Naruto looked around Demon country as he and his team entered the Priestess's shrine. Shion sat upon a throne of sorts surrounded by servants. "So you are my protection that Konoha sent?" said Shion in a condescending tone. Naruto swallowed his anger as he mastered himself. "Yes, we have sent to protect you Priestess." Suddenly, the building's doors exploded from their hinges as a shinobi entered the shrine. "I have come for Moryo's body. Hand it over and you can live," said the ninja. "Who the hell is Moryo and what gives you the right to burst in here?" said one of Shion's soldiers.

Shion was then surrounded by her guards as they separated her from the intruder. "So be it," said the mysterious ninja. Stone golems appeared in front of the shinobi as he moved toward Shion. As Shion's guards fell one by one to the stone beasts, Naruto and his team jumped into action. Naruto blasted the stone beings with a lava jutsu as his girls helped him. Anko called her snake summons to destroy the constructs. Fu bombarded them with jutsu. Mikoto unsheathed her katana as she cut down every enemy in range. Kyuubi unleashed her demonic chakra as she melted several stone beings with her fox fire.

Yugito used lightning to cause the stone creatures to fall apart. Even with their efforts, the stone army pushed them back slowly. Naruto melted one stone creature's legs but couldn't stop it from moving towards Shion. Shion backed up until she had no more room. As it was almost upon her, a bright pink light appeared from the bell around her neck and cleaved the moving creature in half, halting its advances. "Fall back!" shouted Naruto as he grabbed Shion from amongst her dead bodyguards. His wives followed suit, blasting the oncoming stone army with jutsu to cover their retreat.

Naruto, Shion, and his wives regrouped an underground shrine. "What the hell was that?" asked Anko. "That was Moryo's servant. There was a whole shinobi cult that worshipped him. My mother sealed the evil demon into that shrine, separating its body and soul at the cost of her own life," said Shion. Kyuubi's eyes narrowed as she looked at the priestess. Her coldness seemed off for someone that looked gentle and fair. Meanwhile, the mysterious shinobi stood in front of the shrine's altar, the place which held the body of his master. "I have fulfilled my duty, Moryo-sama," said the shinobi. 'Good,' said the soul of the demon within him. 'You shall be rewarded with a merciful death!' His eyes widened as a black miasma shot from his stomach to toward the shrine as its two halves became one again. Moryo stretched out its limbs before looking at the remains of its former host.

'Foolish mortal, you have served your purpose.' The former vassal slowly turned to dust as Moryo exited the confines of the shrine. "Soon, Shion, you will join your mother!" said the demon as it looked for Shion. Back at the sanctuary, Shion had given up all hope. "After her sacrifice, I was made priestess. My powers grant me the ability to see the death of someone. I was isolated, those who isolated me hoped that in doing so they could avoid their fates but it was not so. Many have died to protect me and many more will." Naruto and Kyuubi glared at Shion as her empty eyes stared back. "How can you be so selfish?

They put their lives on the line for you and you say that they must?" shouted Kyuubi. Naruto looked at her angrily. "No one can escape destiny. Fate can be changed. I am a jinchuriki and my kind is shunned, abused, and isolated. I have changed my fate though, becoming what I wish to be. You can too. Fate can be defied," said Naruto. "Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, even you cannot escape fate. You will die at the hands of Moryo. You're wives will become just widows. What will you do now that you know your final destiny?" said Shino emotionlessly. "I will fight to change it with my last breath. You can change your fate, priestess if you try. It is you who forges your path."

The doors of the sanctuary shook as they slowly began to crack. Kyuubi and her fellow wives readied for the last stand. Naruto extended his hand out to Shion. "It is time you make your path, Shion," said Naruto. The doors exploded as Moryo destroyed the roof of the sanctuary. His stone army entered and engaged Naruto's wives. They held back the seemingly infinite army as Naruto fought with Moryo. 'Damn it. I can't use sage mode here or I will destroy the sanctuary and put everyone at risk.' Naruto assaulted the demon with his twin blades only to find that they did not pierce its skin.

