Chapter 6

Jenny woke the next morning at the feeling of something tickling or touching her face, something which did not normally happen.

Without even opening her eyes she lifted her hand and tried to swat whatever it was away, only to have her hand make contact with another.

That made her eyes shoot open to find one Leroy Jethro Gibbs laying on his side next to her, his hand in the air, obviously he had been stroking her face. "Sorry" she mumbled.

"It's ok" Gibbs smiled down at her before going to kiss her, but she stopped him by placing her finger on his lips making him look at with concern.

"It wasn't a dream" Jenny stated with a grin, she couldn't believe that he had found her and was in his arm once more, just like she had been thirteen years ago "You're really here" she smiled at him lovingly, her finger running along his lips gently.

"I can't believe you're here" Gibbs smiled before leaning down and kissing her.

It was a short kiss but still sweet and loving with a slight bitterness of regret, regret for her lying to him for the past for years, regret for him not finding her and both of them regretting the mistake of the past.

Jenny sighed when they pulled apart and smiled at him again as they both moved closer to one another "How did you find me?" she asked in a small voice as she grabbed his hand and entwined their fingers, loving how they were a perfect match.

"I have my ways" Gibbs grinned at her cheekily before pressing a kiss to her hair.

She let out a little laugh, he was still the same mysterious man she had fallen in love with. The sound of her laughter was music to Gibbs's ears, something he had longed to hear even when she was alive.

The redhead looked up and notice he was smiling, something she didn't see often "What" she asked curiously.

"Nothing" Gibbs shook his head before bringing a hand up and pushing a piece of her hair out of her face in an attempt to distract her.

"Tell me" Jenny pushed him, usually she could read him like a book but then that was four years ago, things change, well everything but her feelings for him if anything they were stronger.

"I'm just really happy your alive" He mumbled before pulling her close to him, revelling in the feeling of her heart beat against his skin.

Oh yeah, Jenny thought, she had a lot of explaining to do.

Gibbs was surprised moments later when Jenny sat up in the bed and began to grab her clothes off of the floor and putting them on "Where you going?" he asked grabbing her wrist and gently tugging her back gently.

"Getting dressed" Jenny stated as if it was obvious but yet Gibbs still didn't look satisfied at the answer she had given, Jenny gave him a small smile, "I'm going to make coffee, I want you to be awake when I explain everything to you and I don't want to have to repeat myself" she stated before getting off of the bed and walking out.

Jenny was full aware of the fact he was watching her and she loved it, it had been too long since she felt those familiar blue eyes on her. Last night had been the best night sleep she had since she was put into the witness protection program.

Once she was out of sight Gibbs laid back down on the bed with his hands behind his head and took a deep breath, vanilla and jasmine, he was right she had been in the hospital that night.

He couldn't quite believe she was alive, Jenny Shepard, the one that got away, was here alive and had spent the night in his arms. The smell of coffee brewing was his incentive to get out of bed, well that Jenny.

As Gibbs walked through Jenny's apartment he noted how nice it was, it was modern but it had an air of Jenny about it, it was clappy no, not snippy, how did Abby say she dressed, ah snappy.

The view was something that caught his attention; it was a perfect view of the sun rise, the way the sky's pinkie, orange colour contrasted on the shiny ocean. "You ok?" Jenny's voice brought him from looking out of the window.

He turned around to find her in an old NCIS jumper and jeans holding two mugs of coffee and held one out for him. Gibbs nodded before taking the mug and taking a sip.

Jenny smiled before sitting down on the sofa and Gibbs soon joined her, both put their mugs on the coffee table at the same time. "I guess I have explaining to do" she started turning to face him. Gibbs just nodded slightly, he needed to know if he didn't it would just haunt him for the rest of his life.

She took a deep breath before speaking "After the shooting in the diner I was taken to the hospital here where I was put in a coma until my wounds healed, when I woke up I was given a new identity as Penelope Flock" she explained "Apparently I have left a lot of loose ends and it would be better for NCIS and myself if I just stay dead" Jenny finished.

"Who said that?" Gibbs asked almost angrily.

Jenny noted this and leant over and touched his arm lightly to try to calm him and was surprised when it did "Vance did, he sorted everything out" Jenny stated.

Gibbs scoffed "Vance, really that tooth pick sucking son of a bitch" he could laugh if he wasn't so annoyed. "Of course he would say that and sort it all out, he just wanted your job Jen" he stated shaking his head.

"That may be so" Jenny shrugged her shoulders "When I could barely move and everyone thought I was dead, there wasn't much I could do" she countered.

