Hey Guys oh my god! The On demand episode was AMAZING, I'm still fangirling even though I played it last night, this story contains spoilers so if your an now-airing player please dont read this I don't want to spoil it for you, here's what I think may happen after Chapter 8 of Volume 10! I hope you like it! :D

You are now Natara Williams

You stumble out the precinct break room, after your short but restless nap. With your hunderdth cup of coffee in your hand, you walk back over to your desk with scattered with papers, maps and a list of suspects. You notice Blaise making her way over to you with a saddened and look of pity across her face.

Blaise:"Natara, please tell me you didn't sleep in the break room again?"

Natara:"I might have..."

Blaise lets out a deep sigh and shakes her head.

Blaise:"Natara this is getting ridiculous! You haven't left the precinct in three days! Go home and get some rest!"

Natara:"I'll rest when I have a lead on Mal's whereabouts!"

Blaise looks you in the eye as you stand by your desk, she takes the cup of coffee from your hands.

Blaise:"Natara go home, your not going to be any use in this investigation if you can barely keep your eyes open, go get some sleep."

Natara:"Blaise I'm fine!"

Blaise:"No your not... look at you, your eyes are bloodshot and your skin is pale, when was the last time you ate?"

Natara:"I don't know.. Blaise please just let me work!"

You feel the anger boiling inside you, you just what to be left alone to work on finding Mal, why can't anyone understand that?!

Blaise:"Natara go home."

Natara:"I SAID I'M FINE!"

Your sudden outburst shocks Blaise and the whole precinct grows instantly quiet as all eyes fall on you, you take a deep breath as you look around at the eyes that stare at you. Then you turn on your heels and walk out the precinct and sit on the stone steps trying to collect yourself.

You hear footsteps behind you but don't bother to look as Blaise sits beside you.

Blaise:"Natara I know your stressed but this is not helping, you need your sleep. I swear we'll find the bastards the took Mal and when we do I know he'll be fine, it's Mal afterall he can take care of himself we both know that."

You smile weakly at Blaise, but it quickly disappears again as you look up to the sky as you fight back tears.

Natara:"I just want him back Blaise, after everything that's happened I just-"

Blaise:"Wait...hold up a second, after everything thats happened? Did you guys..are you...are you together?!"

You say nothing but it's written across your face and Blaise smiles.

Blaise:"Finally! It took long enough!"

Natara:"Wait you knew we would-"

Blaise:"We all did! We even had a poll running on how long it would take...that reminds me Kai owes me 20 bucks, anyway the point is that you need your rest so go home and sleep, I promise if we get any information on Mal, you'll be the first person I'll call!"

You think over Blaise's advice then nod slowly.

Natara:"Your right.. "

Later while you try to sleep in your bed, your surrounded by thoughts of Mal, as his voice swims around inside your head it's almost as if he's right next to you.

Natara, don't give up...we can get though anything... even this.

Keep going...your the strongest person I know and that's one of the reasons I love you...we'll be together soon I promise because nothing on this earth can keep me away from you.

He feels so close, like you could reach out a grab him and finally feel his strong arms wrap aroud you again, but as you try to reach out you feel nothing but cold emptiness of the air.

You jerk awake from suffocating nightmare and sit up in your bed panting, you can still hear Mal's voice like a distant whisper in your ear.

Natara, don't give up...Keep going...I love you.

You take a deep breath, then jump out of your bed and walk over to your bag in the living room. You pull out the case files on Mal's kidnapping and stread them across your coffee table and sit staring down at the papers, you close your eyes for a second to focus yourself and as you do, you let out a breathless whisper.

Natara:"I'm won't give up...I'll do it for you Mal...I'm not giving up."

I don't know whether to continue this or not I might and kinda want to but I'm not sure (But I think I may have an idea of who kidnapped Mal in the game, who do you think it was?), please review and tell what you think! Hoped you liked it! Jade x