Lucinda was knelt on the floor, running her hands through the cold snow. It was beautiful, it glittered and shone in the hazy sunlight. Lucinda also found it heartbreakingly sad that this was the last of the snow on Glacida. The planet of snow, now snowless. The Doctor was using his sonic screwdriver, as he had explained to her. He had also explained what it did, and how it worked, but she hadn't really listened and didn't really understand either.

"Aha!" he cried suddenly. "I've got it! I know how they removed the snow!" He was about to launch into a full blown technical explanation when the Saaniens teleported back. Lucinda got up hastily, brusing the snow off her jeans and out of her long, brown hair. They were marched to the centre of the clearing, were the two Saaniens stood on either side of them. One of them opened a slot in its arm, revealing a blue button. It placed it's hand on the button, and suddenly everything went fuzzy for a second and they were in a warm, dark room.

A bright light suddenly flooded the room, and Lucinda flinched. The light hurt her eyes. Blinking her eyes open, she saw the room; it was stark white like a hospital, and no windows or visible doors. There was a single red button and a single blue button on the wall. Lucinda guessed they were door buttons. She was not entirely wrong.

"Well," the Doctor started. "I reckon this is your ship. I reckon this is the bridge. And yes," he looked at Lucinda and grinned. "This is a spaceship in space. We're actually nowhere near Earth right now... about 50 trillion lightyears away and 70 years in the future." Lucinda gawped. What was he talking about? He clarified, seeing her confusion. "TARDIS, time travel machine and spaceship, me, alien. Okay. Now that's out the way, where was I?" He grinned again, and Lucinda's mouth opened and closed in shock and confusion.

"Right. As I was saying, this is your ship. So where's the driver? I reckon those are buttons I shouldn't press, right?" The Saaniens reacted too late, they had told the Doctor to stop and halt as he was pressing the buttons. Lucinda stepped back towards him as one of the walls opened up, sliding back in all directions to reveal a large room hidden away. Within the room were many screens and and large white chair. Sat in the chair was a large Saanien; he was about as tall as a human, twice as tall as any of the others. A golden star was painted across his eye. It looked like stars that Lucinda drew, not filled in and all the lines connecting the five points intact.

"King Saan!" shouted the Doctor with glee. He obviously knew, or knew of the strange robot in the seat. "Hello! Long time no see, huh? So, what's going on back on Desaan?" The King stood up and walked over to the Doctor.

"You are an intruder, Doctor. You will be trialed and sentenced to punishment, as well as your friend. You will not stop our plans."

"Well, that's no fun, is it? Plans? What plans? This isn't how you do things. And you know it." They stared at each other for a moment before the King's reply.

"We require water." The other Saaniens in the room, about twenty of them started chanting this over and over until the Doctor asked venomously,

"Why?" A long silence passed before King Saan spoke.

"Our planet is burning. The Naasiens are sending fire and burning us. We are at war. They will not give us water any longer, so we will not give them land! We require water for our planet, and this planet had water abundant! Saaniens will win!" The others chanted this last line over and over again.

"So you will suck all the snow off this beautiful planet and leave it to die while you use all the water to quench your planet. That's your great victory?" The Doctor did not raise his voice much, but he was frighteningly angry.

"We will have water. Others are irrelevant. You are intruders. You are interfering with our plans. You will not be trialed. You will be sent to the imprisonment area and executed. We will win!"

Lucinda and the Doctor were marched down to the prison area. It was white, still, and the it was a room rigged with cameras and microphones everywhere. "Doctor," said Lucinda. The Saaniens had gone and they were alone. "Doctor, what are we going to do?" His face was stony.

"I really don't know."

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