"You should have called me, told me somehow" Gibbs urged "I could have helped you, I needed to know you were alive"

Jenny couldn't help the pang of guilt in her heart "I know and I'm sorry for putting you all through it, especially you" she squeezed his hand.

Gibbs nodded as he gave her a small smile before leaning forward and kissing her, Jenny responded and moved her hands to his hair and running her fingers through it, just like she had wanted when she'd seeing him asleep in the hospital.

As things began to get heated they were interrupted by Gibbs's phone ringing. Both groaned as they pulled away "Yeah" Gibbs answered his voice a little hoarse.

"Hey boss, where are you?" Tony asked "I mean you aren't with Ducky or the hotel or the beach"

"I'm fine" Gibbs grumbled, he hated to be interrupted and now was no different. "What do you want?"

"Boss, we have to be at the airport in like two hours and you haven't even packed yet or signed Ducky's discharge papers" Tony explained with a hint of regret in his voice.

"Right" Gibbs nodded "I'll be there soon" he assured before putting the phone down.

"You have to go?" Jenny asked noting that Gibbs was upset, maybe she was getting better at reading him already.

Gibbs nodded "I don't want to leave you" he stated grabbing her hand and rubbing her knuckles with his thumb.

"I don't want you to either" Jenny gave him a watery smile.

All of a sudden a light bulb went off in Gibbs's head "Come with me" he suggested.

"What" Jenny asked not believing his words, her heart began to beat a mile a minute.

"Come back to D.C with me" he suggested. "I can protect you" he promised.

Jenny shook her head "No" she pouted and shook her head "I can't put you in danger, even if it's only a little amount"

Gibbs wasn't happy with what he was hearing "So what do we do?" he asked.

"We do the only thing we can do" Jenny explained, her voice full of sorrow and regret, Gibbs looked at her questioningly.

"Say goodbye" she shrugged her shoulders.

"No" Gibbs shook his head this time "How can I go home knowing your alive?"

"Like you always have, I'm dead" she stated before getting up from her seat and walking into her bedroom.

Moments later she walked back in with her charm bracelet that her father had given her when she was 16 and had collected many charms over the years, she unclipped a heart charm and handed it to him.

He took it in his hand before pulling out his dog tags from around his neck and clipping it to the chain before letting it fall back down his chest and rest just above his heart.

Jenny pulled Gibbs to his feet and pulled him close and got on her tip toes and kissed him on the lips before pulling away "You have a plane to catch" she mumbled.

Gibbs looked at Jenny once more, he opened his mouth to say something yet nothing would come out, he nodded before kissing her once more and then walked towards the door "is there any way I can contact you?"

Jenny nodded before scribbling something on a bright yellow sticky note "The number for my burner phone"

Gibbs nodded once more "Good bye Jenny" he mumbled before pressing a kiss to forehead and pulling her close "You're the one thing I want that I never can have" he stated.

Jenny gave him a watery smile before watching him get in the elevator, their eyes locked, they couldn't not look at one another until the metal doors closed, "I love you" Jenny mumbled to herself before closing her door and sliding down onto the floor and holding her head in her hands, it turned from the best night of her life to the worst thing she'd ever done, letting him go again.

Hours later Gibbs burst into Ducky's hospital room with his packed duffle bag slung over his shoulder to find the team standing around, "hand us the papers then" he growled to Tim who passed then along with a pen, trying hard not the tried on the egg shells of Gibbs's temper.

"You guys get the car ready we need to leave soon" he grumbled to the four team mates, once they were gone Ducky spoke.

"I take it you found her" he stated.

Gibbs looked up letting the ME see the pain and sorrow in his eyes "It's over now Duck" Was all he stated before turning to the door and grabbing the wheel chair.

Meanwhile once pulling herself together Jenny went to get her mail. She was flicking through it when someone greeted her.

"Hello Penny" she turned to find Doris the women who lived next door to her.

"Hey Doris" Jenny gave her a weak smile.

"So who was that hunk that asked after you last night?" she asked, Doris had been the one to help Gibbs find Jenny's apartment.

"An old friend" Jenny mumbled, she really didn't want to think about Jethro, afraid she might burst out crying in public.

"Will we be seeing anymore of him?" Doris asked with a grin. From the day she had moved in the older women had always found Jenny very interesting and was surprised to find a young beautiful women such as the redhead was single and never seemed to have any men around.

Jenny bit her lip "I wish I could say yes" she shook her head before walking away, trying to hide the tears.


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