A/N: So, as promised, the so-called "Rules" Julia references in the first chapter of "Of Disney and Dreams". If you haven't read that piece, I suggest you do, it's more fulfilling than a one shot. Plus, it makes more sense having read it. I had some difficulties writing this, seeing as I actually had to make them up as I went. For the record, most of this is complete bull crap, and please don't follow any of this except the "Rules of Friendship" – those are legit and my best friend helped me come up with those.

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Of the many things that could be claimed about Amberwood, there were many places to not find someone. Julia knew this, seeing as she had been looking for Sydney Melbourne all day and could not for the life of her find the girl. She had seen Sydney's twin (boy, he was yummy), her little sister (that family had all the good genes for prettiness – just look at Jill!), and her cousin (case in point, what kind of karma was it that one family got all that pretty?), but no Sydney. The one time Julia finally had something to show the girl, prove her wrong about something, she was nowhere to be found. In a huff, Julia returned to the spot she had last seen Eddie, Jill, and Angeline. They had moved to the shade of one of the few trees on campus, all of them lounging around the trunk as if they had absolutely nothing better to do. "Do any of you know where Sydney is?"

The three shared a look, almost one of those "uh-oh, what do we tell her?" looks shared between people when they know a thing and can't decide what to tell someone. Finally Jill spoke, "She's… with Adrian." This seemed satisfactory to the other two people, and they relaxed against the tree trunk.

Julia spoke again, nodding slowly, clearly having caught on to the tension in the conversation, "Okay, but when you see her again, will you tell her that I was looking for her?" The group of family nodded, and Julia left, heading back in the direction of the dorms.

It was much later that Julia encountered Sydney, much later as in the next morning. "Good morning Julia, I heard you were looking for me yesterday?" The blonde girl caught up to Julia and Kristin as they walked to campus.

"Yeah, I found copies of the Rules, you know the ones you didn't believe in?" Julia held out a sheaf of papers, clearly copies from a book.

Sydney looked polaxed, "Rules? What rules? Wha – oh, that. Um… I don't think any of these are really applicable." She was blushing lightly.

Julia and Kristin looked at the girl, "What? Why?"

"I kinda went on a date last night." Sydney didn't look up, she was busy peering at the bad copies Julia had made.

"Whoa, Jill said you were with Adrian; so clearly one of you guys is lying." The little group paused, Julia tapping her foot in annoyance.

Sydney sighed, "Why do I always get interrogated? But, I did go to see Adrian to go help him set up his gallery opening, but he got called away, and I ended up setting up alone with Adam."

Julia and Kristin screeched simultaneously, "What? Adam was there?" A bell rang across campus, and Julia hurriedly shoved the papers towards Sydney. "Okay, read over these. And you have to tell us everything later. Everything. Rules of Friendship, Rule number one!" The girls split to head towards their first class.

Sydney sighed, relieved. Kristin and Julia had almost found out. She stared at the list of rules Julia had forced upon her. They all looked like completely pointless rules, but clearly everyone knew them, so she probably had to learn them. Luckily, she didn't need to pay much attention in class.


- Of Breaking Up

1. Don't say their name. Especially if they broke up with you.

2. Trash all personal items or sentimental items - you don't want the memories

3. Don't worry about staying friends.

4. Time is your enemy. Operate quickly. No dwelling, and no going back.

5. Don't apologize. Ever.

6. Keep your distance.

7. Lie when necessary.

8. Don't cry. Be Rosie the Riveter.

9. Don't respond

10. Block Him, on all social networking or social interaction sites

11. Make a clean break of it. At the time, yell, say, curse, whatever you have on your mind or in your heart at that person. It's extremely cathartic and helps sever all ties.

- Of Getting Over Break Ups

1. Get a makeover. Or have a spa day

2. No contact. No ifs, ands, or buts

3. Alcohol = BIG NO NO. Makes everything worse.

4. Get rid of all pictures and things associated with the ex if you haven't already.

5. No reading, talking, or thinking about said person.

6. Get rid of all texts. And get rid of his number.

7. Go shopping

8. Hang out with good girlfriends who will bad mouth your ex with while simultaneously comforting you. And eat Ben and Jerry's and other comfort foods with you on that first day after and watch romance movies with you in comfort clothes. And then work out with you after to get rid of the weight. And then proceed to tell everyone what a douche this jerk is.

9. Get back in the saddle. Show your jerkwad ex who's too good for him by getting a better new boyfriend. And then flaunt it girl!

-Of Friendship

1. Your best friend is the first person to find out about everything. EVERYTHING.

2. Be honest and open with each other. Friends may judge you, but they respect you enough to judge you to your face no holds barred, no punches pulled, Straight talk and no evasions. If they can't do that, then they're not your real friend.

3. Girlfriends before Boyfriends. Or, the female version of Bros before Hoes. The Boyfriends may come and go, but friends are forever.

4. Friends are loyal, they will stand up for you even if you don't ask for it. They will also hold you back if necessary or throw down for you. Whichever way you roll.

5. No dating a friend's ex. Ever. Bad mojo. All the bad mojo.

6. Accept your friends as they are. Do not change them, unless you see them going down a bad path in life or making all the wrong choices or basically self-destructing. Otherwise, they wouldn't be your friends.

7. Laugh together. There is nothing that a best friend will not make better by making you laugh. And they will know how to make you laugh, always.

8. Don't go out with the guy/girl a friend is interested in. See #5 for similar case.

9. No boyfriend/ girlfriend stealing. Also covered in rules 5 and 8.

10. Do unto others, as you want done unto yourself.

11. A friend will know to call you on your bulls****, because a friend will know that something's wrong even if you're smiling.

12. Friends will know the entire secret lingo, like code names and shorthand you use to refer to other people when there's company present. And they will respond accordingly.

13. Friends will hate your exs automatically. It's part of the Code."

Sydney stared at the lists, sitting down between Jill and Julia. "What the heck, Julia? These have to be the craziest set of rules that I have ever come across."

Julia chewed a bite of her salad, "Well, I never said that they were good rules, or that they made any sort of sense, but that they were rules. And rules must be followed, right?" Jill nodded, Angeline eyed the chicken fingers suspiciously.

Sydney sighed, and then deftly neatened the pile. "And you got it from which book again? These seem like stretches of the idea of rules."

Julia sighed," Sydney, you don't want to know. If you didn't already know which series, then you honestly don't want to know." With a toss of her hair, Julia flounced off, self-righteous.

Angeline leaned forward, conspiratorially, "Did she make any sense to you guys? I swear, she just beat around the bush. Like, a lot."

Sydney nodded, then asked aloud, "I wonder which book they got these rules from?"

Jill laughed, and then whispered, "Gossip Girl!" All three girls began to laugh, carrying their trays toward the tray return line.

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