaction to those wicked thoughts is all male. He curses under his breath while tugging his t shirt out of his pants and raiding his memory banks for something to reverse the response. The adjustment of clothing draws Kensi's eyes down and back up and when she looks at him again there's a tint to her cheeks and she's nibbling her lower lip. A moment passes and then Kensi does an odd little cough, throat clearing type thing. "Um, we should, you know..." she waves a hand toward the department store.

"Okay. Yeah, err… let's erm, let's go." He starts to walk and she keeps pace by his side. They're quiet, both a little lost in their own thoughts. As they enter the store Kensi steers him to the elevator since they need to get to the second floor. The door to the elevator closes and the noise that had surrounded them is drowned out. "I think..." his voice tails off and he's quiet for a beat or two. "Kens?" her name is a whisper, "I changed my mind." He sounds nervous.

"Deeks? You... Are you talking about, you know?"

"Yeah, yeah I am. And I know we talked about this, but honestly..." the doors to the elevator open with a ping and he mutters another soft curse. "Look how about we... we talk about this somewhere a little more private, and then I'll explain myself."

She hugs him then plants another kiss on his lips. "Okay."

She guides him over to the sports and camping section. "So I know you only have one good leg but I thought we should get you some decent boots, you know for walking and hiking."

"That so? And what exactly is the difference between walking and hiking, 'cause you know I'm not really up to much more than this hop shuffle thing I've got going on."

Kensi lets out a quiet little chuckle. "I'm not planning on dragging you up any mountains," she says incredulous. "But, and I'm just kinda of, you know..." she tilts her head down to look at his feet. "Maybe they are not your best choice of footwear for the location."

Deeks follows her gaze and then looks up at her, "I don't know what you mean..." His hands come up, palms open. "What's wrong with flip flops? Or should I say flip, or maybe its flop." That cheeky smile has his mouth curling up on one side. It's infectious and so she smiles back before once more tugging at his elbow and directing him to a seat in the footwear section.

Kensi picks out several pairs of boots for him and while he tries them on his one foot and hobbles around in them, Kensi selects a pair for herself and tries them on for size. Eventually Deeks deems one pair appropriate and opts to keep them on after Kensi selects some socks to go with them. Next they move on to clothing. Kensi insists on some combat style walking trousers for them both, on the off chance they end up in the National Park its self. He thinks it's unnecessary but eventually caves under the proviso that they don't get matching pairs. The same routine follows when she insists on jackets too. Before they head to the cash register, Kensi adds a few more items to their growing supplies and she pays. They move through several departments within the store, selecting underwear, t-shirts and toiletries. A few other more random but apparently essential items are added to the mix by each of them and a little over an hour later they are done and sitting in one of the cafés in the upper concourse of the mall waiting on their food order. They make small talk, Deeks teasing her about how shopping together is such a couples thing to do, especially since she'd been picking out his clothing. What he fails to mention is how he'd secretly loved her picking out his stuff, especially since it showed just how well she knew him. She hadn't made a dud choice once and kept with the styles he favoured, not trying to force him into anything new.

When lunch arrives, Kensi grimaces at Deeks' choice. "How much onion is in that?"

He grins happy with his selection, "What's wrong with it?"

"Nothing, as long as you like onions and onion breath," she points at the Mozzarella, roasted pepper and red onion Panini in front of him. "Don't think you're kissing me after eating that."

That sly smile appears. "That so?" She's already biting into her chicken, pesto and mozzarella Panini and can't answer verbally so just nods in confirmation. "Hmmm..." he starts and then watches her for a moment. "I don't think so. In fact I think you couldn't last more than a couple of hours before you're all over me."

Kensi finishes off her mouthful of food. "So self-assured. You know that almost sounds like a challenge. You sure you want to go there?"

"I think I can handle that. I don't even think I'll have to try. No way you can last more than two hours, now that you've had a taste of me," he teases her before digging into his own food.

"I managed before this weekend, I think I can cope. But no cheating."

"And how exactly would I cheat?"

"I don't know exactly," she emphasises the last word. "But, but... just no cheating."

"I'll try my best," he tells her smirking.

