Starts two weeks after book nine, before the epilogue.

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Sabrina's POV

It was two weeks after Peter Pan pulled up in his boat with the lost boys, they figured out what happened and weren't very happy with Puck. They also found out the history of Ferryport Landing (and why Puck played that trick on them). They were willing to help with the rebuild of the town and are currently staying at Snow White and Charming's place (snow and Charming moved into Charming's mansion together, and Snow convinced Charming to let the lost boys and Peter stay).

Granny Reida offered for them stay at our house, and stay in Puck's room but Puck persuaded her otherwise (by throwing a tantrum) and besides Peter said he did not want to stay in the same household as a "jealous idiot". Puck almost killed him after that.

Uncle Jake ended up traveling the world without Puck because he said that he "Couldn't have Pan replace him as Ferryport Landing's trickster." My Mom also persuaded my Dad to stay in Ferryport Landing a little longer with two conditions, I have more fun like I used to (before they got kidnapped) and that Daphne and I need to be homeschooled starting tomorrow.

I was thinking about all this as I got out of bed to change, I put on orange and light blue Nike sport shorts and a navy blue jersey that said MPE (Manhattan's Public Elementary school) softball (I played when I went there). I forgot about the jersey in my suitcase I brought when Granny first adopted me, and just remembered it because it's the hottest day of the year so far. Thank goodness my Dad and Uncle Jake installed the air conditioner in the dinning room before he left. I have to say it felt weird wearing this, this is the most skin I've shown here, we have never gone swimming, always busy with school, monsters, everafters, and mysteries.

I go down stairs and everyone (except Daphne, she was still sleeping in our bed) stares at me like I have a third eye. "What?" I question.

My mom's gives me a soft smile and says "I didn't know you still had that, you should wear it more often."

"Thanks,"I reply

"You played softball?" Puck asks as Daphne comes down the stairs rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

"Oh ya, she was the best, she was the captain." Daphne says. I look down awkwardly.

"I bet she still is." Comments my Dad. I didn't realize I was blushing till now and now I was blushing even more.

"I doubt it I haven't thrown or hit a ball in four years." I counter.

"No, you're forgetting the bouncy ball in the orphanage basement and the grappling Hoo-"I give Daphne a look so harsh she stops talking I never give Daphne looks like that so everyone looked shocked and Daphne just looked at the ground.

I pulled her into the other room "I'm sorry Daph, it's just, you know that brings back bad memories." You see in the orphanage if you misbehaved or got sent back from a foster home you had to spend a few nights in the dark, dingy, dreary, and moldy orphanage basement. There was a bouncy ball in the basement (that Ms. Smirt didn't know about) that I threw and caught against the wall when Daphne and I were sent there. One time she sent Daph and I down there for a week with no food by the time we got out we were dying of hunger and had to crawl to move (we had water).

The grappling hook was used at a foster home when we were locked in a room in an apartment building on the third floor the room we were in had a deck and the deck didn't reach the fire escape and we had no water or food in the room and we'd been there two days so we had to escape. The apartment above us had a deck too.

There was a grappling hook in the room so I took it and threw it up to the deck above us, it caught I climbed down the rope. It was windy day so the rope swung out and I almost let go of the and fell to my death but before I did I rapped my foot into the rope so I didn't fall and I climbed down, went down the fire escape, and unlocked the door for Daphne. We escaped fine but ever since then I was afraid of heights, ever since I almost died with no one there to catch me if I fell.

But I didn't need to explain this to Daphne she already knew, she was there. Daphne nodded and said "I'm sorry, I know it does I shouldn't have mentioned it."

"It's okay now come on you need to have your daily fifty pancakes." I respond with a smile, shaking me previous thoughts out of my head. We walk to the dining with smiles on our faces.

Veronica's POV

Orphanage basement? Grappling hook? What happened when they were at the orphanage? I mean, Henry and I met their caseworker when she tried to take them back to the orphanage, and she was horrible, mean, nasty, you would think she had no heart! I need to find out what happened in that time period after we got kidnapped but before Reida adopted them. Especially taking in to account how much Sabrina changed since then.

I voiced my thoughts to Henry "Henry, orphanage basement? Grappling hook? We really need to know what happened while they were at the orphanage."

"Yes, yes we do, do you guys know anything about it?" Henry asked referring to Reida, Mr. Canis, Red, Pinocchio, and Puck.

"No, but Daphne told a few things to Jacob. I don't know what she told him but he told me that Daphne only told him because he needed to know for some reason and that Sabrina would kill her if she told him anything else." Reida replied. This really surprised me and I'm pretty sure everyone else to because Sabrina was always so caring towards Daphne, except that look she gave Daph a minute ago, that was a surprise too. I guess the orphanage is a sensitive subject.

"I'll talk to her and if she doesn't say what happened I think I need to read her old diary" I say

"Wait, what! Sabrina has a diary and I didn't know about it!" Puck exclaims, I have to say I was surprised to see everyone had a shocked expression on except Henry, even Canis.

"Well no not any more but she had one of coarse, I mean she is a girl, and I'm sure she wrote about the orphanage in it." I responded.

"Well yes she is a girl but a tuff boyish one." Pinocchio said, Puck and Red nodded

"Yes, now she is, but before we got kidnapped she had a personality just like Daphne's" Henry said, and for the forth time this morning everyone looked shocked, but now more than ever.

"Really, I mean I always thought she might've been different before you two got kidnapped but I always thought she got her temper from you Henry." Reida said.

"Nope she got here temper from all the trauma she went through" I say looking down. Just the 'Brina and Daphne walk into the room.