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Creation Reborn – Book 1: Reincarnation
Harry Potter/Multi
By Shinji the Good Sharer

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Chapter 4


There were one hundred twelve nations around the world that played the game of Quidditch. The world cup was held once every three years in August. Afterwards all the teams were given four weeks of rest before they were called back up to play. To sum that up Harry would be playing one game every nine days or so starting a week after his tryouts. In addition to that he had practice with his team running drills twice a week, class and a few business ventures he was looking at. His team's practices were on Mondays from four o'clock PM to ten o'clock PM and Fridays from eight o'clock AM to ten o'clock PM.

Monday came and with it he finished learning to induce pain with telepathy. Interestingly he learned to induce pleasure as well when he wondered what would happen if he stimulated the pleasure centers instead of pain receptors. Why the two veela guards outside his door had emitted sudden moans and fell to the ground when he used it on them he was unsure. Neither seemed to stop being able to smile after that and he idly wondered if he had gotten something wrong. Until he had a better opportunity to experiment with a willing subject he elected not to research the ability further.

He also mastered telekinetic invisibility which was accomplished by bending the light around his physical body. Doing so around other things turned out to be rather funny since he could make people run into doors, walls or hide objects from them. The sight of Amira looking for her throne had pretty much made learning it worth it for that reason alone. A wide range of possibilities entered Harry's mind after that but were discarded as inconsequential.

Mental paralysis became his area of study after that. By stopping the flow of psionic energy that caused neural synapses to fire a telepath could paralyze someone mentally or physically at will. For example paralyzing the mind to make the person stop motion entirely until it was released, making the person drop dead on the floor by stopping all psionic energy flow or stopping the lungs to make a person suffocate. Harry didn't like killing despite how easily he could accomplish it. He knew it was sometimes needed but if at all possible he planned to leave that job to Death entirely.

For the evening he was scheduled to begin study of telekinetic holograms which were similar to invisibility but more controlled. By bending the light in different ways one could create virtually any image. They could make it move or even interact with people as long as they didn't touch it. The images couldn't speak or make sounds either.

After ditching potions class and using that time to complete his next batch of Snow Falcon brooms for the team, he headed down Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Professor Quirinus Quirrell had an annoyingly fake stutter and being able to sense two minds in the man caused Harry to dislike him. Both hated him and wanted him dead while the one coming from the back of his head under a pathetically obvious fake turban was one that Harry read as Lord Voldemort, the one who had killed the Potters and attempted to kill him under Dumbledore's manipulations. He was not amused in the slightest.

"Why didn't you tell us?" demanded Ronald Weasley as Harry arrived in class.

Allowing himself to look at the human for a moment the entity frowned. "There are a great many things I don't bother telling you of. You will need to be more specific." he prompted feigning ignorance. In response Weasley held up a news paper. The headline drew Harry's attention immediately.

:: French National Team Announces Surprise Star Seeker

By Christopher Rouge

Translated by Richard Spyder

Today the French National Quidditch Team announced their starting lineup. Their chasers were listed as the veterans Mathilde Mallard and Hildegarde Lafarge with the addition of the up and coming player from the Quiberon Quafflepunchers Josephine Marat. Her teammate from the same team Armand Lacroix was also accepted to the national team as a beater beside veteran Jason Saucet. Former keeper for the Dijon Devils, Byron "The Wall" Bastien has also been added to the roster as keeper. But it was their new star seeker is the greatest surprise.

At eleven years of age, The-Boy-Who-Lived and Heir to the throne of the Sovereign United Veela Nation, Harry James Potter, is already well known. Just recently we ran a story about him where Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry attempted to draft him as the seeker for his house team due to his new status as one of the finest fliers their school has ever seen from the moment he first set on a broom. His response was to refuse the attempt to force him to play by the team captain of Gryffindor's team Oliver Wood and the head of Gryffindor dormitory Deputy Headmistress Minerva McGonagall. Many young people would wish for such an opportunity. To obtain the answer we spoke to Minister for Magic of France Antoine Delacour who is the son-in-law of Mr. Potter's godmother, Queen Amira Larousse.

"I asked Mr. Potter as to why he refused to take the position. When I considered his response I had to admit it had merit. He has openly stated on several occasions that he is not human and I have seen a small demonstration of his natural non-magical powers. His point was that he would not find a challenge in competing against children when he is much faster and stronger than humans." says Minister Delacour. "My suggestion that he tryout for the national team came from his statement that if they were adults he might be able to at least remain interested due to their experience and better tactics."

