Remember Yukino & May…

Outside at the park, Miyazawa and May were in a huge table, having lunch. Kagami set the whole thing up for them, including a TV set, with the plug, plugged into Tsukasa. Kids were staring, as they ate together, except for Kagami and Tsukasa, who were watching on in joy.

"Gorgeous," May smiled, "But why are we here and not at a restaurant?"

Kagami informed, "Well, we'd figured that we wanted you two to have your way, but on our terms. Also, I took some allergen tests on the both of you and my scans confirmed that I found that you, Miss Yukino, are not in good health. So, I've decided to have you dine out here, for a change, in the bright sun."

Miyazawa then thought, "My skin does look pale. (Don't ask why)"

May then blushed in glee, "Aw, how sweet!"

Kagami and May stared at each other and were all lovey-dovey. Miyazawa was disgusted.

She then said to the camera, "Uh, I'm starting to think that we're a few white lilies short of either a seductive persuasion or a Shoujo-Ai routine. I wanted to refute, but the food's too damn good!"

Tsukasa smiled and cheered in joy, leaving May in confusion.

"Say, Yuki," she asked, "While I approved of the happy hippy hoppy girl, is it okay to watch TV in the park?"

Miyazawa griped, "Oh, please. At least the reception for TV is okay. All we could get is the game and sitcoms. Talk about being wired. I mean, she's plugged into the TV, so why can't Miss Hoppy Girl pick up satellite TV for us?"

Tsukasa shouted, "Can't you call me by my name already?"

"Will there be anything else, madams?" Kagami bowed.

May smiled, "No, not yet."

Miyazawa then huffed, out of character, "If they are robots, then I specifically told my agent that I DON'T want to be a part of the Maiden for Hire series!"

Yukino started to wake up, "Unh… What happened?"

"Yuki!" May cheered, "You're okay!"

"Why am I back in the diner?" She groaned.

"It's a long story," May smiled, "But I want to tell you that we have met something cool!"

Yukino said, as she was tired, "What is it? I'll bet it's a way home."

May smiled, "Even better! I found a Maiden for Hire!"

Yukino gasped in horror, frozen and motionless in shock. She dropped to the ground and fainted.

"AH! Yuki!" May cried.

Eri Model shouted, "Leave her! She's still a little tense. Good thing I gave her an extra special massage."

Since then, there had been rumors of having these two girls in a Maiden Universe Story, featuring our two stars from "The MIS-Adventures of Miyazawa & May". Those rumors have become TRUE!

By popular demand (and under Miyazawa's protest), Yukino and May get their OWN Maiden story… but with two sets of stories.

Maiden Universe XV:
Haruka and Yuki – Service with a Smile

Miyazawa, groaning in front of the camera, "Why are they making me do this? I mean, give me a storyline, and I'll read it aloud."

A man spoke, off-stage, "Miss Arima… You're on."

She then said, "Uh, hi… I am Yukino Miyazawa-Arima of His and Her Circumstances, or Tales of North Hills High (Whatever that is)."

She bowed, "Anyway… I am here, under protest, on the NEW Maiden Universe story, in which features myself and Pokémon's Haruka. Although we are in this story, there are two different versions to it. One… I will play a Maiden, courtesy of a very young girl, who wants a friend… but the end of this story has a HUGE surprise twist. And our story begins, with me, with my three children, at a young age, a couple of years after high school. You shall see, soon enough."

She called, "Can I go now?"


In a Maidens for Hire compound in Tokyo, Hanako West, a woman with blue hair and a violet suit, had a RUSH order made. She called to Callie Tsuki, who was busy fixing a Butler for Hire.

"Miss Tsuki, you have a minute to examine these Maidens?" She asked.

"Well, I suppose," Callie said, "But how do you know they are working right?"

"Just do it! After all, with some Maidens being defective, we cannot be so sure… It happened to Tohru Model, Kagura S. Model, Hyatt Model, and even some of our regulars. I cannot be so sure about it, after all." She bowed, "But, for father, Miss Mizuhara, and Miss Sawachika, I have to. Besides, we've already tested them to perfection. They passed with flying colors, but we need to double check their systems."

Callie pouted, "I'm not a technician… I'm only for deliveries and-."

"Don't be ridiculous! You're still working for me. Besides, you've had drama in you, since The Defective Trio thrashed you. Don't worry. I've seen movies like that, and that is why we must make them easily obedient. All Maidens and Butlers must be made for guaranteed service. That's our motto."

Callie sobbed, "Yes, ma'am."

Hanako replied, "Also, I'll be in need of your evaluation. Father is in talk of your possibility of termination."


