DISCLAIMER If I owned Van Helsing or Labyrinth my life would be awesome :)

My mouth went numb as the pill began to paralyze me completely. I stared at Josh in shock. He had called me by my birth name. When I told him my name was Bree. I cursed myself for being so stupid.

My legs gave out from under me and I could no longer move anything but my head. I looked up at Josh and he smiled and kissed me for what seemed like hours. He moved his hand to the bottom of my shirt as I screamed. Then a growl stopped him from doing anything more than stroking my face and kissing me. A huge wolf came from the woods. Alex I could see.

Myra in her wolf form was next to him. I screamed as Josh grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder. He growled at them, but Myra charged and Alex followed. Josh tried to leap out of the way but he was knocked into Myra, sending me flying fifteen feet away and into a tree. I fell down to the floor with a groan.

"She is MINE!'' Josh yelled.

"Help me.'' I shrieked, Pain took me over and I could no longer see anything.

Opening my eyes I found myself in my bed. My ankle was in a cast like thing. My whole body ached and I could barely move.

"Myra!'' I cried. She came in and looked down at me.

"We're safe Bree. Josh ran off after we beat the hell out of him.' I smiled.