Summary: When Steve and Danny find themselves at the mercy of a revenge-seeking criminal, it's up to Chin and Kono to find them before it's too late. Steve whump, Danny whump.

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Set late Season 2 but before the finale.

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As the sun slowly started to descend towards the horizon, its rays cast vivid colours across the Hawaiian sky, lighting it up with an array of pinks, yellows and reds, which in turn were reflected across the water lapping at the sandy beaches. Tourists and locals alike were still gathered on the beach or in waterfront cafes and restaurants to soak in the natural beauty that accompanied the day's end. The same golden rays filtered through the trees that surrounded the quiet stretch of the Pali highway seeming to cast a glittering halo around them, though the spectacular view went unnoticed by the two arguing men seated in the silver Camaro.

"I'm just saying that while I have control of the car I should also have control of the radio," Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett argued as he sat behind the wheel of his partner's Camaro.

"Uh, uh, uh," Detective Danny Williams shook his head adamantly. "If you're in control of the radio we'll more than likely end up listening to that 'Sexy Eyes' rubbish, which you claim is catchy."

"Right, but listening to Bon Jovi constantly is fine?" Steve countered.

"Absolutely," Danny nodded as Steve shook his head in disagreement.

"Not happening," Steve stated as he turned the radio off, cutting short the guitar solo of Bon Jovi's 'Living on a Prayer'. "That is staying off while I am in this car."

"Fine," Danny conceded, "at least it lowers our chances of hearing 'Sexy Eyes' on the radio."

The friendly argument which had started when the opening notes of 'Living on a Prayer' had sounded through the cars speakers, was a way for the two to blow off some steam after a hectic few days at work. After wrapping up a case on Wednesday, Five-0 was back in action on Thursday morning when a witness, Monica Brennan, who was supposed to be testifying against a local drug dealer, Ricky Ortega, had failed to show up in court. A search of the woman's safe house hadn't turned up anything and held no clue as to whether she had accepted a bribe and run or was forcibly taken from the house.

After a day of trying to connect her disappearance to the drug dealers with nothing but dead ends, the woman's body was discovered in a dumpster by a park in Ala Moana in the early hours of Friday morning. The woman had taken a beating before she was shot twice in the chest.

While it hadn't been the break Five-0 had been looking for, it didn't take Max long to find her assailant's DNA under her finger nails. The DNA had come back to a Peter Brennan who was in the system for a string of robberies from his teen years and early adulthood and was the husband of Monica Brennan.

After looking into her statement she had given to the police about what she had witnessed, Five-0 had discovered that Monica Brennan was involved with one of the men who distributed drugs for the cartel run by Ricky Ortega and had been him when Ortega had killed the man in cold blood for skimming some of the drugs he was meant to be distributing. After witnessing the murder from their car, she had driven straight to HPD to report the crime before she was whisked away by federal marshals and placed in protective custody.

From their investigation, they had discovered that Peter Brennan, a computer programmer, had managed to hack into the system and find out what his wife had witnessed and how, in the process learning of her affair.

After leaving a less than discreet money trail as he tried to flee the island, Five-0 had tracked Peter Brennan to a private airstrip as he attempted to board a plane to the mainland on Friday morning. Brennan was killed when he drew the murder weapon on them as they came to arrest him and Danny was forced to put two in his chest. The rest of the day had been filled with the tedious job of filling out all the paperwork involved in the case along with making final family notifications and all four team members were relieved when they could finally call it a week.

Silence filled the Camaro after the abrupt end to their dispute over each other's musical tastes and Danny watched the greenery fly past them through the passenger side window. They had been forced to take the more scenic route home in order to inform Monica Brennan's family of the conclusion to the case; the less than enjoyable experience was also a reason for the two men to need to blow off some steam.

"So do you have any big plans for your weekend with Grace?" Steve asked to break the silence, knowing that the mention of his partner's daughter would put Danny in a better mood.

The result was immediate as Danny smiled at the thought of Grace. "I'm picking her up tomorrow morning with Gabby; she wants to take us somewhere for a surprise. I told her that so long as it doesn't involve much swimming or pineapple pizzas it would be okay."

Steve smiled, glad that his partner had finally overcome his worries about how Gabrielle Asano and his daughter might get along. After the dinner Danny had organised to introduce the two ladies in his life, they had been spending far more time out together, almost like a normal family would.

"Why aren't you picking her up this afternoon like usual?" Steve had wondered that fact when Danny had invited himself over to Steve's for a few beers at the end of the week.

"Some of Rachel's family is in town to visit the baby," he explained with as little expression as possible. "She wanted her to go out to dinner with them; to be honest I'm surprised I managed to get time with her at all this weekend."

Steve nodded before moving the subject away from Danny's ex-wife, knowing it wasn't the easiest topic for his partner to discuss. "So do you have any idea where Gabby might be taking you two?"

Whatever Danny's suspicions may have been as to his girlfriend's plans for their weekend would remain unknown as the conversation was interrupted when a dark SUV appeared suddenly on the driver's side of the Camaro, heading in their direction at a high speed.

"Steve!" Danny's yell of warning was unnecessary as Steve was already pulling hard at the steering wheel in an attempt to move out of the SUV's path but the speed of the other vehicle was too great and it ploughed into the side of the Camaro with a deafening crash, violently jerking the two occupants.

The sound of crunching metal and screeching tires filled the deserted road as the SUV came to an abrupt halt, having already accomplished its mission; the large bull-bar on the front of the vehicle meant that there was only minimal damage sustained to the SUV, the same, however, could not be said for the Camaro.

The force of the impact had forced the car to skid intothe guardrail that ran alongside the road. For a moment it appeared as though the guardrail would prevent them from falling any further, but the weight of the vehicle slowly forced it over the rail to land on the roof before continuing the roll to come to a stop the right way up in the small ditch beside the road, the wheels hitting the ground with a sickening crash. The impact had been to the driver's side of the car near the front wheel base and had resulted in the side of the car crumpling inwards along most of the front left hand side of the Camaro. Both occupants of the car sat unmoving and slumped in their seatbelts.

The remoteness of the road meant that no one was around to witness the three men wearing ski masks who dragged the two unconscious members of Five-0 from the totalled Camaro and into the awaiting SUV before disappearing into the approaching night.


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