What a Dream can lead to

Summary: AU Luke is a dreamer (he inherited the talent from his father) in Tel'aran'rhiod, he runs into Amys who brings him to the Waste and teaches him to use his gifts in ways that are completely alien to both the Jedi and the Sith. He also discovers the truth about his parentage.


Rating- T

Legal Disclaimer- If you recognize it, I don't own it

AN- I've never really understood why the Force, which is supposed to be this thing that unites the universe, is divided into two sides in the first place or why the light side is good and the dark side is evil so I'm taking the Force in a bit of different direction (you'll understand more of what I mean later on in the story), hence the AU. Also Anakin did not get burned permanently burned on Mustafar and Leia is not Luke's sister. The Last Battle has already taken place but ANH has not.

Chapter One

Fourteen year old Luke was having one of his favorite dreams; he was flying throughout the galaxy exploring every planet he came across. He was flying over some sort of desert world, at first he figured he would just pass by, he'd seen more than enough sand and rocks on Tattooine. Then he noticed something that made him reconsider, there was someone down there…throughout his journey he had never encountered any people, until right then it hadn't occurred to him how weird that was.

He decided to go down for a closer look. He landed his ship and hopped off. By that point the person had noticed him and was moving toward him.

"Interesting machine you have there" the figure said as it approached him

"Thanks" Luke said "So what is this place?"

"…You truly have no idea what you're doing do you?" the woman (now that she was closer Luke could see that it was in fact a woman) asked

"Yes I do!" Luke protested "I've been flying ships most of my life"

"Not that" the woman shook her head dismissively "I mean Dreaming"

"What are you talking about?" Luke said "of course I know how to dream, doesn't everyone?"

"Not the way we are doing it" The woman responded "this is not a normal dream. We are in Tel'aran'rhiod, the world of dreams. Most people when they come here appear for only a few very brief moments. You, however…I have been tracking your machine for some time, when it didn't disappear after a moment or two I knew another Dreamwalker had to be involved."

"What's a dreamwalker?" Luke asked

"Dreamwalkers are people that have the ability to enter Tel'aran'rhiod at will. Our dreams can also be prophetic, we can dream events that are likely to happen before they occur" the woman answered

"Really, that sounds wizard" Luke said

"However Tel'aran'rhiod is also a very dangerous place, here if one dreams something then it becomes real. Injuries incurred here will be real when you awake and if you die here, you will never wake up."

"Oh" Luke replied suddenly he was not quite so enthusiastic

"You have great potential but you lack training, I can help you with that if you come to me at Cold Rocks Hold."

"Hang on; I can't just go to you…I mean I don't even know your name!" Luke argued

"True" the woman admitted "I have not introduced myself. I am Amys of the Nine Valleys sept of the Taardad Aiel and you are?"

"Luke Skywalker" Luke didn't understand half of what the woman had said so he only addressed the little bit he had understood "of Tattooine"

"Where is Tattooine, I've never heard of such a place?" Amys asked

"It's in the Outer Rim" Luke answered "where exactly is Cold Rocks Hold and…what are those other things you mentioned?"

Amys became pensive, she seemed to be considering something and then she said "Perhaps it would be easier if I came to you, can you show me where you live?"

"Uh…how?" Luke asked

"See your home in your mind's eye and then imagine that we are there instead of here."

Luke closed his eyes and thought of the Lars homestead and then he inserted himself and Amys into the picture.

"Luke Skywalker, open your eyes" Amys instructed after a moment

Luke did so and saw to his astonishment that it had worked

"Whoa" he said softly

"This is your home then?" Amys asked

"Yeah, I live here with my aunt and uncle" Luke said "…my parents are dead"

"I see, now you should try to return to your own dream, your body needs some real sleep. I will see you in the morning." Amys told him and then she disappeared.

Shortly after that Luke woke up. "What a weird dream" he said to himself and then he got dressed and headed down to the kitchen for breakfast.

Almost as soon as he had finished descending the staircase, there was a knock on the door

"I'll get it" Luke called since he was right there

He opened the door

"Good morning" Amys said

"Ahh!" Luke yelled in surprise

"Why so surprised Luke Skywalker, I told you that I would come to you in the morning?" Amys responded without blinking an eye

"Yeah but-"Luke began but Amys cut him off

"You assumed it was just a dream so you decided to ignore it, right?"

"Well…." Luke trailed off

"Never mind, I assumed I would have to explain the situation to your aunt and uncle in any case, may I come in?" Amys said

Luke nodded and stepped back to let her through the door.

Just then Beru emerged from the kitchen

"Luke, who was at the door?" she asked

It was Amys who answered "I am Amys of the Nine Valleys Sept of the Taardad Aiel. You are Luke's aunt, correct?"

"Yes…why are you here?" Beru responded

"I met your nephew last night, in Tel'aran'rhiod he is quite powerful but untrained, I have come to offer to train him."

She had another reason as well, she sensed that this boy had the spark, he could channel saidar which was supposed to be impossible for any male (except for that one shadow-souled but Leaf blighter had been defeated so she didn't think Luke was a Darkfriend) she was determined to get to the bottom of that mystery.

