The Fuiunjutsu master

Summary: At age four Naruto is run out of Konoha. Without anywhere to go, he wanders around the elemental continent before stumbling upon the ruins of Uzushiogakure. Meanwhile, in Konoha, the Sandaime is pissed as hell at the council's actions when one of the civilian councilmen accidentally revealed that they ran Naruto out of Konoha. The offender is sent to Ibiki who tortures his accomplices' names out of him. The Sandaime has the offenders executed publicly as an example.


Naruto accidentally opened an underground vault when he pressed his cut palm on a stone with a swirl. The young boy jumped when a doorway opened in front of him. Deciding that it would be better shelter than what he was already getting, he ventured into the vault. He came upon another swirl and touched his palm on the door again and opened a room that was full of scroll like a library. Out of curiosity, he approaches the first rack of scrolls, unintentionally triggering something else. Suddenly a voice appeared out of nowhere and it told him that he was the last of the Uzumaki and this was the legacy of the Uzumaki clans. With tears in his eyes and happy he found remnants of family even if they are gone, he pulls out the left most scroll on the lowest shelf and begins to read. The Sandaime had taught him to at least read because the matron of the orphanage told him he wasn't allowed to learn. Clearing his mind, he opened the scroll, he begin to read. Surprisingly, the material is easy to understand and he is drawn in by the contents.

An hour later, he has finished around ten of the thirty scrolls on the lowest shelf of the scroll rack. 'So chakra is what is molded and used in jutsu. This is used in the ink that makes Fuiunjutsu active. He found out that the bunker, so to speak, was self-sufficient. A bed and an adjacent full bathroom were connected to the main room while a room that was an underground garden that had seals all around for transferring sunlight for the plants to grow to bringing water to the plants. He spent an hour eating a variety of fruits and vegetables in the garden before heading back the library/main room to study some more with renewed vigor. He had found a scroll that explained the main hand seals that were used in jutsu and he found a pair of gloves sealed in the scroll. After putting them on, the scroll explained that the gloves had seals on them that would track his progress. He slowly made each seal in the scroll and memorized them. Apparently the gloves would glow white after a successful cycle of the hand seals. Each time Naruto had a limited time to do it before they reset. When his hand seal speed was up to speed, the gloves would turn entirely white. Naruto spent an entire day working on the hand seals. A week later, he had successfully brought his hand seal speed up to the point where his hands moved through the seals at a speed that was inhuman. He had also found a jutsu called the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. He had quickly mastered it since it only had one seal.

Time skip: six months

Several months had passed and he had mastered several things. He had successfully mastered writing, drawing basic seals, and the kage Bunshin. Apparently when a jutsu was mastered, no hand seals were required. He had gone from a dozen of clones to a small platoon of 500 to 600 clones. He had learnt that the clones had given him information on their dispersal. He used that to his advance and read one the ten racks of racks. He had found several taijutsu had determined a combination of the styles into one would better benefit him. He had not mastered the new style he created but with the clones who worked on it every morning, he neared mastery of the style. He had created a routine that used his clones to learn various jutsu, his new taijutsu, several ninjutsu, and genjutsu. He had added several jutsu to his repertoire of various types. He had mastered several C-rank elemental jutsu from all five elements. His ability to use all five types of elements was probably due a family trait he had determined. His clones had sparred with him every morning and improved his reflexes and reaction times. He also had created a training exercise that trained his eyes to pick up the smallest movement. He had ventured to the surface and had practiced the training exercise in the forest that surrounded the ruins. He had avoided the attacks of various animals successfully. Naruto sighed happily as he went to bed and thought about his accomplishments.

Four years later:

Naruto was now eight and a half years old but in the small time period had finished every scroll in the room. His Fuiunjutsu was flawless as was his taijutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu, and kenjutsu. He had picked up kenjutsu when he found a scroll on the art. He had found a room of weapons which he sealed into a scroll. He had learnt to use every weapon with the help of shadow clones but he had chosen a pair of custom made hand scythes. The shaft of the weapons measured a foot in length. The blades extended from the shaft to about six inches before curving sharply and going back to the shaft. The top of the shaft had a spear point. He had found that he could connect the weapons end to end and it turned into a four foot weapon. He spent his time mastering this weapon in its two modes. He decided to make a few companions using Fuiunjutsu. He had sent his clones out to find scrap metal which littered the ruins on the surface. He had used the scrap and a multitude of seals to create mechanical creatures that resembled a dragon, a scorpion, and a crab. These hulking machines could be ridden as they moved on their own with Naruto's assistance. They had their own chakra systems, a chakra absorption seal that siphoned chakra from jutsu used against it, repair seals, and reconstruction seals that helped itself put itself back together if it were obliterated.

