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The Pianist

Chapter 4

Crimson and Monsters

It was not that Sasori was afraid of human contact; no, not in the slightest. Neither was a fear of embarrassing himself evident. Sasori simply enjoyed the pleasant solitude of the auditorium. Not that his haven was ever truly empty, at least, not to him.

He leant back on the bench, and chewed on his bottom lip, folding one leg over the other. He sighed, eyes scanning over the extravagant concert hall. The usual violet banners strung from pillar to pillar, bordered with thin gold strings—only visible if one squinted long enough—hung above row after row of deep blue cushions. This was glamour and overindulgence he could have never dreamt of as a child.

Thoughts drifting back to his weaker self, so small and helpless; Sasori frowned, lightly drumming his fingers on his knees. Lost in deep meditation, his gaze sank back to the large, pearly instrument before him. Perhaps he could find some time to practice today?

And with a nod of self-assurance, he tapped a single key; dull brown orbs glazing over as the hall was plunged into darkness. A lone beam of light speared the gloom, igniting the angelic instrument; a fire dancing over the stage. The swirling inferno sprung from Sasori's fingertips, churning and folding as the tune from the troubled musician picked up. Sparks and inferno alike crashed upon the stage, no longer tiptoeing over the polished floors; now lapping at the auditorium seats like pebbles on a beach. But there was no heat from the sea of fire; it did not burn the seats, nor singe the regal curtains overhead.

The redhead smiled to the once absent audience, eyes rising to meet a full house. He scanned the audience, only granting them a half-hearted concert. His nimble fingers faltered, he sighed and frowned at the silent audience, annoyed by their dead stares. Their empty eyes gazed back, hollow crevices oozing a sickeningly, pale, yellow pus. Skin grey and seeming rough in texture stretched over fractured and broken bodies, lumpy from the muscles melting into mud. Sasori blinked back, the inferno suspended above the stage, as if waiting for the pianist to continue.

Some grinned, while others sat with jaws hanging open in silent and long-gone terror, each soulless corpse propped against the chair, arms lying neatly in their sunken in laps. This would never suffice, not really. Where was the applause? Where were the gasps and cheers of pleased fans? These pieces of rotten flesh, putrid and revolting in their own rancid filth—only to tide him over; he reassured himself.

Eventually he could have a live audience; bustling and warm spectators clapping and staring in awe of his amazing talents.

But until then, Sasori bowed before his gallery of the dead, the blaze sweeping over the awaiting carcasses as Sasori's messy hair fell over his eyes. The deep crimson waves soundless as they engulfed the full house. By the time Sasori opened his eyes again, the mass of rotting flesh was gone completely, the auditorium fading back to the usual bright interior. But Sasori could still see the hundreds of empty eye sockets staring at him, watching him.

What were they up to? He pondered.

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