During his tryouts Mr. Potter is said to have displayed a level of strength, stamina, endurance, speed, agility, reflexes and durability far beyond human capabilities. "I've never seen someone just backhand a bludger out of the way to get a snitch before. Potter did it without even getting a bruise." comments Alphonse Bordeaux, head coach for the French National Team.

Some teams have claimed that Mr. Potter not being human is unfair and demanded that he be removed from the French roster. A ruling was given by the International Association of Quidditch that due to the fact that Mr. Potter's powers are confirmed as not being magical in any way they cannot be regulated due to the International Statute of Secrecy Act which makes non-magical things and powers outside the jurisdiction of wizardkind. As a result, non-magical powers are not considered violations of the no magic use decision and perfectly legal to use in quidditch. The International Confederation of Wizards and International Dueling Commission likewise concur with the ruling further amending that attempting to remove someone from competition for simply using the natural abilities inherent to them by their species or race would violate the Anti-Semitism Prohibition Act which was instilled in 1945 after the fall of Gellert Grindelwald.

In a show of sportsmanship, Mr. Potter has voluntarily made a statement through the publicist of the royal family of the Veela Nation that he will be restricting the majority of his powers in the interest of fair play. He has, however, warned that he reserves the option to break his voluntary restrictions as he sees fit in the event that an opposing team recruits a player with superhuman abilities or an emergency situation occurs. This admission of restriction coupled with the rulings has caused a wide range of sports teams to look for players with various non-magical powers. Very few have been willing to come forward due to possible racial hatred.

Mr. Potter has also waived his salary as a professional Quidditch player. Instead he has asked that his pay be donated to the St. Genevieve's Foundation for Terminally Ill Children, a charity designed to use the donations of patrons to make their dreams come true before they die. The ten thousand galleon per year contract is set to last for three years. On Sunday, Mr. Potter visited the hospital and read to the children. He then took them flying around the hospital yard on one of the new broom line, reportedly patented with the name "Snow Falcon" which he had used for his tryouts.

After his tryouts, Mr. Potter also allowed his new team to try out his new broom design earning rave reviews. Many who own Nimbus2000 brooms on his team have proclaimed it as being better in speed, maneuverability, acceleration and comfort. Reportedly the entire team is being outfitted with the new brooms. Mr. Potter has not yet stated specifically when his new brooms will be on the market but he has stated that a promotional number of twenty will be awarded by raffle before Christmas with two being given out at each of the first ten French National Games. One raffle will be decided by purchased ticket while the other will be by random seat number. Each of the awarded brooms will be autographed by the entire team and all proceeds of the raffle ticket sales will be donated to the St. Genevieve's Foundation for Terminally Ill Children.

The first game of the French National Team's season is scheduled for Saturday, September 21 and is against Germany at their stadium outside Munich. Fans have been so frantic for tickets to both seats and the raffle that many have camped outside the stadium to be sure to get tickets before they sell out. Tickets go on sale the day after tomorrow and it's already looking to be a sold out game. This may be the beginning of a new era in Quidditch. ::

Reading the entire article in the span of three seconds Harry turned his eyes on the lanky redheaded boy. "Exactly which part do you believe I should have informed you of and why do you believe I would bother?" he inquired while moving around the human into the classroom like those inside weren't staring at him.

"We're your friends, Harry! You should have told us!" complained the boy.

"Don't insult me, Weasley. You are not my friend, you never have been and you never will be. All you've been doing since we got here is pick on people, provoke fights, stuff your face, slack off in your work and bother me to be your friend. I might have been willing but you've been nothing but an annoyance since you showed up. Now go away and stop bothering me." Harry ordered causing the human to turn red in the face from anger and embarrassment. He was ignored as Harry moved farther into the classroom towards his usual seat.

After class Harry was heading towards his room to gather his Quidditch supplies which he had bought during the weekend with Amira. He stopped when he sensed someone heading straight for him and regarded the rather handsome brown haired human boy leading a small group of others students. "Harry, can we talk to you?" asked Cedric Diggory.

"If you must. What is it?" queried the entity.

Oliver Wood stepped forward with a wide grin on his face. "Can we try out your new broom?" he requested. "We'd like to see if they're better than the school brooms."

