Author: Hey, it's me again ^^ again, another negitoro story, I'm in the mood for it after listening to miku/luka duets. I'm not sure how this story will turn out, and it's not a one shot. Ages will again be tweaked.

Disclaimer: All characters/Vocaloids are not mine. Neither is Crypton. All events are fictional, and of course, plots from fairytales which I again do not own are borrowed.

Summary: a twisted version of… Cinderella! Thus it's titled as such. And its not held in the past… much.

Twisted Fairytales: Mikurella

Chapter 1

There once lived a young girl called Miku. She had a loving, caring father, and a lovely mother, and they all lived in the city of Crypton. However, the mother passed away when Miku was 6, and Miku was forced to live 3 more years of her life without a maternal figure.

When she was nine, Miku's father, Kaito Shion, fell in love with a brunette who owned the local bar, and they decided to get married. Kaito was after all, looking for Miku's new mother, as well as a new companion for himself. Said brunette was called Meiko Sakine, and had three children from her previous marriage – Rin, Len and Lily. They were all blonde with blue eyes, and were rather mischievous except for Len.

Meiko got along well with Kaito and Miku, and so did her children. However, all of this changed when Miku, Rin, Len and Lily went to the same school.

Miku, the twins Len and Rin were all 14, and Lily, the oldest among all of them, was 16. They were all quite popular in their school – Lily for her sassiness, Len and Rin for their antics and chemistry, and Miku for just being herself- kind and helpful. Of course, it wasn't long until someone began to hit on them…

"Hey Miku~ Is it warm here, are are you just hot?" Miku rolled her eyes and turned to face the asker.

"Mikuo." Miku frowned, slightly disturbed at how similar their names were. "What do you want?"

"Whoa, whoa, Princess." Miku glared at Mikuo, who just ignored the piercing look and went on, "I was wondering if you were free tonight, for dinner, maybe? Imagine this, a table, with fine Italian cuisine, candles placed in the middle, roses surrounding us. I can cook some darn good spaghetti." Mikuo winked at the tealette.

"No, I'm… busy." Miku glanced at the twins, who were observing the spectacle with mild interest. Among all her pursuers, Mikuo was the most persistent, and probably won't stop until he got a "yes". Then again, who knows if he would stop after that…

"Busy? With what? Can I come along?" Miku blinked. 'Wow, he's getting desperate.' She twitched and the twins decided to intervene before Miku punched the poor boy.

"Ah, Mikuo, I'm afraid it's a family day today, so Mama and Papa have decided to have a family dinner." Len said. "I think Kaito's gonna cook Steak. Mmmmm, steak." Rin grinned and placed a hand on Miku's shoulder to try to calm her down.

"Is that so? Well then, so today is out. But there's always tomorrow, and so many days stretched ahead. I won't give up!" and with that, the blue haired boy walked off, back to his class.

"Geez, he doesn't know when to stop, does he?" Miku growled. "Ah, Princess, no need to get so riled up over a small fry." Len smiled. Only a few people were allowed to use the term 'Princess' on Miku. "I know, it's just annoying that he comes in every year, every day without fail!" "Yeah, remember the time he came in even though he had a fever? Man that was-"

"Okay, class, back to your seats! I'm your form teacher again this year, and I hope you spent your holidays productively. You're in your second year of school already, I hope you have matured."

Miku scrambled back to her seat behind Len. Rin was seated on the left of Len, and the were seated at the last two rows.

"We have a new student, please treat her nicely. Hey! Come in!" the class turned their heads towards the door, watching intently as a girl with green hair stepped into the class.

"Ah, hi, I'm – I'm Kamui Gumi, it's a pleasure to meet you all!" she bowed low, and straightened herself, looking slightly nervous.

"Alright, you can sit beside Hatsune Miku." Hatsune raised her hand and smiled at the new girl. Her short green hair was striking, brighter than her own hair, and she had this pair of goggles on her head. Weird but cool on her.

"You're so going to bring her in to our circle, huh?" Rin grinned at Miku. "Hmmm, we'll see. She seems interesting enough." Miku turned back to smile at Gumi again. The tense girl smiled nervously and almost fell trying to sit down.

"Cute." Miku hid her chuckle, and watched as Gumi blushed fiercely.

"Ne, Gumi, would you want to join us for lunch? Len, Rin, and our sister Lily?"

"If-if it's no problem." Gumi stuttered, and followed the three siblings out.

The cafeteria was fairly big, but it appeared that Lily had enough power to book a table specially for them. "It's our table." She had declared proudly after they had all been seated.

