I only own the idea Raven's prov

I waited for the pregnant test results im hope im not it was done I got it and look it had a little pink plus I covered my mouth with my hand and gasp a let some sobs come from my throat then I heard a knock on my door "Hey raven we all are going to get some pizza! Wanna come!?" I heard beast boy ask I tried to hide sobs "no thank you im good reading" I said plain almost chocking on words "come on rea please!" I heard beast boy say "no ok I just need to rest" I said then I heard his footsteps leave and the door slam then I brock in tears

1 mouth later

"RAVEN! GET OUT OF THE ROOM YOU HAVENT GOT OUT IN A MOUTH!" I heard robin yelled I started to cry "robin I need to tell everyone something get them all in the main room please" I said between sobs "raven…..are you ok" I heard robin ask "just get everyone in the main room please!" I said then I heard him walk away I got up I covered my belly sighed and walked out and into the main room everyone was there "raven what's wrong have you been crying?" I heard beast boy say "yes friend we wish to know if our friend is fine" star fire said I started to cry "wow rea what's wrong" cyborg said "guys i…im….im pregnant!" I shouted then everyone's eyes went wide "what! Who's the father! When did this happen where you rapped?!" everyone shouted I covered my ears I felt a hand on my shoulder I looked at saw beast boy "its o we will kill the man who did this to you ok raven" he said and I frowned "beast boy you're the father…" I said looking to the ground "WHAT!" everyone shouted "but I never but I didn't but how!" beast boy said I looked at "you got drunk trying to get over you know who I was reading a book in the main room then you came in you walked up to me then kissed me" I said and I looked at beast boy "I will pack my stuff and leave" I said then beast boy hugged me no raven please don't go I will help you I will be a father!" beast boy yelled hugging me I sighed "beast boy I want a loving father a father that loves me!" I said pushing him off me and teleported away before he can say anything I was in my room packing I heard a knock "raven please open up! Please!" I heard beast boy yell then i felt a hand on my shoulder I jumped and saw beast boy "leave me alone!" I shouted" "isn't it enough that you did this to me!" I said tears streaming down my face "raven listen to me!" beast boy yelled make me face him I let a low growl out "Raven I do love you I just never said it because I was scared you might reject me and we wont be friends anymore! You got to understand please I love you and im so sorry I did this to you stay here I will help take care of her or him!" beast boy said looking in my eyes I read his mind he wasn't ling I just started at him I smiled and hugged him "I love you to beast boy I always did" I said he hugged me back "great to know"

5 months later

"Awwwwwwwww!" I the titans said as I walked in with a baby girl in my hands beast boy was excited he was smiling "she looks like you raven but has beast boy tooth and ears!" robin said looking at my child cyborg was patting best boy's back and star fire had a huge grin "I can cook my ta-" star fire was cut off by everyone "NO!" she looked down to the ground "thanks anyway star" I said smiling beast boy hugged me from behind "can I hold her?" beast boy ask "don't drop her" I said passing him her he smiled "hi im your dad" beast boy said then she grabbed his nose "Awwww" everyone said as the baby laughed "looks like this is a good ending" beast boy said smiling

The end !