Buzz taptaptap buzzzzzz

"Harmony, you're not rolling right. You keep doing the open roll…right here, it is a buzz roll and here it is not even a roll." Alex lectured as he pointed to the spots on the sheet of music in front of the girl. "You're not on your mallets anymore…you do not roll everything that is larger than a half note and there are different kinds of rolls to use…I told you three times already!" he added.

Frowning, the girl sighed as she sat down in the chair and yawned, "I know! But it's a habit…and its anything larger than a quarter note! It's your guys' fault anyways…if you would have let me play something other than mallets for the last six years, then I would not be having this issue!"

"I haven't been in band with you until this last year! Don't blame me!"
"I wasn't blaming you! I was blaming the rest!"
"You said 'your guys' fault' thus, including me."
"You ARE A GUY!"

The two were interrupted, thankfully, when the door to the sound proof room they were in opened and the Blanc's family butler walked in. "Forgive my interruption Young Master…however, it is getting late. I am going to head home for the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Blanc will be back home tomorrow evening." He said calmly as he looked at the two red faced teens. "Ms. Adams…have a nice evening."

~Next Day~

Harmony stood in the band room with the drum majors and their assistants. Next to her was Alex, who was literally holding the girl up and keeping her from falling asleep. The girl had refused to stop playing the entire night and she did not stop until 3 AM. But even now, she only had three of the cadences partially down. The main issue was either the longer notes or the rolls. She just could not grasp how to do a buzz roll. The lesser issue was that Andy had added cadences with a prominent bell part in them for the indoor drum line competitions, without a bell player, the cadences were boring. This meant that the entire line would have to learn a completely new set.

"…missing five first trumpets, three second trumpets, eight euphoniums and four tubas." The one drum major announced before he looked at Harmony and then to Alex, "Alex…how many drummers are you missing?"

The assistant drum line captain looked down at Harmony who had her eyes closed before turning and looking at the drum major and then the Band Director, "3 out of the 5 snares, the Bass Drum 1 player and 1 tenor. Harmony is moving to tenor, I am moving to snare and one of our cymbal players will move to take the bass drum part."

"But Harmony cannot play drums!" one of the Drum Major assistants shouted before they quickly covered their mouth, covering the outburst. But seeing everyone look at her, she lowered her hand. "I mean, all I hear from Mark is how bad she is and how she can barely play mallets." She added, not noticing a certain girl who was awoken by their first outburst.

With a groan, Harmony's eyes opened and she stood up straight, "Yeah…and look at where your precious boyfriend is now Carrie. He is now grounded, in trouble with the law and banned from practice probably for the remainder of this season and the next…heck, maybe until he goes off to college." The captain said calmly, "And I am not too shabby on mallets…better than any boy in the section." She added with a small smirk when the girl did not respond.

"Alright, alright! Stop your cat-fighting!" the band director muttered before he looked at the notepad, "Russel and Tonia are coming back from vacation tomorrow, they will be a lot of help to the trumpets. I'll contact the tuba and euphonium players that are not currently in the marching band and see if we can work around their conflicts…I think a few of them really wanted to be in the Marching band. As for woodwinds…we will have to move around and give out new parts to better fit the instrumentation. All of you are dismissed!" the director finished before turning to his pad of paper.

Letting the drum majors and their assistants out first, Harmony and Alex slowly left the office, "Did you have a nice nap?" Alex asked curiously as they left the band room, "Y you slept for most of the meeting."

"Staying awake until 3 AM will do that to you. I do not know how you are still awake and functioning…" the captain muttered before she stopped at a locker that had a newer door on it. Looking at it, her mind was flooded with thoughts from her Sophomore year of High School on the first night that she came back from skipping on the rehearsals and games.


The sound of wood clashing with metal, wood and a body was gut wrenching! It was even worse after reading a text message from a person telling you that your father had been involved in an accident and was now residing in the ICU at the local hospital.

"I don't give a ####! It's not like you all ever tried including her into your plans!" the voice of the captain shouted, "If anything, she has more balls then all of you combined. She has always lived in a father only house, her mother died while giving birth. Do you know how hard it is to constantly think that you are the reason you took your father's partner in life away? And even now, her father had been shot a half a year ago…instead of letting it get to her, she still showed up with a smile on her face! She is constantly smiling and being happy despite how shitty her ###### life is. Why in god's name do you think I would not choose someone else?" the shouting died down in the locker room and the faint noise of panting could be heard as the captain cooled down. "She is going to be captain for the next two years. Live with it or get off of my ###### line."

Perhaps for the girl, that was the best thing she could have heard before she read the text message again, finally letting its message take hold.

~~End Flashback~~

"…mony" The girl's eyes blinked several times before she looked at Alex and then back to the locker door, "You okay?" the boy asked.

With a small nod the girl tilted her head, "He had high hopes for me…but right now…I feel like I am letting him down." She murmured as she brushed her fingers across the fake wooden door. "Alex…what would Paul do?" she asked quietly.

Alex knew instantly what the girl was talking about. That was the scariest day in most of the boys' lives when Paul let loose on one of the bass drummers who had been insulting Harmony. "Well…firstly, he'd slap you for showing that kind of face. You were the one who constantly came in with a smiling face, no matter what happened. Then…he'd throw a flip shit on the drummers who are now banned…and he'd keep them banned."

"Then I'd just pull myself together and work with what I got." A voice finished as a person walked into the locker room, "Don't tell me that I interrupted something." The person added with a goofy smile.

"Paul!" Harmony exclaimed as she ran to the man, wrapping her arms around him, "Why are you here?"

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PS: Paul was the captain before Harmony…