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"So, this is the Ukyo's newest?"Ayamaro asked in the same bored voice he always spoke in as he approached Kirara who laid face down unconscious on a giant pillow bed, her head turned away from the two.

"Of course sir." Tessai answered unsure of why all of a sudden the magistrate would want to make a trip to Ukyo's cache of women, rumor had it he borrowed a few but Tessai would never believe ANY would come willingly with him nor that Ukyo would ever take them back.

"The farm girl? I thought I told my son to stop hunting her." he said his voice a bit annoyed, still it was always hard to tell what the ugly man's true emotions were when he spoke. His slack features and outlandish looks would make anyone cringe in terror. He sported the magistrates cloak, his dull blond hair was no redeemer to his appeal, his large teeth covered by even larger lips and his ears had been elongated at the lobes. He was a fleshy ruler who had let years of laid back rule and fine food destroy all appeal and ensure that no one that gazed at him would do so very long.

"Nobuseri had just happened to catch her on a hunting trip in Kanna, the young master got a fine price on her."

Kirara woke up, her head spinning but instantly closed her eyes when she felt a foot nudge her in the back curiously, the man's voice sounded very unappealing and to be honest she would rather not have seen him.

"Quite lovely, I hardly thought peasants could be much more than bland common bred. Do turn her over for me would you Tessai?"

"But sir, master Ukyo specifically said that no one is to touch her." Tessai said in shock.

"Come now, what my son doesn't know will do him no harm."

"You know you also told me that you would hunt down the peasants and samurai and yet here they are alive and well, at least they were before the Nobuseri got to them." Ukyo's voice sounded from a distance and from the startling of the magistrate he hadn't know that his son had been lounging back on the large couch on the other side of the room the whole time. What was also startling was that there were no women with him.

"They are dead are they not?" he sighed as if speaking made him tired he pulled out a fan which matched his cloak and began to fan himself. " And those that are living will soon be."

"No effort from you? Typical." Ukyo sighed and shook his head. "Now if you please I would very much like to be alone with my lovely Kirara." he said making shooing motions.

"Very well" Ayamaro turned and left closing the door behind him. Tessai followed but Ukyo knew he would be right outside the door.

"Well now my dear..since we are finally alone." Ukyo walked over and scooped up the water priestess and sat back on the couch laying her down so her head was on his lap. He smiled absently combing his fingers through her long brown hair.

Kirara smiled in her mind. Thank goodness for all those years of pretending I was asleep so I could sneak out to the river. Her features were relaxed and her breathing was steady. When had I lost consciousness? That man with the pipe came in..I remember he knocked me out before. How does he do that?! She really didn't trust Ukyo with her while she was supposedly unconscious. What would he do while she was asleep and obviously couldn't fight back? She let her eyes slowly open and groaned, sitting up made her head swim.

"So you are finally awake. You know I can't decide which aspect is more beautiful, you asleep or you being awake."

"Why are you doing this?" she asked realizing that she was no longer wearing her village clothes but now she was in a plain dress of very dull orange, her face had also been washed as well. Village clothes… as well as her home...gone. She remembered, feeling her throat tighten and hung her head.

"Doing what?" he frowned seeing her looking down at her dress. "Oh, that? Dear goodness I do admit I was a little lazy in choosing your dress but we have some business to attend to before I make you beautiful." he said, the word 'beautiful' sounded with some excitement. He opened his eyes and paused seeing her start to cry. "Oh no my jewel don't cry." he said taking her chin in his gloved hand and wiping away the tears, his voice tingled with both smugness and slight urgency. "You are safe and sound and shall not have a want in the world here."

" Why did those bandits kill everyone? And what business do you speak of?" her voice taking on frustration " I want to go home!" the anger slipped quickly away and she wept.

"What home is left? Those horrid horrid bandits ruined everything didn't they?" he shook his head as if he actually agreed that the bandits were wrong. "Oh it's no concern of yours, this business." he said in the same cooing voice he spoke in every so often, the one that a parent would use for a child. "I figured you might ruin your gown if I dressed you up now."