"No, you may not. My brooms are designed for professional use only and the public model will not be ready for production for a while. I also have no intention of providing new brooms to the school at this time. If you want one you'll have to wait and buy one like everyone else." Harry decided before calmly turning and walking on into the castle.

The humans followed him with pleas and protests. Cedric was the only one who didn't push Harry. They were on the sixth floor when McGonagall took notice of them and hurried down from the seventh floor to meet them. "Mr. Potter, the headmaster requests your presence in his office immediately. Follow me." she ordered.

"I'm late for practice and I don't have time." Harry replied while stepping past her. "Tell him I'll meet him this evening after I return to the castle."

McGonagall stepped into his path and drew herself up imperiously. "Mr. Potter, that is quite enough! Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds and the headmaster has instructed me to bring you straight to his office." announced the woman firmly.

"Unless a representative of the International Confederation of Wizards is present or we are having a class you are not even supposed to speak to me." decreed the boy in a cold tone making the woman frown. It wasn't until he walked past her that she realized she had been standing almost two feet to his left and not in front of him like she had believed. She tried to reach for him only to be overcome with a sudden sense of vertigo while the world around her seemed to distort and shimmer wildly until she fell to the floor. "I will return at nine thirty this evening your time with my lawyers and a representative from the ICW. Dumbledore may speak to me then or not at all. Neither he nor you get a choice in the matter." A shaken elderly witch got to her feet but by the time she was steady enough to look around Harry had already disappeared into the seventh floor.

After practice Harry went to the veela enclave and showed his godmother the recording Jarvis had taken through his sunglasses of McGonagall's attempt to take him in. She immediately called her lawyers and the ICW about it. They came to the enclave and were shown the same recording before they headed to the British Ministry and showed the recording to Fudge. The portly little politician grew annoyed and called an emergency meeting of the Wizengamot, a type of congress or senate for the Wizarding World, to address the issue.

Dumbledore was left out of the summons and the remaining representatives were shown the recording in addition to being informed that Albus Dumbledore and all of his associates were given the same notice as all of them that Harry was to have a representative of the ICW, his lawyers and a parent or his legal guardian with him for all meetings regarding any of them for any reason with the exception of legitimate classes. Even Dumbledore's most firmly rooted supporters were forced to vote in favor of having the old man removed from the council of elders of the Wizengamot and as chief warlock of their governing body. Harry was entertained that his recommendation for a reformation of the school under the direction of the board of governors and the Wizengamot begin was well received with him being put in charge of the planning. With an assurance that he would complete his analysis of the school and reform recommendations by November 1, 1991 the group left to meet with the Headmaster of Hogwarts. Fudge and two representatives from the ministry, Augusta Longbottom of the Board of Governors and Amelia Bones of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and the Wizengamot, joined them.

They arrived in a group in Harry's Hogwarts quarters and he set his things down before leading them past the Gryffindor common room, then the grand stairwell to the north side of the castle. A gargoyle stood in the way of the headmaster's office which Harry proceeded to rip out of the floor and toss down the hall with one hand in a surprising show of physical strength. Behind the gargoyle was a set of stairs that moved like an escalator upward to a heavy oak door that Harry simply kicked causing it to rip out of the wall and slam to the floor solidly in a manner that caused the school staff inside to jump in the middle of their meeting. Upon seeing Harry standing there the bat-like potions professor's face turned into a sneer of contempt. "What is the meaning of this, Potter?!" demanded the man furiously.

That fury was short lived as Harry entered the room and stepped out of the way to admit an assortment of politicians, aurors, armed veela guards, one Minister for Magic, the Chairman of the International Confederation of Wizards, the Queen of the Veela and the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. "Minister Fudge, Chairman Blade, Your Highness, Madam Bones, what brings you all here?" Dumbledore inquired.

"Albus Dumbledore, you and your associates are found guilty of disobeying ICW protection order 103875-A which bars you or any of your associates from having any contact with Mr. Potter of any kind without a representative of the ICW, a parent or his legal guardian present." Thaddeus informed in a firm tone of voice.

Lacing his fingers together Dumbledore smiled like a patronizing old grandfather to the man who frowned. "I assure you I was not planning to break any such decree. I have been young Harry's magical guardian since the death of his parents and…" he started to justify.

