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At merely eleven, I met my best friend Myra. Once at thirteen, she told me her secret, she was a werewolf vampire, witch hybrid, and all of the magical creatures that I had a hope were real actually existed. Later that year I became acquainted with Count Vladimir Dracula, his Brides, and a Dewergi. At fourteen I met Jareth the Goblin King, Van Helsing, Sabella, who was my own creation, Morgana, who was Myra's creation, and two werewolves neither of us want to remember.

Now I'm fifteen and the earth is in chaos. There is a war of the magical creatures, and I am forced into hiding. Me, just a mortal, and I have been harrassed by Dracula, his Brides, the Goblin King, Emmett, and way too many others. In my past year, I have met Van Helsing and discovered an awesome secret. Myra and I are sisters, and we are both Valerious, and possibly the only hope for humans now. After we learned that we were a part of a family that we had loved and thought had died out but loved to hear about, we discovered that as we grew older the Valerious blood in us would grow stronger.

After discovering this, we vowed to each other that we would keep this a secret that only we knew. Soon after our discovery, we learned that we now had to fix what now was going on with the earth.

My name is Bree Valerious, and I am the last free human on Earth.


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Dewergi: ''Please!''

Dracula: Get back to work! Stupid Dewergi.

Me: (runs away) ''CRAAAAP!''