Naruto looked at the place he called home for almost five years before sealing at the scrolls, the weapon scroll, his creations, and his notes for several jutsu he had created or were working on into seals built into a belt he had engraved seals into. He slapped down a seal that would let him return once a similar seal was put down somewhere else. He dressed in a fresh pair of clothing which he had found years ago with several other outfits. He looked at the bunker again before headed towards Konoha.

In Konoha:

The Sandaime sighed again. Today was the anniversary of the day Naruto was run out of Konoha. Since the people responsible were executed as an example, no one dared celebrate openly, in fear of being sent to Ibiki. He looked over more paperwork before glancing at a picture of the fourth Hokage. "Minato, I'm sorry for failing you and Kushina," he said to no one. He stamped another paper before he decided it was time for a distraction. "Damn you Jiraiya and your wonderful books," he whispered as he pulled out an orange book.

At the gates:

The gate guards, Kamizuki Izumo and Kotetsu Hagane, sighed as they stood there again. "I'm so bored…" droned Hagane as his partner rolled his eyes. "You say that every two minutes. You could take the jounin exams and be on missions that AREN'T boring," said Izumo. "You know I'm too lazy to do that. Plus, gate guard is a job that requires no effort," said Hagane grinning. Izumo turned away, mumbling about lazy chunnins. Hagane poked his partner and pointed to the horizon and both their eyes almost popped out of their sockets. It was a young boy wearing an Uzu forehead protector with a red and black outfit that had the kanji for seal master on the torso. His belt looked like it held a multitude of riches. As the boy reached Izumo and Hagane, they saw he wore his head long. Some of his hair spilled over the hitae-ate and covered both of his eyes. "This is Konoha, correct?" asked the boy not once looking up. "Yes…" said the stunned pair. "Could you take me to see the Hokage? I haven't been here for a while so things may have changed." The two chunnin nodded numbly and escorted the young boy to the Hokage tower where the Sandaime sat reading his smut.

"Hokage-sama, a young boy with an Uzu hitae-ate is asking to see you," said the secretary. "Let him in." The Sandaime sat up at the mention of an Uzu head band and hid his smut. "How can I help you?" he asked when the young boy was seated in front of him. "Jiji, I'm hurt. I remembered you and you forgot me? I'm so sad," said the boy as the Sandaime's eyes widened at the affectionate name. "Only one person called me that except my grandson. Naruto?" he asked hopefully. "Naruto Uzumaki, the prince of Uzushiogakure at your service," said Naruto grinning as he pushed the hair out of his eyes and looked at the stunned Hokage. "Did you say the prince?" asked the Hokage. "I am the last of the Uzumaki clan, am I not? I found an underground bunker there in which I lived in and mastered all of its secrets." "Begin from the top," said Sarutobi. Naruto started the tale and told him of what had happened for the four and a half years he had disappeared. The Hokage paled and called in Gai, Kakashi, Kurenai, and Yugao to his office. "I need you four to test this boy's abilities in your specialized fields and give me a report of his skills," said the Sandaime. The four looked at the boy and their eyes widened upon sight of the Uzu head band. "Naruto Uzumaki, at your service," said Naruto.

On a random training ground, Naruto, the Hokage and the four jounin (well Yugao is a jounin when not in ANBU uniform) stood, ready to begin. "Yugao, Kakashi, Kurenai, Gai, you all will all test his skills one at a time," said the Hokage before Naruto held up his hand. "I would like all of them to fight me as a team. Don't worry I'll even the odds," said Naruto. The four jounin began to argue but stopped to gape in awe when Naruto unsealed three hulking metal mechanical beasts. "These are my creations powered by seals and sentient beasts that act on their own until they are immobilized by seals or told to stop by me. Good enough?" asked Naruto. The four jounin nodded and got into their stances. Naruto unsealed his weapon of choice and attached them together at the ends before resting one end on the ground and motioned for the jounin to attack him. Gai charged in first, closely followed by the other jounin. Naruto quickly secured his bladed staff to his back and fought Gai. Kurenai tried to cast a genjutsu on Naruto to distract him but found herself in a multilayer genjutsu to her horror. Gai began to unseal the gates as Naruto began to gain an edge. Gai sweated as he charged in but looked at Naruto in awe when he dispatched him with a mere palm strike to the chest while dodging the other attacks. "I surrender. Naruto-kun's flames of youth are greater than mine!" shouted Gai as he stood by the Hokage.