Food eaten they take a slow walk back to the car and dump their purchases on the back seat. Kensi asks Deeks if he wants to take the wheel first. He declines, the walk around the mall having taken its toll. The moment of honesty makes her smile, and despite the urge to fuss over him she resists. They drive in silence listening to the radio and enjoying the scenery on route to Visalia.

Eventually Deeks leans forward and turns the radio down to a barely perceptible level. He angles himself towards Kensi. "So I guess I should explain myself." Kensi looks at him confused so he carries on. "My decision in the elevator earlier. You know, about us..." he trails off struggling to find the appropriate word. 'Making love' while being exactly what he wants to do sounds a little soppy in his head and 'sex' just doesn't do what he feels for her justice and there doesn't appear to be a middle ground. However Kensi nods in understanding, saving him from floundering longer. "I'm gonna be honest. I just don't think I'll last." He sounds a little embarrassed. "I mean we don't have to do anything right away. But I think waiting to be rid of this cast is just unrealistic and I want, wanted our first time to be perfect." He licks his bottom lip nervously. "Shit, I'm messing this all up."

Kensi reaches across and squeezes his hand, "No you're not. Just carry on, I'm listening."

He hesitates a moment trying to get his thoughts straight. "Okay, so I'm not, how do I say this...? I'm not very well versed when it comes to relationships. Despite all my stories and jokes it's been a while and I'm kinda rusty. And this, us," he waves back and forth between the two of them. "We're important. I want it to be right and so I wanted to wait 'til I was a hundred percent before we, well, you know." He takes her hand turning it over and twines their fingers together. "But see, there's this spark between us, like some kind of crazy energy and I don't know if it's just me."

Kensi doesn't want to interrupt but her eyes flick over from the road and she rubs her thumb against his hand reassuringly. "Just the way it is between us I don't think either of us will hold out and I don't want our first time to be awful, to be something we'll regret." Kensi doesn't say anything, her eyes firmly on the road in front of her. Deeks worries he's said something wrong and that only doubles when just under a minute later she tugs her hand free of his. "Kens?" he calls her name softly sounding a little panicked. She still doesn't answer and instead throws on the blinker and pulls over to the side of the road. The car stops and she switches off the engine before turning towards him. Deeks isn't certain but he thinks there are tears in her eyes and his apprehension doubles.

"I said no cheating and that definitely is cheating," she whispers and then adds to his confusion when she reaches forward and places her hand against his cheek. "But I don't care. This is one I'm more than happy to let you win." A tear rolls down her cheek but it's one of happiness and the sweetest little smile crosses her face as she leans forward, her hand sliding around the back of his neck and pulling him toward her. She pours everything she has into the kiss and Deeks returns the sentiment. That spark Deeks mentioned is back and the energy between them has them both wanting more, he can almost hear her purring in satisfaction.

A car passes them, its speed rocking the SRX a little and reminding them where they are. They both groan at the reality check and separate a little, her hand rests on the back of his neck as his sits at her hip. "God, you're so damn cute," she tells him in a whisper dropping one last kiss on his lips.

"Hey I've told you about that, but thank you. And thank you for getting me, even when I made a complete mess of expressing my self. You just make me so crazy, but in a good way." She slides her hand out from the back of his neck and strokes along the scruff of his jaw. "For the record, you're the cute one," he adds kissing her palm as they readjust themselves in their seats.

Once they're back on the road Deeks takes her hand again and turns the music up a little. They sit in companionable silence until they see a sign letting them know they are only a couple of miles from Visalia. Deeks gives her directions to the B and B and they find themselves almost in the centre of town. The house isn't as big as they had expected but surprisingly comes with its own off street parking. They pull into the small drive that leads around the side of the house to a gravel area where three cars are already parked. There's space for another three and they pull into one of them then exit the car making their way back to the front and the main entrance. The front lawn bears a sign with the name and contact telephone number. A sliding vacancy/no vacancies board underneath shows the no vacancy part. The house is colonial style with a porch that runs the full length of the front. It even has a matching set of rocking chairs. Kensi lifts the knocker and taps it against the door a couple of times before standing back to wait with Deeks.

Moments pass and then the door opens to reveal a neat looking woman of around forty or so, her dark hair pulled back and pinned in a tight knot with a pair of glasses perched on her head and a rag grasped in one hand. "Good afternoon," she greets them.

