First shot at a Doctor Who fanfic... I hope it's okay!

Lucinda Jayne dreamed. She dreamed of the stars. In her dream, she was flying through space, in her nightdress. A planet came into view, frosty, covered in a pine forest, dusted with snow. Down there, she thought; suddenly she was looking up at the trees.

She felt no cold; the planet was surprisingly warm considering it was covered in snow and frost. As Lucinda walked, the snow crunched and was imprinted with the footprint of her bare feet. Looking up, she noticed a tree, much bigger than any other but with no snow covering it at all. Puzzled, she took a handful of snow and threw it at the tree. The snow landed on the branches and sizzled, before water dripped onto the ground below.

Lucinda took a step forward, reaching out her hand to touch the strange tree, when a robotic voice announced "Halt! You are unauthorized! You are trespassing! You will come with us or be removed!" Startled, she turned to her left, where the voice had came from to see two metallic white robots.

They were each half her height, humanoid, but their heads were almost a heart shape, two web-cam-like eyes near the top on each side. Their hands were ovals, gripping alien-looking guns, the triggers appearingly made of light. "You will come with us!" they repeated, pointing their guns at Lucinda threateningly.

"I'm sorry, I'll just-"

"You will come with us!" They took one stride forward, pointing their guns up at her. She was about to try and talk them out of marchng her to wherever, when a whooshing noise started behind her. She whipped around, and everything went white. Yet the noise continued.

Vworp, vworp, vworp...

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