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The lights were distracting. The constant loop of red that flashed a quick white before going to blue...or was it blue that flashed a quick white before going to red? Either way, it made any person unfocused. "I already told you. I had no idea." a girl's voice reached out, barely heard over the large crowd of students that were corralled out behind the local high school, "I come in two hours before practice and lock myself in a room until five minutes before rehearsal starts." the voice continued, "If they are smoking and drinking and they're doing it out in their car, then how can I see them do it?"

"Don't you smell it when you're near them?" an officer asked. They were pressing her. She was the leader of the drum line, she was the leader of the group that seemed to be at the center of this bust, she should know something!

"Like I said! I'm in the practice rooms. During practice we do not talk and..." the girl stopped talking for a second as she looked at the lights on top of one of the cruisers. The girl paused for a minute until she heard the faint snapping noise of one of the officer's fingers, "Like I said, we do not talk during practice, it is forbidden. As for smelling...if I am practicing or at rehearsal, I could be next to a burning pile of treated wood and I would not be able to smell it." Okay, it was a bit of an exaggeration, but it was partly true…kind of. "I focus on performing and the director's instructions. It is not like I am near them anyways. Drummers, they have their own area. Since I do not play drums, I am not allowed within that area, even if I am captain." the girl responded coldly before she turned and saw another uniform. "I will take any kind of test if you do not believe Me." she said calmly before her eyes landed on the flashing lights...again. Why were they so distracting? Was that the purpose of leaving them on?

Within minutes, the girl was walking along a line that marked the two sides of the driveway. However, her eyes caught the lights for the fourth time that night and she tripped. Standing up, the girl attempted to start over when she was interrupted.

"Do the one leg stand." the command was harsh as if the officer was already saying she was guilty. She did not show signs of slurring and she claimed to not know anything, even though she probably did and she was safe on the breathalyzer. But when the girl nodded and closed her eyes, the man's eyes widened slightly in anger. Instead of them getting a chance to mock her, she was mocking them! Calmly, the girl's one foot raised off of the ground and her arms calmly moved out to the side, "One-thousand... two-thousand... three-thousand... four-thousand... five-thousand..." the girl counted slowly, no slips in the pace she set and her body stayed still, a feat for a perfectly sober being! With an almost animalistic growl, the officer pulled out his pen-light and stood in front of her before he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Alex, no matter how hard you try, she will pass. She is the daughter of Michael." a female said calmly, "After what happened...she will never even touch a bottle of alcohol." she added as she walked over and looked at the girl with closed eyes, "Raise your right heel off of the ground." she ordered and almost instantly, the drummer rose up so she was only balancing on the ball of her right foot. "Alright Harmony, get back inside. Just...watch after your boys better, well the ones that come back in." she ordered.

"Yes...Chief Allyson." the girl murmured as she lowered her foot, but almost lost balance. Shaking her head, the girl turned and started to limp away leaving a fuming officer behind.

To say Alex was fuming was an understatement, he was downright pissed! He had been mocked by a teenage girl...AND his supervisor allowed it. "But Michael...wasn't that the officer who had refused promotions to stay out in the field and that had been killed by a drunk driver while in pursuit of a robber? He was always working, he had a daughter?"

"His wife died while giving birth...Harmony was his only family and with her having a busy schedule, it allowed him to stay longer than needed. She could take care of herself without him worrying." the chief explained. "It's ironic…the girl's name. Her mother was a musician and with him being a police officer, it is hard to figure out which meaning her name has." She mused as she turned and started to take care of the kids who were the root of the problem. Parents needed to be called, students would have to be booked and where in the hell was the music director? Or at least a responsible parent?

A while later, most of the boys on the line entered the room, rubbing their eyes. So, the lights had gotten to them too. "We will continue our rehearsal before the rest get in. Who knows when Grass will arrive to start the full band rehearsal." Harmony announced as she looked at the instruments that had been set up on their stands. "Alright. Let's start with...Funky Prince." she called out, earning groans from the underclassmen and cheers from the upperclassmen. Funky Prince was exactly what it sounded like; a funky, off beat almost swing type of cadence that had the royal air to it. Sometimes, some of the leading trumpets would join in just for the heck of it. One of them even had their parts written out!

Sadly, right as they were about to start rehearsal, a police officer came in. "Harmony…come with me." The officer ordered. She recognized him as her father's partner. She never had completely forgiven the man. He had called in sick on the night of her father's accident. But apparently she had not moved from her spot since she heard the command again, "Harmony, come with me."

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