"Afternoon," Deeks and Kensi reply together.

"I'm really sorry if you've come about a room but we're fully booked. I told Mel to change the sign over this morning, that girl..."

"Actually the sign's fine," Deeks interrupts her. "My name is Nick Evans, this here is my girlfriend, Ciara." Deeks turns and beams at Kensi, happy to be able to call her his even if he doesn't get to use her real name. "My sister called earlier looking for our cousin, Sara. I believe she stayed here."

"Oh, I'm so sorry, yes, please come in." The rag is abandoned on a nearby dresser and the woman pats away an invisible layer of dust from her trousers. She holds the door open for them inviting them in. "Come on through." She shows them to what can only be described as a parlour. There's no TV but there is a couple of antique looking high back armchairs with a matching couch. A small table sits in the middle of the arrangement with a collection of magazines neatly piled in the centre. "Please take a seat. I spoke to your sister earlier, but as I said I wasn't here at the time. Miss Dean just got back I'll go find her." Before either of them can say anything she's gone.

They take the offered seats, opting to share the couch. Deeks is slower to lower himself down and Kensi is already reaching for the top magazine by the time he's seated. She flicks through it as they wait, stopping to look at the odd picture. It's mainly dedicated to interior decorating and not at all her usual read so she places it back down on the pile, making sure its straight on the top of the stack. "You think this woman will know anything?" she asks in a whisper.

"I don't know? Why are you whispering," he whispers too.

"Why are you?"

"You started it!" She shrugs then waves a hand at the room in general as if that explains it. Deeks lets out a short, low chuckle.

"Bit stuffy huh?"

He nods in agreement, "Yeah. But I guess there's a market for it."

"Or people don't care. Like Sara. Nell figured she just wanted somewhere close to where the bus dropped off and this fits that box."


Deeks takes in the room. He has to agree with Kensi, stuffy is a good description. "God, this couch is uncomfortable. Do they seriously expect people to sit here for long?"

"You're such a wuss."

"You're saying this isn't rock hard?"

"I didn't say that, but you're the one complaining."

"Not complaining, just an observation."

They hear footsteps from down the hall and then an older lady with nearly white hair appears in the entrance to the room. Deeks and Kensi both make a move to stand and Kensi is nearly on her feet when Miss Dean waves them down. "Please don't stand on my account." She moves toward one of the armchairs and takes a seat.

"Miss Dean thank you for taking the time to see us," Kensi starts.

"Please call me Scarlet. Only the staff calls me Miss Dean and I find it so formal. I ask them not to but it's a throwback to the previous owner I'm afraid. Sorry, how rude of me, can I get you a drink, tea, coffee, maybe something cold?"

"We're good, thank you. Scarlet, I'm Nick, Sara's cousin and this is Ciara my girlfriend," Deeks replies. "Scarlet, we'd appreciate whatever you can tell us about Sara."

"Yes, of course, such a lovely young lady. Donna filled me in when I got back from the wholesalers about what was going on."

As she spoke Deeks tapped away at his phone. "I know the chances are slim that there'd be two S. Evans staying Visalia that night but..." He hands across the phone.

Scarlet takes the phone. She only looks at the image for a second before she's nodding her head. "Yes, that's definitely her."

Deeks clasps Kensi's hand keeping up the image of worried relative he lets out a sigh of relief too. Kensi takes up for him "We appreciate that it's been a while but whatever you can tell us about her stay might help us track her down."

"Yes, of course. Well, like I said I certainly remember her. We sat right here and chatted for a good portion of the evening. She was very fortunate to get a room without a reservation, but we'd had a cancellation that morning. I remember she looked so tired and even though we don't offer an evening meal without prior arrangement I had to offer."

"That was very kind of you."

"She was very gracious, tried to refuse at first but I assured her it would be no trouble. Eventually she agreed but didn't want me to go to too much trouble. So I fixed her a bowl of soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. The poor girl looked like she had a weight on her shoulders so I asked if she would like some company."

Deeks and Kensi couldn't help smiling as Scarlet talked, there was something very motherly about the woman and it was nice to see. The mention of Sara's state of mind had them both perking up. "Did she say anything to you; mention what was worrying her or maybe what her plans were?" Kensi asked.

