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Creation Reborn – Book 1: Reincarnation

Harry Potter/Multi

By Shinji the Good Sharer


Disclaimer: I don't own most of the things in this series. All I own is this story itself. All flames will be ignored. Constructive criticism depends entirely on the criticism being "constructive."


Seeds of Creation

Harry Potter was not an overly happy boy. He was smaller than normal due to how little his relatives fed him. Being an orphan and used as an unwanted slave by his muggle, a term for non-magical, relatives mean he had nothing. It was largely due to them taking every chance they had to take something away from him or blame him for their own misfortune and wrongdoing. They weren't nice people for anyone to live with.

It had been only a month prior that Harry was told magic existed. He learned that his mother wasn't a whore and his father wasn't a drunken lay about like his relatives told him and everyone else for years. They hadn't died in a car crash either, but were murdered in front of him when he was an infant. Their killer, The Dark Lord Voldemort, was supposedly dead having been killed when he tried to murder Harry with a curse leaving a lightning bolt shaped scar on the right side of his forehead. Some people claimed he was still alive but weakened. Harry found it suspicious that they would tell him about that but they said almost nothing about his parents. Instead they were usually evasive and tried to steer the conversation back to Voldemort. In his experience that meant that they were hiding something and wanted him to do something about a problem they were having.

The magical society known as the "Wizarding World" had sent his first "acceptance letter" for their preparatory school of magic named Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to Harry. Unfortunately it was addressed to "Cupboard Under the Stairs" which meant they knew flat out how he had been treated but did nothing about it. That was a serious strike against them in his mind. None of them actually cared about him anymore than the Dursleys did. All of them willfully allowed the Dursleys to treat him as a slave and did nothing about it.

Upon arriving at the castle of Hogwarts, Harry was sorted into a dormitory known as Gryffindor. Supposedly it housed the courageous and bold students but those around him just seemed to be stupid and attention seeking particularly the redheaded boy next to him named Ronald Weasley. Three other houses were in the castle known as Hufflepuff where the loyal and hardworking were housed, Ravenclaw of the understanding and intelligent, and Slytherin of the cunning and ambitious. Originally the magical sorting hat had wanted to put Harry in Slytherin but he asked it not to. When it began to pressure him something had changed and he felt something inside him affecting the hat to make it place him in another house. It had happened before whenever he really wanted something to happen it always did. The man who came to get Harry from his relatives, Rubeus Hagrid, had called it accidental magic and said it would stop happening as he got older.

Despite that assurance something inside told him that it was more than that. Since as far back as he could remember he had been able to do many things when he set his mind to it. Growing his hair back after his aunt mutilated it trying to cut his hair herself despite it not needing to be cut, transporting himself instantly to the school roof when he had wanted to get away from his cousin's gang of bullies, talking to snakes and even making glass vanish then reappear to trap his cousin in a python enclosure were things he had done but as he grew the reactions were getting stronger and more frequent instead of weakening and lessening.

"Over here." a voice whispered causing him to look down the hall to his left. The group was on the seventh floor where they were following a redheaded ginger boy who was a Gryffindor prefect. "Here… We're over here."

"Did any of you…" Harry began to ask before noticing that none of them were moving. All of the people and things around him were absolutely still. One of the Ravenclaw first year students was frozen in mid air across the way from where she had jumped up to wave at her twin Gryffindor sister. Formerly moving paintings were perfectly still and even a toad dropped by one boy he had been informed of named Neville Longbottom hung in the air motionlessly.

From behind him the voice came again. "Over here… We're over here, Harry." it said.

A portion of the wall glowed and changed into a heavy oak door. There was something that told him to follow the voice. It was something deep, a need he had always felt but never noticed until that point as something within him began to sing. He made his way up the hall and cautiously pushed on the door causing it to swing open slowly. Behind him, the door vanished leaving him in a large room not unlike what one would see in one of the American Indiana Jones temple movies his cousin Dudley had been infatuated with years prior.

In the center of the room was a pedestal. Above that pedestal were seven gems which were slowly floating in a circle. Cautiously, he entered the room and made his way to the center podium. It was brightly lit and the gems seemed to pulse with light in time with the beating of Harry's heart. He looked at the gems for a few moments and tilted his head slightly as he examined them.

He stared at the gems with a great deal of curiosity and jumped when they flashed. They flashed again and suddenly turned into tiny specks of light before the red one shot strait at him and impacted his stomach. It glowed brightly and slowly sank into his body causing an indescribable amount of pain. Every cell in Harry's body began to feel like it was exploding with power as the pain receded and his body flared with red light.

As soon as that gem had been absorbed, the blue gem shot strait at him and impacted his forehead. Shooting pains surged behind his eyes as he felt a colossal migraine began to throb. That gem was also absorbed into him followed by the green gem which sank into his right hand, the yellow one that sank into his left, its orange brother which melted into his right leg and a purple amethyst that faded into his left leg. Once the white opal gem had entered his throat, Harry collapsed on the ground with pain surging through his entire body.

Flashes of light grew more intense and rapid causing his body to pulsate with light. Arcs of lightning ran over his skin while the world seemed to distort around his form. Every gasp of air was a struggle and a sudden searing heat filled his very being as the light flared from within him and saturated the entire room with blinding white energy and light. It was so bright that Harry could see it through his eyes and skeleton whether he wanted to or not. Soon it began to die down and Harry panted heavily. His first inclination that something was wrong was the bright sunlight that was shining down from a clear afternoon sky.

End Prologue


Author's Notes:

I hope you all enjoyed this prologue. I'll be loading the first chapter up with it. Enjoy!