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Warning rather graphic sex scene. Read at own risk.

Letty's POV

Dom and I rode home in silence but the electricity in the car was powerful. I could see him looking at me on occasions as I stared straight ahead playing dumb. There were a couple of times when I thought he was going to pull over but he managed to make it back to the house. I got out slowly drawing it out even longer but he was by my side in an instant.

"Don't play…its torture." He whispered as he backed me against the car.

"You know what else was torture?" I hinted and he groaned closing his eyes in pain.

"Yes… I'm sorry, so sorry baby. I won't ever be that person again." He promised and I made a noise of content in the back of my throat but I knew the damage was done. There would always be fear in the back of my mind.

"Take me to the bedroom for a massage and I'll think about forgiving you." I said looking up at him through my lashes and he growled pressing his head and his body against mine.

"You make me go crazy Let." He mumbled before sealing his lips to mine. My arms wrapped around his neck my hands finding his head pulling it closer to me. His arms wrapped around my waist lifting me up as I wrapped my legs around him. We kissed frantically as he pushed me up against his car, our need for each other washing over us wave after wave.

"Seriously guys..." A voice whined from behind us somewhere making Dom and I part to see who was there.

"Mia I love you but shut up before I lock you all out of the house." Dom mumbled as he put me down grabbing my hand instead leading me towards the house.

"We ain't going to be seeing them for a couple of days." I heard Vince mutter as Letty and I raced past them upstairs.

"Thank fuck for ear plugs!" Leon shouted up the stairs while laughter filled the house but I was too busy pinning Letty to the wall of our bedroom as we kicked the door shut on the rest of the world.

Dom's POV

"You sure you want a massage?" I asked breathlessly.

"Mmhmm… You owe me papa." She said accusingly and I groaned in need. Smirking on the inside I decided to have my payback for her 'test' with Johnny.

"Where should I massage you first? Here?... or here." I growled quietly as I ran my hand down and over her breast squeezing it softly before running my hand downwards. She groaned loudly as I placed my hand on the front of her jeans. I smirked taking pleasure at the thought of her choice in 'massage' as I rubbed her through her jeans. She moaned quietly making me immediately withdraw my hand as I bunched her shirt up until I was able to pull it off completely and threw it carelessly across the room somewhere. I felt her hands doing the same to my shirt as I broke my lips away from hers yet again so she could rid me of my shirt.

I trailed my hands up her sides, across her stomach and up to her covered breasts squeezing them making her moan wantonly. My hands made quick work of her bra as I threw it to the floor quickly returning my hands to her breasts. Palming them softly I watched as her eyes blazed with desire.

"You're so fucking beautiful Letty." I whispered as I bent to take a bud in my mouth sucking gently before flicking it with my tongue. She moaned as she gripped my head keeping it there as I switched paying the other the same attention.

I trailed lower pressing kisses to the underside of her breasts before making my way further down kneeling on the floor in front of her. I flicked and tugged gently at her belly ring having not noticed it last time but it seemed it was a new addition along with her attitude. I looked up at her briefly and she grinned.

"Something crazy." She panted and I made a noise of approval as I continued my path downwards. Hitting the waist band of her jeans I popped the button quickly and used my teeth to lower the zipper looking up at her as she watched me.

"Don't tease." She warned aggressively and I growled yanking her jeans, underwear and boots off in one go. Her scent immediately filled my senses as I nuzzled my nose into her bare skin. Not caring that we weren't on the bed I picked up her right leg and swung it over my shoulder as she gasped steadying herself by gripping the wall with one hand and my head with the other. I grinned at the sight in front of me and eagerly attached my lips to her lower ones listening as she whimpered.

"Dom." She cried softly and I took the hint as I worked her into a frenzy nipping, sucking and licking all her sensitive areas. It wasn't long before she started shaking and I grinned attacking her clit suddenly making her nearly scream with her release. I took the time as she came down off her high to lap up everything she had offered before placing one last kiss and making my way back up her body. She was panting hard when I finally reached her lips dragging her in for a kiss. I felt her hands rest on the front of my jeans and I brought my hands to her arse picking her up suddenly before walking over to the bed sitting on the edge with her in my lap. She pushed me back as I pulled the two of us up the bed further still kissing as we went. She settled against me when we hit the middle of the bed pushing me down as I dragged her down with me. I moaned in annoyance when she pulled herself away shuffling back undoing my jeans pulling them off.

"Still sore?" She teased and I made a small noise in the back of my throat.

"Poor baby… I'll make them feel better." She purred and I groaned as she removed my boxers palming my length gently.

"Baby harder." I breathed out and she obliged immediately.