"Hey Lily, who's that next to you?" Miku peered curiously at the purple haired youth. His hair was ridiculously long for a guy, but it suited him, kinda.

"Ah, he's Gakupo, he's new here." "I'm Kamui Gakupo, it is an honour to meet you. I see you have met my sister Gumi?" Miku froze, while Len choked on his banana milk. "Ah, yeah, you both have Kamui as the family name. That's cool." Rin smirked. Gumi nodded and fidgeted.

"Ah, and we have another newcomer, but she's busy eating with her twin brother. They're so similar it's hard to believe that they're fraternal twins." "Indeed, Megurine Luka looks exactly like Megurine Luki." "We have new twins? That's unfair! They'll steal our popularity! Unfair, I say!" Rin protested. Len sighed. "Why is it that you're smarter than me, and older, yet you are more childish than me?" "Well, cos I'm awesome, duh." Rin said it as though it was the most natural thing.

"Ah, but that's kind of true, already, in our class, some people have started calling her 'Ice Queen' because of how she rejected that kid, Piko." "Eh? Isn't Piko going out with Miki?" "Bah, who cares, she turned him down without batting an eyelid. It was just a monotone voice and a pokerface. She has you beat at rejections, Miku." Miku scowled at that remark. "So, how does she look?" Len asked curiously.

"… are you interested in her, Lenny?" Rin teased. "We'll see about that." Len coughed. "Hmmm, she has pink hair, blue eyes, is tall, is scary, and gorgeous." Gakupo smiled. "Brother, did you just say that she's gorgeous?" Gumi spoke, seemingly for the first time. Her voice was slightly raspy but nice to listen to.

"Oh did I?" Gakupo laughed nervously and hurriedly tried to eat his food, but Lily snatched the sandwich out of his hands. "Yes you did, interested in her already?" "Hmph, of course not, are you jealous?" Gakupo smirked. But Lily only said, "I think her brother's cute though."

"Her brother?" Rin and Miku asked at the same time. "Oh yes, there was a brother, it wasn't our fault we forgot, it was Len's fault for being obsessed over her." Miku poked Len, who choked on his second bottle of banana milk. "O-OI!"

"Hmm, her brother looks the same, just that he is taller and has shorter hair. He's way more friendly than that Ice Queen." "And cheerful too." Lily added.

"You could go after him, Miku. That way Mikuo would stop bothering you." Len suggested. "Hah! No way, that idiot is still chasing you?" Lily laughed and Miku growled slightly. "He's so annoying, argh!"

"Hey, Miku, let's go!" Rin and Len yelled at Miku, who was still busy packing her bag. She had fallen asleep during the last lesson and had not realized that school had ended. "Hold on a minute!" as she tried to stuff everything in to her bag, a file fell, scattering pieces of paper everywhere

"Damn! Nevermind, you guys go ahead first, I'll catch up!" the twins shrugged and went off first, while Miku scowled as she bent down to retrieve the papers. She could sort them later at home.

It took a while for every piece of paper to be returned to the file, and Miku had spent a whole of 15 minutes to pick everything up, since her bag decided to fall off the chair and throw up its contents.

"Len and Rin and Lily must be home now…" she grumbled and tripped on a step, and she cursed silently as her body propelled itself forward to kiss the floor. "Oof." She crashed into something soft.

'Something soft…?!' Miku leapt back and almost tripped again. In front of her was a tall girl with sparkling blue eyes and long pink hair. 'That's strangely familiar…' Miku found herself unable to move as she gazed into the girl's eyes. ' Such an amazing shade of blue… wow, her eyes are really pretty. No, pretty is an understatement. Beautiful? Gorgeous? And oh god, her hair, that colour, and it looks so soft, can I touch it? And oh my goodness, I bumped into her chest! Oh wait, they're so soft… wow, they're big, are they real? I mean -'

"Erm, are you alright?" The girl gave her a strange look, and that's when Miku realized where exactly her eyes had been. "AH. Yes! I'm alright! Perfectly fine!"

"Your face is quite flushed, do you have a fever or something?" the girl looked concerned. "Flushed?" Miku felt her cheeks. 'Am I blushing?' "Ah I-I'll be fine, th-thank you! And sorry for bumping into you!" she bowed and ran off, not before she caught the few words the girl said.

"That girl's… something, huh?"

author: heheh, so what do you think? of course it isn't going to be totally cinderella-ish. I'm not sure how this will go, i really pray i'll be able to finish this story ^^ Review? OωO