Chapter 1

Darker Storms

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The rain poured down in London, continuing without any indication it would ever stop. A mass of gathering clouds darkened the overhead skies, and below a interlocking jam of cars were situated and unable to move. In a building overlooking such traffic was Alan Blunt. A man who was staring blankly outside and watching the flurry of busy commuters trying to get home. A knock interrupted him and he was forced to turn to the visitor at his door.

It was Mrs Jones carrying a letter in her clenched hand. Her face betrayed no indication of her reasons for entering.

"It's from Alex," she said, handing him the paper with the words 'MOST URGENT' printed at the top in bold capitals.


"From Point Blanc. Mr Smithers gave him the technology to contact us and now he has."

Blunt sat down at his desk, having finished analysing the letter.

"Which means…?"

"Either he's in trouble, or that he's found something out that's important enough that he would contact us."

"So you're suggesting that we get him out of there?"

"That's precisely what I'm suggesting, Alan." Blunt leaned back in his chair thinking over the problem.

"And what exactly do you intend to do?"

Mrs Jones bristled.

"Well, at the least we can send in a team. Alex isn't someone to send for help if it wasn't important."

"I never said it wasn't, but aren't you getting a little attached to the boy?"

"He is a child, Alan. He shouldn't be doing this in the first place. None of this stuff. The least we can do is send some help when he needs it," replied Mrs Jones.

"I agree. Now how did you intend to help him?"

Mrs Jones stepped closer. "We can send in a unit, we know he's going to need help at some stage... so we can keep them close and let them search for him."

Blunt nodded, his face a blank canvas.

"All right, keep them on stand-by once you've had them flown in. Make sure you contact the French Government as well for their permission; otherwise, remember he can look after himself."

Mrs Jones gave a nod and walked out the door to make the arrangements, leaving Blunt to his empty office again, where from his desk he turned to glance out his window and watch the rain fall heavily onto all those below.

Wolf was the first of his comrades to answer the call. He had just planned to go to sleep when the phone had rang and he was made to put his sleep on hold.

"Hello?" He asked uncertainly whilst peering at his clock to see it flashing 11:50. Who would be calling at this time?

"Is that Wolf of K-Unit?" Wolf stood further upright at the mention of his job, so this wasn't a social call. But who was this?

"Yes, this is."

"We have a job for you and your unit."

"All right. What are the details?"

"Geneva, flight in two hours. Nothing too major. Alright?"


"The car comes in thirty minutes."

With that the phone ended abruptly, the woman on the other end hanging up without confirmation. Wolf tossed the phone down, and went in search of the necessities he would need. It would have certainly have been nicer if they'd given him more time. He searched around for his equipment and stuffed it into a back-pack, hoping he would be able to remember everything in time.

It was then in the next few minutes each of the four members of K-Unit, including Wolf, had been summoned by a telephone call. All were in the process of getting ready to leave and each of them had no idea what exactly lay in store for them, including a certain someone who was about to turn their lives upside down.

It was pity they hadn't received a warning, but... that was just life.

End Of Chapter

Just thought I'd point out now that this fic hasn't been simply copied from the book, it has been re-written and changed. The story will diverge from the original books. As for the idea for this fic: I got it from seeing some of the stories in which the main characters read the books and wondered why instead the characters weren't experiencing the action. I apologise if this has been done before for Alex Rider, I couldn't see any... but I may have easily scrolled over it. So hope you enjoyed the first chapter and the next should be appearing in the next week or two.

Concerning where I'm going with this fic, well this is starting from Point Blanc and hopefully should be doing some of the other books. I'll have to see in the future since this is going to be a massive story to cover all the books and I'm unsure if I'll have time on my hands later on.