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Gentaro, Yuuki, Kengo, Tomoko, JK, Miu, and Shun were all going to visit Ryusei at his school, "Hey guys look! We're finally here!" Gentaro yelled as he began running up to the school doors.

"I have a bad feeling." Tomoko said as she held her hands together up to her face.

Right before Gentaro could get up to the school's doors he tripped over a can of soda, "AAAHHH! Ow... what did I trip over?" Gentaro asked himself as he got back up on his feet.

"Hey, what are you guys doing here?" Ryusei said as he walked up behind all of his friends.

Yuuki, Kengo, Tomoko, JK, Miu, and Shun all turned around to face Ryusei in a startled way. "Ryusei-san, you scared me!" Tomoko exclaimed as she smiled at Ryusei and had a dreamy look in her eyes.

Ryusei smiled back then he said, "So guys, there's no school today, so we can just go do whatever." Ryusei said as he looked at his friends but his eyes went back to looking at Tomoko.

Yuuki ran up closer to Ryusei, "Yes, yes! We should go to the store and find books about space and buy little astronaut dolls and, and-" Yuuki's words were cut off.

"We know what you want to buy Yuuki." Kengo said as he walked up to Yuuki and patted her on the back. "I guess doing that first would be fine." Kengo added as he looked at Yuuki and Yuuki looked back at Kengo smiling.

"Oh thank you Kengo-kun!" Yuuki replied.

At the store in the space section Yuuki, Kengo, Gentaro, JK, Miu, and Shun were all looking at the space stuff, while Ryusei and Tomoko were at the book section.

"Wow, the regular store doesn't have many books and most of the books I wouldn't read." Ryusei said as he flipped through the pages of a horror book.

"I found a good book." Tomoko replied as she lifted it up so Ryusei could see the cover of the book.

"It's a love book." Ryusei said as he read the title on the cover of the book.

Tomoko lowered the book so she could see his face and he could see her face, "Yes, it's a love book that's why I want to buy it." Tomoko replied as she took a few steps closer to Ryusei.

"Looks like you are liking love more and more everyday." Ryusei replied as he took the book out of her hands. "I'll carry it for you." Ryusei said with a grin on his face.

Tomoko grinned as well, "Ryusei-san you really are the ladies man." Tomoko said as she held her folded hands up to her chin.

"Please don't say stuff that embarrasses me." Ryuusei said with an embarassed grin on his face as he looked around.

"Ryusei-san, I knew you were going to say that." Tomoko said trying not to giggle.

"Well, I think we should go back to the others and see what they're doing." Ryusei replied then he took Tomoko's right hand away from her face and held it in his hand then Ryusei and Tomoko were holding hands as they went back to see what their friends were doing.

At the end of the day it was time for Tomoko, Kengo, Yuuki, Gentaro, Miu, JK, and Shun to go back to their homes, "Well, see you guys another time." Ryusei said as he looked at all of his friends then he looked at Tomoko.

"Bye Ryusei-san." Tomoko said as she looked at Ryusei smiling.

When all of the others started to walk back home Tomoko and Ryusei kissed, and then Tomoko went to the group to go back to her home as well.

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