"You are not, Mr. Potter's guardian and his birth parents are not dead." Thaddeus retorted making the old man blink.

"I'm not sure where you get your information, Chairman Blade, but I was at the funeral of James and Lily Potter shortly after their deaths." Dumbledore informed.

Thaddeus frowned as he looked at the man. "Mr. Potter was not born to James and Lily Potter. He was adopted by them as a seven month old infant on July 31, 1980 after their son died in childbirth a month prior. According to the adoption contract, if he was not placed with his godfather or godfather upon the deaths of his adoptive parents as agreed upon by his birth and adoptive parents he was to be immediately extradited back to France and his birth father or step-mother. Five months later he was named sole heir to the throne of the Sovereign Nation of Veela by Queen Amira as her heir which was agreed upon by both his adoptive and birth parents. Due to how long it took to have his name changed to the name Harry Potter during the rise of You-Know-Who, James and Lily Potter were unable to get the papers to have his citizenship papers drawn up and finalized." listed the politician causing Dumbledore and those around him to turn green. "Instead, you abused your authority and power by overturning the Potter will, illegally appointing yourself as Mr. Potter's magical guardian, keeping him from his godmother, hid him with muggles in an outright abusive environment where he was used as a slave and tortured several times a day even if he had nothing to do with the event in addition to being deprived food and water for days on end, kept a foreign national who is the heir to not one but three royal families from being rightfully returned home, stole from his vaults under pretenses to pay for his upkeep when he had been sold into slavery in order to find your illegal Order of the Phoenix, neglected your duties to ensure he was legitimately safe and happy in his home, and you took out over one hundred thirty illegal and unlawful magically binding contracts in his name which were destroyed when he stopped suppressing his powers causing the explosions which hospitalized you along with over one hundred other sentient beings, killed one witch, killed two children and caused untold thousands of galleons in property damage. The sole reason you are not in Crematoria Prison right now is because you were hospitalized as well so the ICW decided to be lenient and only present you with an order of protection to ensure you did not have any interaction with Mr. Potter without the appropriate people present. You are not now nor have you ever been Mr. Potter's guardian by legal means so all your authority over him is and always has been void."

Fudge stood beside his compatriot and held his lime green bowler hat smartly under one arm. "A vote of no confidence was taken against you in the ICW to remove you as Supreme Mugwump. Just a few moments ago the Wizengamot held another vote to remove you from the Council of Elders and as Chief Warlock. Gringotts has also seen fit to have all of your accounts frozen along with those of your associates. Mr. Potter was kind enough to produce a complete list of the members of your Order of the Phoenix who are likewise under investigation." announced the little man. "I'm here to inform you that Mr. Potter has proposed a reform of Hogwarts to the Wizengamot and it has been accepted. He will be monitoring all of you and making a report on your performance to see which of you, if any, keep your jobs."

All eyes of the faculty focused on Harry who stared back at them from behind his black wraparound sunglasses with no expression on his face whatsoever. Dumbledore seemed to be shaken by the thought and turned to Fudge. "Surely you can't place such an important task in the hands of a child." insisted the old man.

"Mr. Potter has already submitted a full report of over six hundred proposals to the Ministry that will benefit our society economically, politically, socially and ensure the safety of our citizens. His report was so thorough that we are still attempting to summarize the fourth proposal overall but the first three have the potential to expand and strengthen all of Wizarding England several times over. A provisional law has already been passed to give dark creatures such as werewolves and vampires a chance at getting better jobs along with centaurs and other magical non-humans. Our financial advisors say that the change could save hundreds of people's lives, hundreds of thousands of galleons in taxes and make our economy boom within the next six months alone. That is without counting the other changes he has proposed to be systematically passed over the next twenty years." Fudge responded causing the faculty in the room to stare at him.

Snape frowned and glared at Harry before speaking to Fudge. "I can't imagine that… some of your supporters were happy with the changes." he remarked.

"On the contrary, the vote was almost unanimous. Lucius in particular seemed to be interested in the market benefits his import business stood to gain. I understand that he expects to double his family holdings before his son graduates from Hogwarts with some of the financial benefits of Mr. Potter's proposals." Fudge refuted sounding pleased. "In one move Mr. Potter has all but stopped the rising attacks by werewolves and vampires, increased the amount of production our country can export without costing extra money, lowered the cost of our own domestic products, promoted magical non-human equality that may have taken hundreds of years to pass otherwise, and made our ability to protect the citizens more than twenty times more productive."

