Chapter one - A house

"Run!" The order was loud and clear, and the team flew off, jumping through the trees.

Branches grazed their dark coats and tore through the fabric, leaving glaring holes.
The men were thankful for the protecting masks and light armour – an escape would be quick, and scratches and other small casualties caused by branches would stay out of the picture.

One smaller Anbu-agent with a porcelain cat-mask that covered his face dared to look back and saw how their captain was speeding up, his red scarf whirling around him as he shot forwards.

The explosion-tags were set off, and a stone building behind him split apart. Pieces of rock and debris, burning paper and ashes were thrown into the direction of the fleeing team as it exploded, and the young captain instinctively shielded his head with his arms.

One sharp splinter of wood cut the forearm of a ninja who wore the crow-mask, and he was quickly assisted by a teammate with the mask of a boar, who grasped his shoulder and steadied him.

As one tree fell down, they were almost sure the ground underneath them was cracking apart too.

Such was the power of the hundreds of explosion-tags they'd planted in the tunnels and buildings.

Cat heard the branch he was standing on snap before he felt it. He launched himself to the base of the tree, and used it to get to another branch before he
would fall down. Crow looked backwards, and nodded to Cat as he landed next to him.
The three of them, Cat, Crow and Boar now jumped at the same speed, waiting for their captain to catch up with them to take the lead.

The captain, with his long red scarf and wolf mask, flew past, easily landing in front of the trio, and signalled to his team to keep up the same speed. Then he put his hand in his pouch and threw out a small roll of grey bandages – it must've been white once, but in this line of work it was hard to keep things clean.
Boar caught it in one fluid motion, and passed it on to Cat, who quickly wound it around Crow's injured arm. The smaller Anbu put the left-over bandages into his own pouch, planning to return them to his captain later.

After they'd passed a small stream with clear water, Wolf signalled to his team to slow down to find a place to rest. They were miles away from the destroyed buildings, and in safe territory. The team was in the area where more Anbu-teams were stationed, and they were past the patrol-borders now.
The sun was setting already and the four of them were tired and getting hungry.
When they found a small clearing, they halted.

Crow immediately untied his mask and threw it in the grass, "Gah, that was quite an explosion, wasn't it?" He put a senbon in his mouth, "My ears are still ringing."

Boar laughed, and took off his mask too.

"Hey, it wasn't my fault I got hit by that piece of wood!" Genma, who was known as Crow, said, and he threw another senbon at Raido. The man with the burn-scar, who called himself Boar, easily avoided the needle and grinned, "I didn't even say anything!"
Genma huffed and sank to his feet, kicking his porcelain mask a few metres away, "Hn. Piss off, will you? Now it's time to relax." And he laid down onto his back, letting out a breath.

"Guys, I don't think we should take off our masks already, we haven't been given the signal yet…" Cat said carefully, scratching the back of his head.

"It's no big deal," Raido said as he patted Cat on his back, "Captain doesn't really care about the rules." And the taller man pointed to the back, where their captain was leaning against a tree – the mask was placed on the left side of his head, obscuring his eye.

"Senpai!" Cat shouted, "T-that's –"

"It's no big deal, Tenzou." Kakashi mumbled as he stretched his arms, "Take off your mask and breath in some fresh air." This was ironic, since it was coming from a man whose lower part of his face was still covered by a mask made of fabric.

Tenzou's shoulders slumped as he took off the cat-mask and tied it around his hip, "Geez, Kakashi-senpai, you're insufferable."

"Maa, can you make us a small house – nothing fancy, but I'd like a roof above my head tonight."

Genma sprang up when the silver-haired captain said that, "Really? You'll make us a house, Tenzou-kun?"
He forgot his arm was still injured, and winced in pain as he put too much weight on it.

The wood-user sighed, and shot his senior a look, "Can't you just put up the tents or something?"

Raido smiled sweetly at Tenzou, who didn't like the look of it, "We would really like you to build us a house, Tenzou. Why won't you -"
"And I'm injured!" Genma waved his injured arm, "I need something better than a lousy tent!"

The younger, brown-haired man pursed his lips as he answered, "No."

"Aw, come on! Just this once!"


Both Genma and Raido kept pestering Tenzou to grow a house for them, and the wood-user was getting more irritated every time they asked. He was about to silence them by hanging them upside down a tree-branch – grown by him, especially made for them – when Kakashi placed a hand on his shoulder.

The captain wasn't much taller than Tenzou was, but he carried a certain air of authority, and the two bugging Anbu stopped talking immediately.

"Leave him. If he doesn't want to, he doesn't have to. It was a simple question, not an order."

Tenzou smiled at his senpai, whose eye curved into a happy arc.

Kakashi then walked back to the tree he'd been leaning against, and sighed, barely audible, "… Ah, I think I miscalculated the amount of chakra again… I'm quite tired…"

The younger Anbu heard it though, and finally realized the reason of Kakashi's request. If a bordering chakra-exhaustion was the cause, then of course he would be willing to grow them a house!

"Kakashi-senpai, I think I'll grow us that house after all… The air feels quite chilly, doesn't it?" Tenzou said, and he formed the seals.

Kakashi blinked a few times and answered, "I guess it does."

Genma and Raido watched with their mouths wide open as wood suddenly started to grow, to change and shift shapes. Within a minute, a small house was standing in the middle of the clearing, and Tenzou was sitting on the ground, panting slightly, "All done!"

Raido helped Genma up, and they went inside. Exclamations of awe and joy could be heard outside, and their obvious respect for Tenzou's ability made the younger Anbu smile.

The captain sat down next to him, "Nice work, Tenzou. You really didn't have to."

The wood-user shook his head, grinning slightly, "Next time, I'll let you build us a house."

To see that lone eye curve in happiness was totally worth the effort of using his jutsu.

A/N: Hello everyone,
Thank you for reading, I hope you were able to enjoy yourself even a little. This will be my first multi-chapter story, and I do have to admit I'm quite nervous to write it.
This story will be a recollection of mundane tales - nothing fancy, nothing with a real plot. There won't be anything that's really special about this. It isn't about romance, it isn't about a great adventure or dark pasts. It's about doing ordinairy things, which aren't really worth writing, but I simply couldn't help myself...
Please feel free to point out mistakes in both the writing and the characterization - I'm still learning after all.