Kirara stood up in frustration, hating how he talked to her like that. She was unprepared for her spinning head and clouded thoughts and lost balance, staggering slightly only to be caught by Ukyo's arms…and Ukyo's wandering hands.

"Well now," he said in excitement. "You want to take care of it right away? I was going to wait until later but I must say that your eagerness has perked me up. This way." he said taking her by the arm despite her struggling.

Kirara shivered as she found herself being led underground through tunnels and eventually to a large room of grey stone which sported several machine Nobuseri.

"Tessai," Ukyo said wrapping his arm around Kirara's waist and pulling her forward. "Are they all here?"

"Yes sir, these are the three men that brought her." Tessai bowed.

"My, my," Ukyo said looking them up and down with a grimace on his face. "You peasants look like hell." he held up a hand when they started to protest, a gesture that only worked because Tessai's assassins pointed their weapons at them. "Now we have more pressing matters to see to.." he stepped forward leaving Kirara behind and grabbed the nearest Nobuseri man and dragged him forward towards her. Kirara cringed and shied away until her back was against the wall. The only reason the man hadn't pulled free (which he easily could have) was that Tessai's sword was to his back. Ukyo smiled warmly and gently removed Kirara's cloak she had borrowed to block out the cold to reveal a nasty bruise on each arm from the Nobuseri when they had held her on the transport. "This," Ukyo gestured to a bruise. "What is this?" he asked with curiosity drenched in a manner which made Kirara wonder just what he would do to them.

"It's um..an arm." the dirty obese man replied.

"And what is on that arm right there?" Ukyo very gently caressed the bruised skin.

"A bruise."

"A bruise." Ukyo repeated. "And what causes bruises?"

"Blood vessels burst and the blood rises to the surface beneath the skin." one of the ones who was behind said. Kirara recognized the build as being one of the men that was actually holding her down.

"You were aware I was looking for her were you not?" Ukyo asked still grasping the man by his collar.

"We heard some lord was looking for her. We assumed it was you, you said something about a reward." the one with Tessai's blade to the back smiled hopefully.

"The poster please." Ukyo ordered and one of the guards brought a poster forward, Kirara blanched when she saw her face drawn in realistic detail on it. "The Lord Ukyo son of Magistrate Ayamaro seeks after this woman." Ukyo read the fine symbols out loud. "A reward will be offered if this woman is brought before him. No physical harm is to be inflicted on this woman. NO EXCEPTION." his grasp tightened on the man. "Can you read?...I did say she was not to be harmed did I not?" he reached over and pulled off one of his long red gloves. "Hold that dear." he had only just handed her the glove before he struck the man with the back of his bare hand hard enough to knock him back. "WHAT DO YOU CALL BRINGING THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CREATURE IN ALL OF KOGAKIO TO ME WITH BRUISES?!" He struck the man one more time before letting out a sigh of relief and taking back his glove.

He's insane… Kirara thought in horror. On one hand I think I am safe judging by him exploding because I have two bruises. But on the other, is this what will happen if my usefulness wears out? I hope he doesn't have these tempers often.

"This way Kirara dear." he led her away replacing his glove, smiling as if there wasn't a care in the world. "Oh, Tessai do see that these men get their reward... Oh and see if they brought our money with them." he called out looking back. Kirara had only just peaked back when she felt his hand glide through her long hair and direct her head to look forward. "Staring is rude." he smiled happily.

Kirara clenched her eyes shut when she heard the sickening sounds of blades and arrows meeting flesh, screams cut off, and the dying gurgling up blood before their lives slipped out of their grasp. Ukyo's hand on the back of her head insured that she saw nothing. She saw nothing but she heard it.

"Now that they are no longer going to bother you, how about a nice soothing bath?" he asked the hand that had been on the back of her head leaned it so her head now rested on his shoulder.

Where are you seven samurai? Please hurry.

The village shook with the sounds of war while the women hid, awaiting victory or defeat. Komachi shivered as she buried her face in the folds of her grandmother's robes. "I'm scared, where is sister?"

"Why she is just fine, she's over there with Okara and Shino." Setsu answered comfortingly.

