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After the incident with Antonio and all, a grumpy Romano left him alone and spread the new rules to the geek next to him. Wait… The geek wasn't supposed to be a fucking robot. What the hell? Anyways, back to the subject. But before Romano speaks to the geeky robot, he glares at him intensely. Why? He's trying to predict the future. It's not like the future piece of metal would explode under no circumstances or anything…

"Have you decided to trorr them yet?" The robot with the Japanese accent asked Romano in the middle of future predicting.

Romano stopped predicting the robot's future. "Troll who, Kiku?"

"Never mind…" The robot, Kiku, sighed intently. "Ret's pretend I didn't say that and ret's arso pretend it isn't inevitablre."

"What the flipping fucking shit are you talking about?" Romano asked somewhat fiercely, he had enough weirdness for the day.

"Nothing. It's not rike a decision you are about to make wirr invariabry read to every probrem we have and wirr ever face as well as the great undoing itserf. Just keep ristening to you angry impurses. It wirr be fine." Kiku ended there. But, as the Japanese robot thought about another thing to say, Romano interrupted.

"So I should ignore you then. Right?"

A pause. "Actuarry, I guess I courd kirr you right now and stop it arr from happening thus dooming us arr in an offshoot timerine. I might consider it if we arr weren't doomed anyway. And if you weren't my friend." And by that, Kiku ended his speech there.

"You know what? I liked it more when you used to not be a robot. Cause the robot thing? Bullshit, I say. But yet, we have to survive with a spooky tin can psychopath for the rest of the game if we all survive somehow." And by that, Romano ended it there, turning away from the robot as he finished his sentence. But if he looked back for a second, he would've seen Kiku make a weird face before resuming on his trolling.

The closest person he could get to next is the weird panda lover, who was a sea dweller. Romano smirked at himself for the last time. He was going to attempt the panda person's future. He glared daggers at him, before giving up and walking a bit more towards him. Honestly, nothing exciting happens. What is he gonna do, sleep all day?

"Finally, aru! So Romano, what was it like after you died? The dream I mean. I have been wondering about that since I first heard of it!" The panda person greeted Romano in a way.

"I'm not fucking talking about it. Just don't go to sleep, new rules." Romano commanded. He kept glaring daggers at the person for some reason. It took him a moment before realising something. "Wait, aren't you a Derse dreamer? Never mind what I said then, just go an knock yourself out now. Literally."

"You look nervous. Are you scared or something?" The panda person asked worryingly, grabbing a random stuffed panda near him and holding it cutely. Of course, it didn't attract Romano.

"What part of 'not talking about it' don't you get, old timer?" Romano screeched slightly.

"Oh, there's no reason to be scared! And hey! I'm not an old timer, I may be the eldest, but I'm not that old, aru!" He argued back at Romano, who was still glaring at him like there was no tomorrow.

"Ha, yeah right. Just think about sleeping and waking up as your dream self in Derse. Shit, what would that even look like?"

"Hm! I'll prove it to you. I will! I will prove it to our new friends as well!"

"Wait wait, new friends? You mean the humans or something, Yao?"

"Yeah! You'll see, everything is going to be alright. It's really exciting, don't you think, aru?"

"Meh…" Romano mocked Yao in his interpolation of the opposing male's voice.

"What an attitude… aru…" And with that, Romano was off once again to spread his new rule. This time, he was heading to the closest person again, but it was his own stupid brother, Feliciano. He always brags on about cats and the potato bastard and stuff. But he wasn't overly obsessed with cats. He just wore his fucking olive jacket to symbolise his blood colour. I don't even understand how we are related…

"Oh gog, this is so fun! Yao's friends are so fun, I want to come up to them in person and role play with them personally!" Feliciano exclaimed rather loudly.

"You're talking about the humans, right?"

"Yeah! How'd you know?"

"Long story short. Not bothered to explain."

"Aww, you're no fun! The alien kids are really neat, you should talk to them sometime!"

"Wait, what have you been doing, Feli…"

"I've just been roleplaying with them…" Feliciano muttered shamefully.

"That's it, as your leader, I forbid you from rp'ing with them. Got that?"

"But Ludwig already forbid me from that!" Feliciano sighed sadly. He got banned twice for role playing now!

"Wait, he did?" Romano questioned quickly. "Ok, I've changed my mind, be as obnoxious as you can, go crazy on roleplaying if you want to."

"Yaaaaaaay!" And with that, Feliciano tackle glomped his older brother.

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