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The Pianist


"The wonder of ebony, guiding the ivory."

Nimble fingers danced down the ebony and ivory streets, a calm tune drifted over their heads, filling the spacious room with gentle chimes. The conversation, a low buzz, swelled and swallowed the elegantly adorned halls. People clothed in their finest attire filed in to the room, the music jumbling with the immense hubbub of the partygoers.

The redhead pianist unyielding to his work, drowned and a hum in the background of the joyous occasion only smiled and pressed onward. He was only a decoration of the festivities. He had no intention of mingling with the noisy, unorganized masses. The young man only wished to go about his business, uncaring for anyone in the packed hall.

The occupied male was in another world entirely. Unattached and distant, the man only had eyes for the keys. The perfectly contrasting slips of pearl and coal, those wonderful creations only a piece to the prized creation of Man. His lips twitched upwards as he mused over the poetic aspects of a piano, realizing how he wished everything could be as such.

Darkness nestled in with light. The evil perched above the angelic frame, watching over the swelling corpus of white, protecting the innocence in that way. That unexpected, yet delightfully parental way that he yearned—no, begged for.

It was He, who had longed day and night for that semblance of maternal care. It was He, that had peeked through the obscurity and found only cruelty and a strict conduct. He, who was a black key among glimmering pearls.

And He, who silenced the masses with a tender sweep of his hand.

It was He that sat amid the deafening silence.

The spacious hall with shimmering lights and overpowering warmth fell into darkness. A single ray of light penetrating the dim, spilling forth from a cracked door shone crimson. The young pianist sighed and pushed his chair back, grunting as the chair lurched. He squinted at the floor around the legs of his seat. What could have gotten in the way of his perfect exit?

Who would dare ruin this wonderful moment?

He crouched beside his seat, spotting a tiny hand, severed and still lightly oozing his favored nectar of life. The man plucked the hand from the floor, dangling the pale flesh between his index finger and thumb. Inspecting it, he found that it was indeed from a bloodied corpse lying a foot away. He tossed it towards the twitching mass of rubies and tattered drapery, straightening up as he did so, lightly padding his knees and thighs.

The redhead glanced about the room, bored eyes sliding along the trail of light and down to his shoes. With hands on his hips, he nodded, yawned and grabbed his worn coat from his chair. He pulled one clenched hand through one sleeve, then two, and adjusted his tie absentmindedly.

He cleared his throat, "Thank you for your patronage." He called upon deaf ears, bowing to no one in particular. "It was truly an honor playing with you tonight." The redhead unbent, ticked to his dark, twisted core. He waltzed out of the room, stepping atop detached limbs and torsos, kicking a gaping head along his merry way.

He paused in the doorway, forcing the heavy polished door ajar. He spun on his heel, looking over the mangled and bloody bodies splayed along the, once glossy tiles. The young pianist, sporting a toothy grin, took a few minutes to admire his work.

This was not his finest work; he would have to admit to himself later that night. However, for the time being, this was what he wanted most in the world. A room silenced by his own hands.

He smiled at his hands, now powerful and tools of the trade. No longer would he be held back by the galling hordes, never more would he be at the mercy of Man.

He watched over the leaking and foul smelling mound of humans, now lifeless and fragmented at his feet. He was the black key among pearls.


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