"No she isn't." Komachi whined. The old woman gasped and ran up to where Okara was tapping the baby that was swaddled on her small back comfortingly.

"Where did she go?" the old woman asked with panic in her voice.

"Oh Kirara? She left almost fifteen minuets ago." The little girl answered snickering.

"WHAT?! There is a battle going on!"

"Hey don't get mad at me. She was there one minuet and then when I blinked I saw her heading to the elder's house. Go ask him, he just got sent here by the samurai." she gestured to the hunched man that was sitting at the other corner.

"Elder, have you seen-?" before the old water priestess could so much as finish the question a loud quake shook the foundation of the mountain in which the women and children were hiding along with the village's stores of food. "Everyone get to the center." the old woman ordered and all the girls screamed as another quake almost knocked them off their feet. All was silent save for the gasping nervous breaths of women who were clinging to their children and each other. Shino had brought the elder to the center where women looked around nervously. The only sound was the soft dripping of water from the cave's ceiling. Just when everyone gave up on the sounds the foundation roared and screams of men and a searing hot heat swept through the cave causing rocks to crumble and block the back exit. After several minuets of this, all was silent.

"SISTER!" Komachi cried pushing her way through everyone and undoing the locked latch of the door before running out.

"Komachi no!" Shino cried running after her to find the little girl several paces ahead. The girl's back was to her and her legs shook. Shino blinked and joined Komachi in viewing the horrible sight, like the little girl, who was frozen in dread. The entire village had been leveled. Trees burnt or some still on fire, the rice fields were blown apart, large craters appeared or the field itself had been blown off the side of the cliff all together. Flattened foundations and the occasional shell was all that remained of the houses and for all the glamour burning the bridge had done, there was now no way to get help. The air stank of rancid burning flesh and charred straw and wood, and what didn't stink was stifled by ash stirred in the air by embers. Broken arrows littered the area and mangled Nobuseri machines littered the grounds that had been torn apart with deep gashes. Before Shino had a chance to fall on her knees and weep for the village and all that lived there she heard a muffled moan. "QUICK SEARCH FOR SURVIVORS!" she cried not even noticing all the people that flooded out of the mountain side were too horrified to move.

Sino followed her ears frantically and ran to the spot, sliding on her knees and tore up debris until a twitching hand weakly reached up to receive hers. "HELP! SOMEONE HELP!" she cried and several women ran over and helped lift up the large boards of wood while she held on soothingly to the bloody shaking hand. "It's okay you're almost out." she said soothingly as a man's groan sounded in reply.

"Dear goodness it's Rikichi!" a woman shouted. "We need to get him to a healer!"

The women worked in shifts, to heal the survivors that out of all the village men there counted only eight, most had severe injuries, and one died before he could be healed.

"Rikichi." the old water priestess asked and the man groaned and opened his eyes a few hours later. "What happened to the samurai…and where is Kirara?"

"The samurai…pretended to surrender to….draw away the Nobu…seri.." he gasped taking in a shaky breath.

"Are you sure he is up to this?" Shino asked anxiously stopping when Rikichi nodded.

"Kirara didn't know..she…my..wife…"

"She offered herself to them didn't she?" the old woman asked remembering that his wife had done the same thing.

"Yes..they took her…they still destroyed us. The samurai are still alive…the samurai will save her." he groaned as the pain returned.

"Enough questions." Setsu said struggling to stand up. "You need your rest Rikichi. This war is out of our hands." the old water priestess's face grew serious. "It is up to the samurai now. To end it, and to save Kirara."

I have since watched the whole series (I actually stopped when Ukyo fell with the capital) and ran off crying (well tearing up) at how my awesome and utterly favorite male character died crying out Kirara's name, his beloved, his jewel... Well you know what?! I'm not having that! Love always wins for me, even if 3/4 of my writings deal with villains who need love. Throughout the ENITRE series I always thought Ayamaro was super creepy and decided that although this chapter is not it (but still I do touch on it) I will dedicate an entire chapter to the creepy people and tell you all just how creepy I think they are. But until then enjoy now my friends. :)