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He opened his eyes to darkness; no sounds greeted his ears, nothing except the sound of his own heart thumping in his head. He was half laying down half sitting up, against a wall, he tried to get his legs straight but couldn't. He lifted his hands up and felt around, the room he was in could classify as a matchbox that was how small it was. He goes to his feet but didn't have much moving room so he could only stand up straight and sit down but without lights there wasn't much he could see.

Suddenly the door opened and he was grabbed and pulled out into a passage. The light blinded him and as he was blinking his eyes to try and clear the spots in his vision as a cloth was pulled over his head and he was pushed forward.

"Where are you taking me?" his voice came out as a whisper and he cleared his throat to try again.

"Who are you?" this time it was a little louder.

"Shut up and walk." Was the only reply he got as he was pushed harder and almost stumbled.

A rough hand was placed on his shoulder to bring him to a halt and turn him into a room. He was pulled by his arm and stopped about half way,

"Get on the bed." He felt around hoping to find some indication as to where the so-called bed was. Apparently he took too long and was roughly pushed on the bed. He positioned himself and almost immediately he was held down as a needle made his way into his neck. He started struggling but the effects of whatever drug he was given were taking his system over and he felt his limbs turn to lead. He became still as the blindfold was taken off. His head was placed on a pillow but he continued to look straight up not able to turn his head or even blink. He heard everything that was going on around him and he could feel the bed under him. A strange face came into view and smiled at him,

"It's a muscle relaxer. You will be conscious but we will be able to do what we want to without resistance from you."

He could feel the people take off his clothes; luckily they kept the boxers on. He felt someone touch his wrists and ankles. They were putting something around them but he couldn't figure out what it was. He felt someone applying something on his chest and he heard the familiar beeping of a heart monitor, he couldn't help but wonder what the hell was going on and he heard rather than felt his heart beep faster. Suddenly hands came up and put a neck brace on, effectively keeping his head stationary. He saw the same face as earlier come into view again and saw the flash of a penlight,

"Just checking if you are still with us. The effects of my 'lullaby' drug will be working of soon so we just need to get you ready for your treatment." With that he was gone again and the room fell eerily silent except for his heart beating fast and telling the whole world just how much he was panicking.

He didn't know how long he was lying there staring straight up before his eyes closed out of reflex. They were dry and hurting a bit.

'Finally it's wearing off,' he thought as he tried to lift his arms and legs but couldn't, he tried to lift his head but that was unmovable as well.

"See, I told you it would wear off soon." He didn't know the strange face was still in the room

"What do you want?" his voice was hoarse from the lack of use, he needed to know what the hell was going on.

"Why, we want you to feel how it feels to be a prisoner and we also want a little revenge. So your stay here might be a little unpleasant."

"Who are you?" the strange face started laughing

"I am a doctor, Doctor Witcher." He moved out of sight and came back holding a tube. Hands held his head down as the tube was forcefully shoved into his mouth and down his throat. He gagged and found that he couldn't breathe. The strange Doctor pushed a button and he felt air being pushed into his lungs. The doctor came back again with something that looked like a pressure bandage and looked at someone else and nodded. Another pair of hands took his head a picked it up as Doctor Witcher wound It around his mouth and nose and eyes, only leaving his ears open. Again a needle was pressed into his neck and this time he felt himself drift off.

"When you wake up we will be in your new home, so just relax and sweet dreams, Gil Grissom."

With that Grissom's world went dark and he knew no more.

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