"Well…"Beru hesitated and then the Owen entered the room

"What's this about training Luke?" he asked

"You must be Luke's uncle" Amys began but before she could continue Owen cut her off

"I already told the old man that Luke was not getting involved in any of that Jedi nonsense, so you can just get out of my house!" Owen said angrily

"I do not know anything about Jedi or even what a Jedi is, but I do know that your nephew has the spark, he will channel eventually whether he wishes to or not. I admit that learning the One Power can be dangerous but if he does not learn how to control then it will certainly kill him…are you truly willing to sentence your nephew to death?" Amys responded

"Liar" Owen accused "You're working with that old man, trying to get me to change my mind, well that's not going to happen! I don't care if you call it the Force, the One Power or whatever, that hocus pocus destroyed Anakin, I won't let it destroy Luke too!" by the end of that Owen was shouting

"Wait, you said my father was a navigator on a spice freighter and that he died in an accident, but you lied to me, didn't you?!" Luke shouted

"Honey, we were trying to protect you." Beru tried to explain but Luke ran out of the house

Eventually Luke stopped running "I can't believe they lied to me. Who was my father, really?" he said to himself

"There is one way to find out" A voice said from behind him

Luke jumped slightly because the voice had startled him; he turned and saw Amys was standing there.

"What do you mean?" he asked

"In the Three-fold land there is a city called Rhuidean, it is the only city in the Three-fold land. In the heart of Rhuidean there is a ter'angreal that allows one to experience significant events of the past through the eyes of their ancestors; it may hold the answers you seek." Amys explained

"Why would you offer to help me?" Luke asked a bit suspicious

"Because family is important." Amys answered simply

"What's this one power thing you were talking about?" Luke asked

"The One Power comes from the True Source it is the driving force of creation. The One Power is divided into halves, saidin is the male half and saidar is the female half they work against each other and with each other at the same time in order to drive the Wheel of Time." Amys explained

"That sounds kind of like the Force, from what I've seen on the Holonet." Luke said

"It is possible that they are simply different names for the same thing." Amys replied "What is strange is that I sense in you the ability to channel saidar, very strongly in fact, yet everything I've ever known suggests that it is supposed to be impossible for man to touch the female half of the power and impossible for a female to touch the male half…although that may not apply to every world."

"Huh?" Luke said, now he was really confused

"Tel'aran'rhiod is said to be a world that is linked to all other worlds. So the rules of my world might not necessarily apply to someone who was born in another world."

"Oh, are you from another galaxy?" Luke asked excitedly

Amys raised an eyebrow "What's a galaxy?"

"A group of star systems and planets and stuff." Luke said but then he realized his explanation did not seem to be making any sense to Amys "…you really are from another world aren't you?"

"Yes, from what little I've seen your people seem to have very advanced technology but you know little if anything of the One Power, I can teach you that along with Dreaming if you wish."

"But why would you do that?" Luke asked

"Because if you don't receive training you will die and I cannot just let a young man die for something that is not at all his fault. I warn you the training will be difficult and you will work harder than you have ever worked in your life, if you are to be an apprentice than you must listen and do what you are told, or I will not teach you. The choice is yours" Amys said

"An apprentice?" Luke asked

"I am a Wise One, we advise the chiefs and other denizens of the hold, and we also tend to the sick and injured, and do other things if necessary for the good of the hold." Amys explained

"Hold, is that a village or something?" Luke asked

"A community, yes" Amys answered

Luke hesitated "…look I just want to get of this dust ball and be a pilot."

"A pilot?" Amys said

"Yeah, I want to fly ships…like the one I was flying in the dream last night." Luke said

"Luke, your training will not last forever, and once you're finished you may leave the three-fold land if you wish we will not you hold you prisoner." Amys told him

Luke was still unsure of what he wanted to do. He knew that he didn't want to go back to his aunt and uncle after finding out they had lied to him all his life, but he didn't have anywhere else to go…unless he took Amys up on her offer, there was one thing he wanted to be sure of, first.

"If I go with you, will you take me to this Rhuidean place?" Luke asked

"I will show you the way." Amys promised "but you must get there on your own, it is our way and has been for centuries. However, I must tell you, that what you propose to do is dangerous, many make the journey but few return. Rhuidean kills those who are not strong enough to face it. Do you still wish to go?"

"Yes, I want to know who my parents were" and why they left me on this dust ball Luke added mentally

"Very Well, we will skim to Cold Rocks Hold…it is the nearest to Rhuidean." Amys responded

"Skim, like milk, that doesn't make sense" Luke said

"No, not like milk" Amys replied "Skimming is a way of moving from a place you don't know well, to you to one that you do. It is not quite as fast as Traveling but it is still a very quick and reliable way to move from one place to another."

Luke was going to ask about Traveling but Amys anticipated him "Traveling is a way of moving from a place you know well to one that you don't, it is the fastest method I know of to get from one place to another. Both Traveling and Skimming are done using the One Power."

Then she wove a gateway

"That's incredible" Luke said awestruck "and you say you can teach me to do stuff like this?"

"Yes, in time, if you work hard." Amys responded

"I will, don't worry" Luke assured

"Come, let us go" Amys said

They both stepped through the gateway onto a stone slab

"Be careful that you do not fall off." Amys warned

"What'll happen if I do" Luke asked

"No one knows, no one who has fallen has ever been seen again." Amys answered

"Stay away from the edges, got it." Luke said

After what seemed like forever they finally arrived at Cold Rocks Hold.