James Bond Jr and Tracy Milbanks After Goldie s Gold Scam

It was a peaceful trip after that battle with Goldfinger and Goldie Finger so James just watched the sky hoping one day S.C.U.M will be destroyed forever Tracy saw James and decided to see if he was ok.

"James are you ok?" She asked.

"Yeah I'm fine I just wish S.C.U.M wouldn't follow us everywhere." Sighed James crossly.

"James we all want S.C.U.M gone except maybe Trevor so he can try and expel you." Said Tracy. "But forget Trevor forget S.C.U.M for one day just be happy you're with me and your friends."

James thought.

"I see what you mean." Replied James.

Soon they looked at the stars.

"One day James S.C.U.M will be gone forever I assure you." Tracy told James.

"I'm sure it will be one day so we just lead normal lives and let 007 my Uncle do all the work on saving the world I've done my fair share." Said James.

"Is 007 the family's lucky number by any chance James?" asked Tracy.

"Why yes it is it's also is IQ's Gordo's, Phoebe's and yours." Smiled James and Tracy had to agree.

"Coke shaken not stirred." Smiled James.

"Yeah you know I like it that way." Smiled Tracy. "Just don't tell Daddy."

"My lips are sealed." Smiled James as they watched the stars a little longer before heading to their tents.

The End