"Nothing specific," she answered shaking her head. "She mentioned she was staying at a friend's cabin and I got the impression her troubles were something to do with a boyfriend or partner. She just said she needed some space for a while."

"She didn't say anything about where this cabin might be?"

"Sorry, no."

Deeks took over again, "I don't suppose you happen to know where she was headed when she left here the following morning?"

"Now, that I do know." She stood, vanished into the hall and came back moments later clutching a leaflet. "I gave her one of these too. It's the information for the shuttle that runs up to the park. She left early to catch the first bus, it comes just after six."

"Thank you," Deeks took the leaflet as she sat back down. "This is great."

"There is one other thing. I saw her at breakfast right before she left and she enquired about a room for on her way home. We booked her in but she never showed. Never even called to cancel. I was really surprised that someone with such good manners would do such a thing."

"Yeah, that's not like Sara," Deeks wasn't sure if it was but it seemed to be the right thing to say.

"Oh my, what am I saying? Here you are worried about your cousin and I'm harping on about manners. I'm so sorry she's missing, you must be so worried about her."

"Yes we are," Kensi answers for them both. "But you've been so helpful." She stands and offers her hand to the older woman before turning to help Deeks stand. He offers his hand to Scarlet too and they say their farewells. She asks them to call when they find Sara and they both agree before finally leaving.

They stand on the front porch. "So now what?" Kensi asks.

Deeks waves the shuttle leaflet at her and then unfolds it and looks at the information within. He scans it and then taps a blue box on the middle page. "Reservations required. We can at least confirm she was on that shuttle."

"There's a transit centre, how about we head there see what we can find out."


They head back to the car and just as they close the doors Kensi's phone begins to ring. "Callen." Kensi says picking up the call, "What can we do for you?"

"Steve Williams lied," Callen announced cutting straight to the matter at hand.

"Hang on a minute." Putting the phone on speaker Kensi places it on the console between them. "Start from the beginning."

"Steve Williams lied to us. We spoke to Evan Peters just a short while ago. He wasn't aware his sister was missing and is devastated. He's looking to get here as soon as he can find a flight. He wasn't aware she and Williams had split, but he'd been in country for some time and their contact had been minimal. He suspects she hadn't told him so he wouldn't worry about her. Anyway he asked why they split because he thought they were a pretty good match. When we told him what Williams said about her wanting a family, Evan got really confused. Sara had a hysterectomy at age seventeen. She had cervical cancer. There's no way she could have children."

"Maybe she was looking into adoption," Kensi suggested.

"We asked that too," Sam piped up in the back ground.

"And?" this time it was Deeks.

"Sargent Peters was adamant she wasn't. He said she had a ten year plan she was working toward. After the cancer and the subsequent hysterectomy she waited until she was sure she had the all clear to sign up to the Marines. Joined in two thousand and six at the age of twenty two. He says she always planned to serve for a full ten years and get as many qualifications as she could in her chosen field. She chose ammunitions and weapons. She was aiming for her Sargent's stripes too. He was pretty certain she wouldn't just ditch those plans."

"Wasn't she getting her promotion next month?" Kensi queried.

"That's what one of her colleagues told us," Callen confirmed. "I'll get Nell to confirm that for us, but you have to admit this is all sounding pretty off."

"Maybe you need to talk to the Ex again," Deeks suggested.

"It's a good idea Deeks. Well it would be if we could locate him."

"What do you mean?"

"Williams' team is up to something. Their CO refused to tell us any more, just said he'd let us know when he was available."


"But not unlikely," Sam added.

"So more waiting around for you guys?" Kensi asks.

"Looks that way. How about you guys?"

Deeks nods at Kensi letting her know she can explain. "Actually we were just headed to confirm Sara's travel arrangements." She relayed everything they'd learned so far.

"Call Eric," Callen started. "Get him to find details about of all the cabins in that area. Ask him to cross reference them with all Peters known associates. Maybe he'll turn something up."

"Will do. Thanks Callen. We'll call you when we have more." Kensi and Deeks say their goodbyes and cut the call.

"So partner..."Kensi starts. "Still happy to be back at work?"

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