Chapter 2: Changed

I sighed to myself. What, am I not allowed to die in peace? I glided over to the door in a zombie-like trance and opened the door.

There stood Maria, her eyes still puffy and red, but with a renewed vigor in her that I had never seen before. In her eyes I still saw grief, but I also saw courage and ruthlessness. I shuddered, and she glared at me a little bit, walking past me and closing the window I had planned on jumping out of with a bang.

She doesn't look at me for a moment, and then shakily says, "Is killing yourself really going to help anything, anyone, Anita?"

She turns around, locking her eyes with mine. "Don't you know how hard this has been on me? On ALL OF US?" I started to open my mouth, say about Bernardo, but she yelled, "Don't you dare talk about Bernardo! I know how much you loved him, your mate. WE ALL LOVED HIM. He was MY BROTHER." She started to cry again, but I could tell that she wanted me to stay put, not put my arms around her like I usually did.

So I stayed planted in my spot, just staring at my longtime friend. Finally, she looked back up at me and spoke again. "Look. I know what you're going through, and understand it completely. I felt that same way right after Tony died." She sighed, and kept going. "But…Anybodys showed me that there's more to life, that I have to keep living for Tony's sake. And you need to do that too. Live for Bernardo, Anita. Live for him."

I sneered at her words, at her mention of a Jet. I still hated them, hated them for taking Bernardo away from me, and almost raping me. "And you TRUST the group of white trash who killed Bernardo? You trust the chicos and chicas who discriminated against for years-"

"JUST SHUT UP, ANITA!" Maria yelled.

My mouth closed, and I shrank against Maria's fierce tone. She's never been like this…where did the softspoken and graceful girl I knew go?

"Anybodys was the one who took care of me! She hugged me, talked to me, and made me FEEL again when no one else did. I didn't see YOU walk up to me and help me. I didn't see YOU of all people, my closest friend, come up to me and say, 'Oh, are you okay, Maria?' No. You didn't have the decency, the NERVE." She walked towards me, now inches apart, and looked into my eyes once more. "You know what? Do what you want. I don't care anymore. If you want to take your own life, go at it. I'm going to live mine to the fullest for Tony, and I don't need people like you ruining it for me." With that, she stormed past me, and slammed the door of my bedroom behind her.

I stared at the door for a couple minutes, completely dumbfounded. That Maria was not the Maria I had known, that I had known all my life. That Maria was different. Changed.

I sat on my bed, thinking, pondering everything. My life, the deaths, Maria's rampage, my reaction, my situation. I asked myself a million times, over and over again, the same question: Was I really going to end my life? I didn't know, I didn't know at all.

And then I knew. There was only one person to ask, and though I hated to admit it, I really did need their help. If she could change Maria, she could change me too.

I needed Anybodys.

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