Standing with Amira beside him, Harry stood with his hands in the pockets of his jeans while his open coat was pushed back behind him to do so. "As enthralling as the proof that Dumbledore is not omniscient is, I would like to know why he feels the need to call a meeting with me." the boy stated in a neutral monotone. "What do you want?"

"Harry, I've been told that you are leaving school grounds at odd hours. Is this true?" the old warlock inquired.

"No. I am leaving on scheduled times. As the seeker of the French National Quidditch Team, I am needed for biweekly practices in my off hours and scheduled games. A notice of these times was sent to your office last week with another going to the British Ministry of my commutes to and from England." Harry responded calmly.

Upon hearing this statement Dumbledore frowned and looked at Harry with the same grandfatherly look he had given Thaddeus. "Harry, students are not permitted to leave Hogwarts grounds during the school year. I'm afraid you can't continue leaving whenever you feel like it." declared the old man.

"Then I will be transferring out of Hogwarts to a school in another country which will allow it before morning at which point I will no longer be at Hogwarts or in England at all." the entity responded in a manner that stated that he didn't care.

McGonagall seemed to be shocked as she stared at Harry. "But you must want the best education you can get!" she insisted. "Hogwarts is the finest school of magic in the world!"

Still in his place beside Amira, Harry frowned as the human woman. "Correction, Hogwarts is the finest school of magic in the United Kingdom. And for you information, the only reason that it even has that status is because of the charms program. I've done a complete analysis of all the schools of magic in the world. The Sanctum Sanctorum Academia for Sorcerers and Sorceresses is the finest having trained every sorcerer supreme of Earth in the last five thousand years. It is currently run by the reigning sorcerer supreme, Dr. Stephen Strange, who is the most powerful mortal magic user alive. They adhere only to the highest echelons of instruction and teach over one hundred subjects in addition to having the most extensive library of magical tomes and texts in the world." he said causing the woman to stare at him in horror. "Behind them is Beauxbatons Academy of Magic followed by Durmstrang Institute of Sorcery, Tokyo University of Arcane Studies, the Beijing College of Magical Studies and a wide range of other schools. Worldwide, Hogwarts is currently ranked as the eighty-ninth school and it doesn't live up to international standards so it isn't accredited and an education from Hogwarts is akin to having no education at all in other nations entirely. It's article proposal one hundred forty-four of my report to the British Ministry of Magic."

"B-But… How is that possible?" the woman demanded.

"After assuming the office of headmaster Dumbledore began to cut various classes that he didn't approve of which not only explains the sheer number of unused classrooms in the school but also means that almost all of the educational programs in the school which earned Hogwarts worldwide notoriety were removed from the curriculum entirely from him calling them dark. In layman terms he became headmaster and chief warlock of the Wizengamot and began to say "Dark Arts this, Dark Arts that, Dark Arts hit me with a Quidditch Beater's Bat…" By capitalizing on people's fear of the dark arts after the fall of Grindelwald he effectively made sure nobody schooled at Hogwarts, in particular the pureblood students who usually were wealthy and powerful making them stay in England almost entirely, no longer had the ability to learn any form of magic he didn't approve of so he could control what they learned and knew. This allowed him to keep them all "stupid and easy to control" so he could control the Wizarding World and retain his own air of power while still seeming to be a "lord of the light" as he likes to call himself." Harry lectured making everyone in the room gape at him. "His methods are no different than those of Voldemort were. He's just better at hiding it so everyone happily goes along with whatever he suggests. Instead of controlling people through threats and making them fear him, he raises them to believe he is some sort of all knowing and all powerful person to look up to when he's actually moving people around like pawns on a chessboard by claiming someone has "gone dark," "for the greater good" or "what he believes" so other people do whatever he wants leaving him as the "kindly old grandfather" while everyone else is just a puppet under his control. It's outlined in the report to the ICW along with an assortment of evidence."

When all eyes turned on Dumbledore the old man flinched at the cold expressions he had gotten. "Harry, you are too young to understand why I do things." he defended.

"Spoken like a person who truly does see themselves as a god." commented Harry as he began to read the old man's mind. "Unfortunately, I'm well aware of that infantile little prophecy you tried to push on me and unlike you, I am well aware of what it means. I simply have no intention of getting involved with it unless I am provoked at which point I will order the extermination of both sides in their entirety. Now will that be all?"