Kurenai had freed herself and Kakashi closed the gap between himself and Naruto as he used a small jutsu to try and pull Naruto into the earth but the dragon beast had blocked his path. The remaining three dodged the mechanical beasts while trying to get close. Naruto grinned as he announced the name of his jutsu before he blasted it toward Kakashi. The cyclopean jounin's visible eye widened as he recognized the jutsu. "Wind dragon jutsu," he whispered as he dodged the jutsu. He pulled up his hitae-ate that hid a Sharigan before engaging Naruto again. "Raiton: lightning pulse!" cried Kakashi trying to shock Naruto. Naruto grinned as he stood still as the jutsu him. The three remaining jounin looked in shock, awe, and a bit of terror as the jutsu collided with Naruto and disappeared? "I am not a seals master for nothing. I have created a seal that absorbs all types of elemental jutsu. Fuuton: Earth rending wind blades!" said Naruto. A blast of wind erupted from Naruto that ripped up the earth as it plowed toward Kakashi who tried to use an earth jutsu to absorb the attack in vain. To his displeasure, the wind jutsu destroyed his earth wall and Kakashi dodged panting. "Hokage-sama, I concede. His ninjutsu is beyond my level," said Kakashi as he limped off the battlefield after he sprung his ankle from dodging the wind attack. Kurenai and Yugao tried to double team Naruto, with Kurenai casting a genjutsu over him and Yugao attacking but they were stunned to find the Naruto in front of them was a clone. Yugao's blade had pierced it and it erupted into smoke. "Kage Bunshin?!" exclaimed the remaining jounin. "Never leave your back unguarded," said a voice behind him. Kurenai found she was unable to move. She looked down and found a large seal on the ground beneath her that immobilized her. "I concede. Naruto's genjutsu is fantastic." Yugao watched in fascination as Naruto pulled the double ended scythe staff from his back and spun it in front of him. "Your move, jounin-san," he said. Yugao fought to the best of her ability and Naruto was still a step ahead of her. She accidentally over-extended a thrust and Naruto had snared her blade and pulled it out of her hands. "I concede. I have been bested by a master," she said to the Hokage.

The jounin and Hokage looked in awe at Naruto as he sealed all his creatures and weapon up. "What level is he?" asked Sarutobi. "He is beyond gennin level, Hokage-sama." "He has chakra reserves that make yours look like a gennin's Hokage-sama. No offense." "He casted a multilayer genjutsu that is even hard for a jounin to perform, Hokage-sama." "His kenjutsu is on the level of a master, Hokage sama." "So what level do you place yourself Naruto-kun?" asked the Hokage. "I don't know. I wear resistance seals that I haven't released for four years," said Naruto as he revealed the seal on his chest and limbs. Yugao and Kurenai blushed upon seeing his muscular body. "I also have discovered the Dead Demon Seal on my stomach and have made contact with the demon. A year ago, our chakra pools have merged also with other things." Naruto released a seal and the adults gaped at a twenty year old man. "The merger has also sped up my growth. I'm physically twenty two, Jiji-san," he said. "I-I get Jiraiya to certify your Fuiunjutsu tomorrow," said the stunned Hokage. "If I may, could I ask for the jounin rank?" asked Naruto. "You're beyond jounin level. You're around high ANBU. Why not apply with them?" asked Yugao. "I prefer to not have to wear a mask 24/7, Yugao-san. I may take that offer in a few years though," said Naruto. "Why jounin though, Naruto-kun?" asked Sarutobi. "I wish to take up a gennin team and teach them. Anyways, doesn't every Hokage take a gennin team?" asked Naruto as Sarutobi smiled. "I see your dream to become Hokage has not diminished," the Hokage said.