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WARNING: If you haven't even read Homestuck, or know Hetalia in that case, this WILL confuse people. I knew that the hard way XD and there is language, so bear that in mind And there is a bit of bad grammar, so yeah XD

Shit. A young troll wakes up from the cold floor he passed out on. He just had the most terrible dream since he was just a little grub. Well, since that was over...

The troll immediately got himself up, dusting the remaining dust on him as he stood up. He fixed his hair a bit too, making sure the parting is still in his hair while avoiding his blasted erogenous zone, which was in fact a very long curly piece of hair that defied gravity, even in the shower. Fucking erogenous zone… But then a pan of pain came into his mind, forcing him to rub it in attempt to ease the pain in his head.

"Well look who decided to finally wake up after one long hour?" The random troll who he was next to said abruptly. Fuck…

"Fuck off, Gilbert…"

"Kesesese~" The said troll, Gilbert, laughed at him for that pathetic comeback, resting his hands on top of his walking cane. To simply describe Gilbert, he had jet black hair like all of the other trolls, red pointy glasses which looked awesome in a way, super pointy horns that could pop a helium thing and a walking cane to help him, as he was 'blind'. "So did you dream of anything? Or did your head hurt because I've been whacking my cane onto your head several times, preventing you from dreaming a sweet dream, Romano?"

"The fuck Gilbert. That must've been why my head hurts now… And anyways, I did have a dream…" The troll, Romano, said in a mutter, rubbing his head once again because of the pain. "I finally woke up in Prospit…"

"You did?!" Gilbert shouted out loud, attracting several trolls' attentions. Especially the freak in the wheelchair. Well he used to be in a wheel chair, until the strong blueblood came up and invited the French bastard to saw the freak's legs off, replacing them with robot legs. At least he can run and walk. It gets annoying when the freak plays games for girls, especially when he's roleplaying as that stupid superhero.

"Yeah, and it was horrible. For my first Prospit dream, it was horrible as fuck."

"How come, Romy?" Gilbert asked as his cheeky grin slide of his face slowly, turning into an unsatisfied frown.

"Well, first of all, my dream self died in Prospit, I saw that… demon, and Prospit is now destroyed for good."

"Romano, all of us are dead. You aren't the only person dead here! And the demon! What did you do?"

"I don't know Gilbert; I was fucking dead at that time! And…" Romano stated, looking down on the floor avoiding the 'blind' troll's gaze for a while. "I think I might know who the demon is…"

"Who is it then?" Gilbert asked, making a rather confused face.

"I'm gonna have to search for more answers to make sure that I fully know that it's him though…"

"Aww Romy, stop being mysterious and tell me! I'm your best friend!"

"Sorry 'best friend', but I don't want to be hasty here. But if it turns out that I'm wrong, you can just laugh at me for all I care."

"Kesesese, ok then~ Hope your theory is wrong, Romy!" Gilbert smiled and chuckled at the smaller troll, showing his white and sharp teeth inside his mouth. "So you saw the 'demon' before he destroyed Prospit?"

"Yeah! And that wasn't even the worst part, fuckass." The angry toll scowled at Gilbert.

"You've been down for an hour! What the hell have you been dreaming about before the demon came and killed your wonderland?"

"I don't want to fucking talk about it. And the new thing here is, no-one should go to sleep. Sleeping is forbidden now." Romano stated once again to Gilbert.

"Forbidden?" Gilbert asked. He loved sleeping though. Gives him more awesome power for the next day!

"Yes. As your leader and your 'friend', I am ordering all Prospit dreamers to stay awake no matter how sleepy they are."

"Um… Alright then, since you're our self-proclaimed leader…"

"Gilbert, don't you ever get fucking tired? I hardly ever see you yawn. I just see you whack people with that huge stick, grin like an idiot most of the time and lick people in the most inappropriate places." Romano asked, suddenly remembering the one time when Gilbert licked his…

"Well, in a matter of fact, I am getting rather tired right now… Tired of your bullshit!" The taller troll laughed hysterically and immediately at that remark. Romano just frowned at the hysterical troll.

"How do I live up to this…?" And with that, Romano walked away from the laughing troll and to the fifth most annoying troll in all of Alternia.

Romano sighed as his morail was typing away on the computer, next to the fucking robot like they were fucking matesprits. Just thinking about that made the leader even angrier in the inside.

"Hey Romy." The other troll which was not a robot said to him, who immediately stopped typing away and faced Romano. He had these glasses which were red on the right side, but were blue on the other side. He had two pairs of slightly curved horns, two on each side of his head. "These computers aren't very fast! They look like you got them from a junk pile, cleaned them and put them here, for us to use!"

"Gee, thanks for the support bro. I had little money since my lusus died, I bought most of the fucking computers since we all need them to keep in contact with the stupid humans, and now you scold me! Thank you once again, Antonio."

"Oh sorry, Romano, did I offend you? Did I break your little heart? Well, I'll give you some love to make you feel better~" The said troll, Antonio, reached out to hug the smaller troll. Romano screeched out, yet again attracting more attention to them. Except the French and British bastards who were sitting next to each other. As Romano backed away, Antonio couldn't get a hold of him anymore since he leaned too out much, so he fell face first on the floor.

Romano crouched down to where Antonio was. He poked his head and horns lightly before starting to sigh then speak. "Listen, I don't need your support all the time, man. Sure I saw a chainsaw and then a tsunami of brown blood then I fainted, but dude, I'm not a baby. I can do all sorts of things by myself now."

Antonio lifted his head up a bit before saying "Well, I did to kiss you on the lips to try and wake you, but it didn't work."

And with that sentence, Romano stomped on the perverted trolls head. Not too lightly, yet not too hard.

"I have the pictures. I took pictures of him kissing you whire you were passed out." The robot spoke out suddenly.

"No Kiku. I don't want to see them." And with that, Romano was off. He huffed out loud and walked to other people to spread the new rule.

He will need to speak to Antonio last.

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