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(Obviously I do not own the characters of Harry Potter or Spongebob... nor Pat... not the other ones... You know the owners already: the marine biologist Stephen Hillenburg, the tv network Nickelodeon, JK Rowling, the Warner Bros...)

"SpongeBob - Harry Potter : The Movie"...!

Remember the great finale of "SpongeBob - The Movie"? SpongeBob turned in a rock guitar wielding wizard and realized many magic, defeating Plankton, the villain of the story.


Forget every-thing!

* SpongeBob's big face smiling refills your screen *

(piercing voice) This film is to-tal-ly new!

Just for you: the trailer!

(Fairytale Music)

Bikini Bottom, bottom of the sea.

SpongeBob: "Look ... a drowned owl!"

Pat: "A drowned owl in the sea! We could make it a song! Ha ah ah!"

SpongeBob: "Ha ha ha!"

Owl: "Bloob ... bloob ... bloobb ..."

SpongeBob: "Has he an envelope? He's a mail-owl!"

Pat: "But that envelope bears your name!"

SpongeBob: "Let's see... let's see... let's see... let's see... let's see...

School of Witchcraft and Wizardry... of Hooooooooooo-gwartssss..."

Pat: "And what does it say?"

SpongeBob: "Mmmmmmmm..."

"I cannot read it! It's written in Gothic!"

SpongeBob waves the sheet with eyes full of tears.

A few days later, at Hogwarts...

"Hello everyone!"

McGonagall: "A sponge?"

Snape: "A starfish?"

The two together: "What kind of students does the Ministry send?"

Minister of Magic (floating in his office before an angry god Neptune):

"Bloob bloob... bloob..."

And now, the scene that you all have been waiting for years:

Voldemort versus SpongeBob!

Voldemort: "Dirty Mugblood ..."

SpongeBob (with a huge smile): "But I do not have it, the blood! Don't you know? I am a Porifera! Ahahah! "

* Booming Music *

Voldemort against SpongeBob! The Epic Battle!

* Roll of drums *

Voldemort: "Crucio!"

The curse strikes SpongeBob in full ... and it does not do anything.

SpongeBob: "Hey, it's true! I don't have the nervous system! Oh oh oh oh..."

Voldemort: "All right! * Grrrr * Imperius!"

SpongeBob (eyes wide open): "... Dunno?" (The Imperius curse gets lost vainly trying to find the brain of S. and after long agony dies).

Voldemort (roaring): "You asked for it, stupid sea creature... Avada Kevadra!"

SpongeBob (got hit by a green flash): "Aaaaaah! The Unforgivable Cuuuuuuuuuuuurse!"

Voldemort: "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!"

SpongeBob (hysterical, shining green light): "Aaaaaaaah! The spell that kills and neeveer faaaiiiIIIIIIiiillls..."

(he continues to sparkling green from all sides while writhing horribly, putting his foot in his mouth and a finger in the nose and doing two somersaults).

Voldemort: "Ah, ah, ah, … ah... ah..."

SpongeBob (more and more writhing): "AH! EH! IH! OH! UH!"

Voldemort: "… Ah… ah…"

SpongeBob: "AAAAAAHHHHH..." (stops shaking and closes his eyes)

Voldemort: "..."

SpongeBob (standing up suddenly, with a broad smile wide wide): "Do it again?"

* Drum Roll *

Voldemort vs. SpongeBob! The Final Battle!

Coming soon to all the screens!

Next trailer: "Dementors at Bikini Bottoms!"

Coming soon to all your screens!

That's all folks!

(Original story by Ghunzatrox, Signore Dell'Ato Scuro).