A nervous Dumbledore shook his head. "I simply mean that a professor should go with you to make sure you're safe." the old man tried to reason. "Might I suggest…"

Harry was not impressed and looked at the old man through his sunglasses. "That is not what you meant and we are both aware of that, Dumbledore. Your attempt at ensuring I remain under your control is denied or I will not be returning to Hogwarts." warned the entity.

Dumbledore gave a defeated sigh and nodded. "Very well, Harry. My next issue is that you have been skipping classes. Might I ask why?" the old man inquired.

"Only potions class actually." corrected the boy.

Before Dumbledore could continue his line of questioning Thaddeus spoke up. "I believe that I can answer that question, Dumbledore. During our interrogation of Mr. Snape to find out if he had been using legilimency to invade the minds of students and invade their privacy, something he admitted to under truth wards, he also admitted to being the one to point You-Know-Who at the Potters with part of the prophecy you have been hiding. It was done so that both Mr. Potter and James Potter would be murdered and he could force love potions on Lily Potter so he could have her for himself as a love slave. Upon Mr. Potter's powers protecting him from the killing curse and severely injuring You-Know-Who by casting him out of his body, Mr. Snape rushed to you and confessed everything in return for your protection from going to prison. At that time you set things into motion to sell Mr. Potter into slavery and confiscate his inheritance for your own use so he could later be used as a living weapon and killed off to leave you as the sole defeater of dark lords and the wielder of the Potter wealth." he recounted causing everyone other than Harry to flinch and stare at the old man. "Mr. Potter has provided evidence in the form of witness' pensieve memories and various recordings that you knew this and intentionally allowed it to happen to manipulate the prophecy and gain control of Mr. Potter and his inheritance illegally. Since that is the case and Mr. Snape's animosity toward James Potter is well known in addition to Mr. Potter's belief that Mr. Snape will persecute him for destroying his ability to obtain Lily Potter as well as being the adopted son of James Potter we feel that Mr. Potter attending a class taught by the man directly responsible for the murders of his adopted parents is unethical and unacceptable. Mr. Potter is thus studying potions on his own and a potions master from the Most Extraordinary Society of Potioneers grades the work he sends in on a weekly basis. Thus far Mr. Potter has invented and patented two potions as well as brewing a number of high level potions such as Veritaserum and felix felicis with no help or instruction whatsoever."

Though he wasn't pleased by the knowledge that someone was aware of what Snape had done according to Harry's telepathy, Dumbledore didn't try to push the issue. The enraged glares that he was getting from those in the room other than the one he received from a fearful Snape and an indifferent one from Harry said that he wouldn't get anywhere if he tried to defend himself against that accusation. "Thank you, Chairman Blade." the human responded contritely before turning to the entity. "My final question is about why you are not staying with the other Gryffindor boys. You are young yet and should be spending time with your friends. We also need to be able to contact you if we need to find you."

"Your facilities are too primitive for me to conduct business or direct my company as well as not appropriately providing for my privacy. I've commandeered a room in the castle that has been unused and my father outfitted it with the appropriate technology needed. I can be contacted through my lawyers if I am needed as you cannot meet with me unless they are there. Besides, the monitoring and compulsion charms I overloaded with your contracts show you cannot be trusted to conduct yourself professionally so the option of meeting with me has been taken from you." Harry pointed out finally. "Is there any other reason you need to speak with me? I do have several studies and projects to complete before morning." When Dumbledore said nothing Harry turned and left with the rest of his group trailing behind him. All the eyes of the staff turned to glare at him and Snape making Dumbledore realize that he was not going to have a pleasant time for the rest of their meeting.

Mental paralysis was completed the day after his meeting with the staff. It was completed with a similar process called mental sedation which put people to sleep or kept them unconscious until the telepath released them. Manipulation followed and it was the ability to deeply and subtly manipulate the perceptions, better judgment, will and common sense of others. Making a mouse chase cats around the castle had been pretty funny.

Telekinetic holograms also passed and he moved on to telekinetic animation. It was the ability to animate physical objects by charging them with kinetic energy and manipulating that energy. Admittedly, animating a creepy doll to turn its head in the middle of the night and tell the girl it looked at "If you should die before you wake" before making it laugh psychotically might have been a bit much but he'd needed to test the ability somehow. And it was funny.