"This is mine. Got it?" She asked as she licked my tip.

"All yours baby." I groaned lowly as she took me in her mouth. Her hands worked the parts she hadn't taken in her mouth and I found myself thrusting upwards. I groaned loudly my hands flying to the back of her head as she deep throated all of me suddenly.

"Love it when you do that." I mumbled in pleasure.


"Yeah." I breathed as she worked me faster.

"Better than HER?" She asked squeezing me tightly. I groaned half annoyed that she had brought her up and half in pleasure.

"Yes… gods yes… baby don't stop. Please." I panted feeling her smirk around me.

"Maybe I should…"

"Letty don't tease." I begged and she took me once again in her mouth.

I closed my eyes as I felt my release coming, letting out a moan as Letty quickened her pace. I held her hair back so I could see her face as I watched and used it to lower her head further and keep it there as I came loudly.

"Feel better?" She asked quietly when I finally got my senses back. Pulling her down I placed soft kisses on her lips listening as she whined softly. I felt her hand palm me gently again and I felt it stir back into life as I rolled us over.

"I missed you baby." I whispered to her.

"I missed you too. Now damn it Dom take me." She whimpered. To hear Letty so out of control and demanding made me burn with desire. I chuckled as I surged upward into her roughly making her moan loudly.

"Feel better?" I groaned repeating her words as I stilled just savoring the feeling of her.

"Yeah." As we picked up our pace starting to move forgetting about everything but us.

Three days later

I stood against my car along with Vince and Leon. Mia and Jesse where back at the fort and Let was standing very comfortably between my legs as we talked quietly. We'd gotten a message through Hector from Lance and Johnny about the job so we agreed to meet to sort out the details.

"What do you reckon its gunna be?" Vince asked.

"Drugs?" Letty asked and I thought about it but shook my head.

"Nah Tran's too smart to get mixed up in shit like that." I said finally.

"Looks like we'll find out soon enough." Leon said nodding to the bikes that were pulling up.

"Alright Toretto here's the job." He said moodily.

I sighed heavily as I ran my hand through Letty's hand. Tran had told us the deal: hijacking semis for the merchandise. Millions of dollars' worth of electronics. It sounded great… risky though. Did we really want to get ourselves mixed up in a life of crime? I had been on the other side of a jail, I didn't want that for anyone else, least of all my family. But we needed the money. We told ourselves once we were back on track that was it, legit all the way.

An hour earlier we'd gone with Tran to meet with the boss behind the operation. Everything was sorted and we were due to start in two months when the first shipment came in. The boss worked for the shipping dock, he packed the containers it was just up to us to get them when they were in transit. We had till then to get three cars done up and stashed somewhere they wouldn't be traced back to us.

Mia wasn't keen on the idea though. We'd talked about it until we were blue in the face until she eventually back down.

"We need this money Mia… think about it. I can put you through college with this."

"I don't want you back in jail." She voiced aggressively and I nodded looking at Letty as she suddenly turned away obviously having not thought of that.

"I won't… I'll die before I go back in." I vowed and she sighed in irritation.

"Fine… you're going to do it anyway."

It was just after dinner when I got a phone call from our new boss with some unexpected news, welcomed in a way but on another level we knew shit was going to go down over it. He'd dumped Tran for the job and decided to just stick with the one team. Us.

"Tran's going to be pissed." I nodded at Letty's words. We were tucked up in bed together holding each other talking about the deal.

"I know but it's not exactly our fault. The boss chose us over him what was I meant to do? Suddenly say no?" I asked quietly and she shrugged.

"At least we get all the money apart from the boss' cut." She voiced quietly as she traced patterns on my chest.

"Yeah…" I said feeling distracted by her advances.

"So we're actually going to do this?" She asked finally and I paused looking down at her.

"Will you stick with me if we do?" I asked her seriously. I needed reassurance.

"Maybe." She smirked at me and I grinned down at her cupping her face.

"Maybe huh?"

"Yeah maybe." She smirked and I placed a kiss on her lips again.

"Hijacking semis…fuck… I never wanted this life for you." I said quietly looking her in the eyes.

"I don't want a life without you Dom… ride or die remember?" I smiled despite the situation and placed a kiss on her lips.

"I remember… So you got my back?" I asked her quietly.

"Always papa." She vowed and I relaxed into her side as she started drawing patterns yet again.

"So we need a plan." She said quietly and I nodded.

"I have one… I think." I trailed off feeling the stirring down below at her touch.

"Well you gunna tell me or what?" she demanded playfully and I grinned.

"Later right now I have a problem that requires the attention of my sexy woman." I whispered pulling her into me.

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