"You've been emotionally strung. You have so much emotion in you that you may not work out here. Just remember… these two Maidens will be delivered to an exceptional rate."

Callie wept, "No… I don't want to be fired."

Hanako petted her head and said, "I know. Just make sure this doesn't happen again. Now, one Maiden, Model # H1R851, must be delivered to Kawasaki City, in the Kanagawa prefecture, and another one, Model #V16489, is to be sent to Petalburg Gym in Petalburg City, as a gift from a Mister Norman."

Two boxes were shown. One was small, the other was tall. Hanako continued, "The small one is the one to Kawasaki, while the other is to head for Petalburg."

"Yes, ma'am," she said, "Plus, I won't make a mistake."

She asked in a grin, "Uh… Can I see them, for myself?"

Hanako said, "No. Just make sure you and the others appear for a meeting about Sawachika's newest project, next month at Higashimurayama."

"Is it under development?"

"Actually, it's a test result, which is already near the end of the 90-day trial. If you don't mind…"

"I don't. I'll see you soon."

Hanako left, as Callie smiled, "Wonderful."

The first delivery was made to Kawasaki, Yukino Miyazawa's home. She called to her kids, Sakura, Suo, and Ai Arima, and had a family meeting.

"Kids, I have some good news for you," she said, "I managed to call for a babysitting job, but I ended up with no luck. Luckily, they gave me the info on a Maiden Service, which can guarantee service… even babysitting. So, while I am busy at work, I want you to obey her, in every way."

Sakura asked, "Mom… What kind of Maid did you get us?"

Suo replied, "Yeah! She must be very popular, in all way!"

Yukino huffed, "You guys don't know, do you?"

They all shook their head and said, "No. We never met a Maid."

Yukino groaned, "Well, you'll see, soon enough. She'll arrive in a week. At that time, Asapin will be busy with his work, while I am working at my job. I hope she'll be exceptional; plus, the 3,000 Yen I purchased for each month."

Ai gasped, "A 3,000 Yen babysitter? Wait… You don't mean?"

Their mother winked, "It's a secret. Don't worry. Your daddy will be gone, for a while, as well. But he MAY come back, and see the little helper. Anyway, I hope you three will behave."

Sakura smiled, "Mommy, there is no worry about it. I've been with my brothers for a while, and have taught them to play cool. I am the oldest sibling, after all."

Yukino stammered a bit, as she got up. She left, as she was confused and amazed.

"Well, I have raised them well, unlike those other people I met."


Suo asked Ai, while in their room, "Any idea on who the helper is?"

Ai smiled, "I don't know, but she might be very beautiful. Mommy said something about a maid."

Sakura said, "Mom said it's a Maiden Service. The only service I know of is Maidens for Hire. My classmates told me that it's a new invention that gives out guaranteed service; or, in this case, absolute satisfaction for the homeowner."

Ai asked, "What about the Maiden that Mommy mentioned?"

Sakura winked, "You'll see soon enough."

Suo whispered, "Whatever she is, we better not go and make her mad."

Ai replied, "Yeah. Funny thing, too. I never understand about a maid being a babysitter. Don't we always have Asaba with us?"

Sakura sighed, "Asaba is going to be busy for a while. I just wish he'd stay and see our new babysitter. Hopefully, when he's available, I could spend some time at his place."

She thought, remembering Hideaki, "Hopefully…"

Suo said, "I wonder what she has for Asaba-kun."

Ai said, "Got me."

The next day, while her kids were at school, Yukino opened her new Maiden for Hire, inside the box. She stood her straight, as she blushed.

"She looks cute," she said, "She reminds me of me, but with long hair and a short stance."

The Maiden, Model #H1R851, standing at about four feet, had a green and orange maid uniform with white frills. She had long brown hair, up to her neck. Yukino brushed her hair and looked at her face.

"A cute look, but a small body. This must be one of those compact Maidens." She thought, "Whatever she is, it's worth the three thousand Yen."

She purchased a custom-made Maiden (2,500 Yen), with additional programming (500 Yen extra), to entertain the kids. She was about to turn her on. She then thought of some uncertainties. One included that she may be a younger robot of Tsubasa or a suave younger Maho. She could tell, since she performed a play with them, in her young days in high school, in Hokuei. She blushed, as she opened a small panel, showing a red button. She pressed her button, located on the back of her neck.

"Time for the test," she whispered, "I hope you can treat my kids right. After all, I hear good things about the Maidens for Hire."

The Maiden started to shake and whir. She opened her eyes, showing a sapphire blue. She then smiled and bowed. Yukino blushed and said, "Welcome."

The Haruka Arc begins. Stay tuned for the next chapter.