SpongeBoB - Harry Potter: The Movie!

Third Trailer!

"Obsession of a Bald Wizard"


No, NO!

The correct title is:

"Obsession of a Dark Wizard"

(From Comingsoon)

Director: "Behold, for as I see it, Voldemort is an obsessed man!

His obsession with SpongeBoB will eventually overwhelm everything else of his personality..."

Voldemort (on top of a very high peak): "Curse to you, SpongeBoB! Bwaaaaaargh! "

* Ominous Lightning *

Harry Potter (at a distance): "What about me? Do I not matter anymore?"

Ron, Hermione: "NO!"

On top of a tower... the wind howls and the sky is crossed by black clouds…


The final duel... yes, again... the conclusive conclusion is to conclude...

Voldemort: "And now... miserable, annoying Porifera... You. Will. Die.

And without you to defend it, the secret recipe of the Krabby Patty will be mine!

Mine! MINE! Ah, ah, ah, ah! " (booming echo with laughter).

SpongeBoB: "Uh? Also you are interested in the recipe of the Krappy Patty?"

Voldemort: "Ah, ah ah! Also, you said? Look at me!"

(Voldemort expands his black coat in a melodramatic gesture)

"Ah, ah, ah, ah! Now you will see! BWAAH HA HA HA HA! "

The... Revelation.

(Not so much. Both are bald, noseless and evilly ambitious).


The head of Voldemort opens with a creak...

* Creeeeeeak *

... and inside the skull there is a control room, and the driver is…



SpongeBoB: "… You?"

Plankton (triumphantly): "Yeeeesss! I ! "(on a lower note)" I! Always been ME! This whole thing of the magic world was a farce devised by me to draw you into this trap and revenge! Ah ah ah ha ha! Ah ah ah ah ah! Ah ah ah ah ah! "

(Image: a map with the plan, arrows and pinpoints).

SpongeBoB (wet eyes): "And now, who explains it to the Malfoys?"

Is this the end for SpongeBoB?

Or our brave invertebrate is going to make it, as he always did?

Coming soon to all your screens!

That's all folks!


Ghunzatrox, Signore Dell'Ato Scuro!

(Ghunzatrox, Lord of the... Ehr... Side)