It had been a few days since the children of time had conquered the Sontaran ship. The Doctor was hard at work inside the TARDIS, trying to figure out the scale of this so called 'next time war'. Jack was with Martha, sending out communications to all the people in the know. Martha was talking to UNIT and Jack was skyping with people from the Pentagon. Rose was sitting in the TARDIS, listening to the Doctor babble on about all these different alien races and watching him contact them and warning them. Luke and Jenny never left each other's side, they were currently upgrading two ordinary rifles to shoot plasma. Jenny enjoyed watching Luke explain what he was doing and learning about the different types of plasma. Every now and then Luke would turn to her and just smile, she'd smile back. Sometimes she even corrected him, he felt a bit put out by the fact that Jenny knew more about alien technology than him, but then again, she was part alien. They joked constantly but they both knew deep down that everyone was worried and anxious, there was no telling when this time war would start. River was flitting between the three groups, some days, she'd stay with Martha and Jack, using her personal contacts to help them get further inside national security and talk to people higher up. Other days she'd stay with Luke and Jenny, she'd stand in the corner of the room, watching them work, every now and then she'd walk behind Jenny and wrap her arms around her protectively, Jenny was used to this and looked up at her sometimes. "I'm fine" she'd smile. "I know" River would laugh back at her but deep inside she worried how long Jenny would be fine for. Then, there were the days she spent with the Doctor. Rose felt out of place on these days and would often resort back to the space station and sit and talk with Jack. The Doctor was starting to warm to River and often explained more things to her than he would with anyone else. River just listened, watching him dance around his TARDIS, pressing buttons, pulling levers, and every now and then he'd turn around to make sure she was still there, she was quieter than Rose. The Doctor wondered why, but River just liked hearing his voice, it had been so long since she had last seen him.

One day, River walked into the TARDIS as the Doctor was hard at work. Rose was asleep on the chair. River smiled at her, "Good morning sweetie." she said, walking to the opposite side of the console to the Doctor. The Doctor looked up at her, he ran his hand through his hair, pulling it back from his face and smiled at her. "Sleep well?" he asked, drumming his fingers on the console. "Well, you could say that. But how can someone sleep well when her loved ones are at risk every single day?" "Well, there's always choloform" the Doctor replied. River laughed "I see you're developing that wicked sense of humour." The Doctor smiled and looked down again, pressing buttons on the console. "Developing? So that means I get funnier does it?" River walked around the console and stood next to him. "Oh, the jokes you'll tell, the things you get wrong, the hats you'll wear..." she said dreamily, stroking the top of his head. The Doctor turned to her "Hats? I don't wear hats." "Oh, yes you do, and you don't look half bad in them either." The Doctor smiled again and looked back to the console. "Well...if you say so." he smirked and pulled a lever, making the TARDIS whirr as it tried to establish a signal with another alien race. The Doctor sat down on the sofa and leaned back. River sat next to him. He sighed and pulled his head forward. "This is it isn't it?" "This is what darling?" River asked. "This is when I fall for you, this, right here, is the moment I decide." River smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder, he put his arm around her. "I do love you Doctor." she sighed. He looked at her "I love you too River." Rose woke up and sat up on the chair. "Oh, was I interrupting something?" River rolled her eyes "Only the most perfect moment of my life, but you go ahead and do your thing." Rose stood up "God, alright, I'll leave then."

There'll be more action in the next chapter I promise! I just wanted to do a little thing with River and the Doctor.