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Megumi left her clinic at almost 7 in the evening. It had been a very busy day for her. She would usually had a maximum of 15 patients per day but today it reached to about 25. From an old dog that needed a hip replacement, a cat that had been vomiting all day, a parrot that had chipped his beak to an overweight guinea pig. She was too busy that she even forgot that today is her birthday, 30th birthday to be exact. The big 30. If it weren't for Kaoru she would have forgotten it already. She called around four in the afternoon telling her that she reserved some seats in their favorite restaurant and told her to meet her at eight in the evening.

Megumi smiled at that simple gesture. Kaoru is her bestfriend, she's actually more of a sister to her. Megumi has been an only child. Raised by her grandfather Dr. Oguni Genzai alone after her parents died in a fatal car crash when she was ten years old. She came from a family of doctors, her father is a well-known cardio-thoracic surgeon and her mother a well-loved pediatrician in Aizu. Dr. Genzai has been expecting her to follow in their family's footsteps and become a doctor and inherit the Genzai Hospital. To his dismay, Megumi opted to become a veterinarian. She insisted that it's still the same only she's taking care of animals and not humans.

To prove that she's serious in her chosen profession, armed with a degree in veterinary medicine Megumi went to Tokyo and started her practice. There she met Kaoru, a teacher in a martial arts school beside the first clinic she worked in. From then on they hit it off and become almost inseparable until Kaoru got married three years ago. Although, they do not spent a lot of time together they always make it a point to bond. Lucky for them Kaoru's husband is very supportive and would even volunteer to look after their two year old son Kenji, so that they could be together. And today is one of those days.

Megumi had just closed her shop and bid goodbyes her assistant Kamatari and Yahiko, a ten-year old boy who works part time in her clinic. She did not notice that a man has been keeping an eye on her. She was about a few blocks away when the man snatched the bag from her. Megumi knowing that she has a lot of important documents inside it started screaming and chasing the guy.

"Give me back my bag, you bastard! Somebody help!"

He just finished his work and was about to get into his car when he saw a screaming woman chasing after what looks like a thief. Without second guessing he ran after the thief. The guy was thin and a few inches smaller than him, he could easily tackle him, he just need to grab a hold of that lady's bag. The thief sensing what he would do ended up throwing the bag, he does not want to risk getting beat up and be arrested by the police.

Sanosuke picked up the bag instead of chasing after the thief. He seemed too fast and the bag seemed to be keeping him slower. He inspected the bag. A large black Chanel leather bag. Inside it has a ten inch netbook, a big purse, some checkbooks, two phones, a couple of documents. He chuckled.

"No wonder that thief had a hard time, that woman seemed to be carrying her house."

Then he saw her running towards him. Looking at her wearing a black trench coat over a purple dress and black stockings paired with black leather wedge shoes. Her long black hair down and with sweat trickling down that gorgeous face. Sanosuke thought that this could be his lucky day. It's not everyday that you become a hero to a gorgeous damsel in distress. He was about to put on his killer smile to meet her but was instead greeted by a pointing finger.

"You thief, why did you steal my bag? You are with that guy! Give me back my bag!"