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sin of the heavens

"His name will be Rimudo. Which means the wind." he would tell the empty room, with bitterness and hatred. A cruel twist to how he had spoken of his son before. "He will..as I have, travel the country and embrace his countrymen."

Sometimes destiny changes your life into a macabre joke. Sometimes you die slowly, your parts rots away and you desperately order replacements fashioned from Hokkan's iron. It is because of this destiny, he is certain he is to die by his son's hand.

Of course, he would not allow it.
He had not allowed the flesh rotting away to stop him from living the half life he lived.

"Of course." he smiled. " Souren died. I knew from the start the man would never betray Uruki. To die nobly, protecting his master is probably his own desire."
A shadow of a smirk crossed him. "How does it feel to lose control of your mind?" As I have. "Rimudo, my pitiful son."

No one but Temudan knew the true meaning of the Tenzai disease. The sin of the heavens has infested not his body but his soul. He hadn't realised what he was capable of. To send assassins after assassins for the son he had waited so long to see. He had loved the baby before it was born, and the mere prophecy flipped it into hatred. Not for the boy. But for the heavens who seemed determined to take everything from him.

He would not allow it, of course.

He would not allow them to take away his dearest wish that kept him alive when his disease consumed him, when his throne was taken away. That keeps him alive even now.

So, when he orders Hagaasu and the Kutou assasins, "Bring me Uruki's head", it is easy enough to imagine that he wanted the proof of his son's death so that he is sure he would live. Nobody but he is aware that he is doomed to die either way. A miserable, petty death orchestrated by the heavens.
Of course, he would not allow it.

How the disease has taken over his soul, but really, that isn't what he wants. How he musters up only cold disappointment when his assassins fail, not a desperate anger. As they fail repeatedly, he is certain, and he is amused by the turn of events, the conundrum the heavens must face.
He'd like to see how his wish is granted to him, before which he must fulfill his responsibility to the country the heavens had taken from him, and by his calculations, heavens had forsaken.

Time will tell all. Whether Hagaasu would bring him his son's head, or he'll see Rimudo's face the day Uruki arrives to kill him.

After all, he had never seen his son.

I will not allow myself to die before seeing the face of my own child.

drabble inspired by the chapter 34 and 36.