He began to study mind control which was actually controlling the thoughts, desires, reactions and reactions in others. In effect it allowed him to control everything they thought or did. Knowing he could make someone think or do whatever he wanted wasn't particularly interesting to him. It made a good weapon especially on mass scales but it was relatively heavy handed for most things.

Matter alteration was the ability to manipulate matter on a molecular or subatomic level in any way desired. It was extremely complex and required him to study a great deal about molecular, atomic and subatomic structures. The ability literally allowed him to alter physical things including his own form however he wished. What did one do when they could do anything, absolutely anything they could imagine no matter how subtle or fantastic with the physical world around them?

That question plagued Harry's mind before he arrived at his first game of the season. The raffle was held and he handed out the two brooms to the winners. One was a small girl of nine or ten who tried to hide behind her mother's legs much as Gabrielle had done the first time he met her. Beside her was another winner who was a middle aged man. Both left the field to head back to their seats as the teams got into their gear.

Once the game got underway it was rather fast paced but not so much that he had any trouble. His team had studied their drills well and the chasers were reveling in their superior speed and maneuverability. Soon enough they were up one hundred seventy to thirty. The German team's seeker raced along behind Harry as the entity pretended to chase after the tiny golden ball.

There were a great many ways to sense where the sphere was. He could hear its wings fluttering below after all. He could also sense its quasi-intelligence. Of course his HUD sunglasses told him where it was as well. Seeing a bludger, one of the two violent flying cannonballs in the game being struck by the German team's right beater towards him, Harry turned his broom around and flew backwards towards the bludger.

His opponent had enough time to stare at him in surprise since brooms weren't supposed to be able to fly backwards as fast as they could forwards. That was when Harry pulled up on his broom hard and accelerated up before arching over the bludger which impacted the face of the German team's seeker. Harry ignored the solid crunch of iron striking bone behind him while going into a dive at full speed. The crowd shrieked as they saw him streaking towards the ground and pull up just in time for the ties of his boots to skim the tops of the blades of grass.

With a quick swing he gripped the tiny sphere and rolled his broom to a stop several feet above the ground. "He's got it! Potter's got the snitch! France wins three hundred twenty to thirty!" the announcer cried in German. A thunderous roar filled the arena as the spectators watched the French team make a victory lap.

Sunday morning found Harry walking into the apartments of the royal family on the veela enclave. He was almost bowled over by a tiny silver and yellow bullet in the form of Gabrielle Antoinette Delacour wearing a yellow sundress. "'Arry, you're back!" squealed the tiny veela in French as she clung to his chest. "Did you bring me anything?"

"Gabrielle! That's very rude!" scolded Apolline.

An amused smile formed on Harry's lips as he settled her on his hip and walked over to the living room. "It's alright. I did, Gabrielle." he agreed while setting her down and opening his gym bag and pulling out a wooden box which he placed on the table. "Go ahead and open it."

Practically vibrating in place Gabrielle opened the box and blinked in surprise as soft music began to play. She closed it and opened it again causing the music to stop and start several times to her interest. "How does it do that without magic, 'Arry?" wondered the tiny veela.

"See each of these little marks on the disk that's spinning under the glass? Each one flicks a tine on that little piece of metal and makes a different tone. Yours plays the song is called Lilium." explained the boy earning a squeal and a hug from the five-year-old. Harry pulled another for Apolline which played a song called Fukia Mori while Amira's played The Rose of Winter. A final music box to be given to Fleur was given to Apolline and played a song called Passion.

Amira smiled as she pulled Harry into a hug. "We listened to the game on the Wizarding Wireless. When's your next one?" she inquired.

"The next game is against Bulgaria on the first of next month." answered Harry while Gabrielle crawled into his lap. "Their beaters are really accurate so the coach is worried but it shouldn't pose much of a problem as long as we don't give them many openings."

Hope filled blue eyes looked up at Harry as Gabrielle smiled. "You're going to beat them though. Right, 'Arry?" proclaimed the small girl.

Smiling in amusement, Harry nodded gently. "I'll try my best." he promised making her smile brightly. "Anyways, the coach wants us to do a photo shoot this coming Sunday for our Quidditch posters. Teen Witch Weekly will apparently also be there to interview the team."

