Heroes: A Brave New World

"What is she doing?" asked Lauren Gilmore, Noah's voice was cracked because of grief and anxiety "Breaking my heart", Claire carried on climbing to the top of the Ferris wheel, determined to go through with her decision, after a few minutes she reached the top, she looked down, it was a long drop, all lights and camera's where at the bottom fixed on her, 'Well, this is it' she thought 'This was truly a moment of destiny' taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes, and jumped. It didn't take a long time for her to hit the ground, when she did, she hardly felt it, as usual, and she heard screams and gasps when she stood up, pushed her shoulder back into place and walked towards the crowd of reporters like nothing happened "My name is Claire Bennet" she said confidently "And this was attempt number…I guess I've lost count".