Even as Gabrielle began to fall asleep due to the late night Amira and Harry began to discuss one of Harry's recent acquisitions in business which included a modeling agency which some veela had expressed an interest in working at. Their innate unnatural beauty made veela an obvious choice for models, cheerleaders and actresses but they very rarely had the representation needed to get into the business.

Before he left Harry made a few calls and ordered some supplies for him to begin studying art. Marble blocks, sketch pads, blank books, tools, paints, pencils and a wide range of other supplies were ordered. As his experiments for the following month were to be on sonokinesis which was the ability to create, manipulate or absorb sonic energy he ordered a number of musical instruments as well. It would take a few days for them to arrive at any rate.

Matter alteration was truly an interesting ability. With it he could transmute elements, dismantle or disintegrate matter before crystallizing or reassembling it, change the form of matter even his physical form, move his molecules around or between the molecules of other matter to make himself intangible and a myriad of other things. If he so chose he could even activate or deactivate latent genetics in other beings essentially giving or taking superhuman powers at will. He did discover that giving a mouse super strength caused it to beat the daylights out of Professor McGonagall who happened to be a therianthrope, which was a person that could turn to and from an animal form at will, or as the magical people called them "animagus." Though the beating was somewhat cartoonish it was still moderately comical to watch.

Reality warping was the ability to mentally bend the quantum strings that made up reality itself. It could only be used in a localized area of a few miles radius of the person's focus point but at least it didn't have to be the person's physical being. As long as he could see or sense the location he could use that as a focal point. By bending those same strings he could form tiny singularities to transport himself between or through other dimensions and universes at will. The ability was called dimensional teleportation and it was one of the more useful methods of using the ability. However, because of its complexity the final lessons took the remaining week of September to master at night. During his study of the ability Harry noted that wizards and witches did something similar with their magic by firing bolts of energy called mana from their bodies to essentially "hammer" the quantum strings into what they wanted. Crude and weak as it was their ability was effective in small scales.

Possession took the normal two days to master and was very interesting to learn. There were different methods of using it such as mind transferal which let him switch bodies with someone else or switch the minds of others from one body to another. He could leave his body in a ghost-like form called astral projection and enter the body of another. The last method was to mentally control the person as one would control their own body using telepathy.

Mind alteration was an ability that allowed a person temporarily or permanently change a person's mind, desires, self or personality in subtle or extreme ways at will. Mental amnesia was one way by erasing, hiding, changing or implanting the memories they retained. Psyche manipulation let one manipulate the id which controlled instinct, the ego which comprised learned responses and the superego which regulated and chose between the two allowing a telepath to make someone good or evil as they saw fit. Hypnosis and mind manipulation also let a telepath alter the behavior, thoughts and mental existence of a person in any way they desired. The confused looks that everyone gave Malfoy's owl when it let out a loud "Moo" instead of a hoot had been absolutely priceless.

Healing trauma was a bit different from merely altering someone's mind. It involved repairing mental traumas by changing the perception and associations to those traumas in order to let the mind recover. A telepath could also break the mind or use a technique called dilate powers to place mental barriers in the minds of others for a variety of reasons the same way. To study the ability Harry took a trip to the St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries where they had a mental trauma ward. He found two patients named Frank and Alice Longbottom there who turned out to be the parents of Neville. They had apparently been tortured into insanity and he spent several hours repairing their minds before moving on to the next patients as the healers watched him work until he was satisfied that he had mastered the ability and left after the last patient was healed.

Psionic siphoning was the final telepathic ability he learned and it was by far one of the most useful. By draining the psionic energy from a life form he could kill it or weaken it as much as he chose. With the method known as neural jumpstart he could use that energy to boost other people's powers to incredible levels for temporary periods of about a week at maximum. He could use the ability to form or destroy mental links between himself and others or between two other people which allowed them to sense each other to a small degree such as feeling each other's presence, telling how they were doing or locating them at will. What really interested him the most was the ability to absorb or download information to and from the minds of others in order to learn great deals in mere seconds.

Slowly, a look of mischief formed on Harry's lips and he spoke up. "Jarvis, compile a list of the best examples of artisans from human history in various subjects. Include various martial arts and a list of various people who have born the title of sorcerer supreme." he requested while holding up his computer to look at the device. "Time travel technology, huh?"

End Chapter 4


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