Naruto jumped from the demon's range as a large claw swiped at him. "I will kill you! I refuse to let Shion be hurt by you," shouted Naruto. 'He is going lengths to assure my safety even though he knows he will die. Why?' thought Shion. The demon batted Naruto away into a wall causing a gash in Naruto's arm in the process. Naruto quickly used a kamiwari to move to safety. Shion suddenly saw a light emanate from Moryo as she saw an angel appear. She was brought back from the vision by Naruto who had pulled her from the jaws of Moryo who was about to devour her. "You said I would die. You also may have died there but I helped you defy fate. Do you still believe its existence?" asked Naruto. Shion's eyes widened as she realized the truth of Naruto's words. Her visions were just a possibility not what would definitely happen. It was then that Shion realized that she was never alone.

Naruto stood next to her, his blades ready to defend her. Naruto generated a Rasengan as Shion grabbed onto his hand. The rotating orb expanded exponentially as they jumped into the air. 'From now on, I am the master of my own fate. I will make my own path!' thought Shion as they hurled toward Moryo, the Rasengan aimed at him. The large demon opened his mouth to swallow the duo as they entered his jaws. "Haha, foolish mortals have no aim. Fear not, the rest of you will join the pair. What? No!" the demon let out an unholy howl of pain. He exploded into black smoke as Shion and Naruto appeared from the black mist. Shion took a step forward and collapsed in pain. Naruto offered her a piggy back ride which she gratefully accepted.

"Are you two alright?" asked Fu. Kyuubi healed the pair's minor scratches while Anko wrapped the gash on Naruto's arm in a bandage. "Don't worry about that. It will heal quickly," said Naruto. "I know but just in case for protection against infection," said Anko. "Naruto you were right. I can make my own destiny," said Shion quietly. Naruto smiled at the girl before kissing hand. Shion turned a shade of crimson as Anko toted the girl on her back. The group headed for the now ruined shrine where Shion had lived in. With the help of Shion's staff and his wives, Naruto rebuilt the ruined shrine in two months.

He had used countless clones to aid in his endeavor. Shion sat on her throne looking at her friends from Konoha. Her staff no longer distanced themselves from her and Shion couldn't be happier. "Thank you for your help. All of you saved Demon Country," said a smiling Shion. Shion stood up and walked towards Naruto. "Naruto-kun, I am indebted to you. If you ever need something from Demon Country, feel free to ask me. Anything at all, Naruto-kun," said Shion whispering the last part. Naruto smiled back at Shion before bowing to her in reverence. He and his wives took their leave, heading home after their lengthy mission.

"Anata how was Demon Country?" asked Tsunade as he gave her his report. "It was beautiful, Tsunade-hime," said Naruto as he kissed her. Naruto entered his complex with his wives as the ones that remained behind greeted him and his other wives. "Welcome home, Naruto-kun!" said his wives. Kurenai, Haku, Tayuya, Temari, Hana, and Tsume all kissed him as they all helped him relax. Haku made him a cup of tea as Temari brought him some sweets. After dinner, they all took a relaxing bath and soaked in the onsen. Naruto found Mei waiting in the onsen and hugged her. Mei had come on her usual visit but it was far from the mundane visits she enjoyed. "Naruto, the Akatsuki have resurfaced. They have also captured the three, four, five, and six tailed beasts.

Gaara is safe but I came to warn Konoha and you in particular. Fu-chan, Yugito-chan, and you are the only jinchuriki so close together. Killer Bee is too strong on his own so he is safe. Kyuubi has informed me of your sage status but Fu and Yugito lack any substantial trump card besides their tailed states. Be careful Naruto. They may target any of us to get to you, Fu, and Yugito," said Mei. The group soaked in silence. The possibility of Akatsuki looming over them was sobering. "Mei is right. We need to start preparing. Fu, Yugito, everyone, It's time that I pass the family jutsu to you," said Naruto. They all got out of the onsen and dried off before following Naruto to the clan dojo. "I want all of you to learn the jutsu that my father created. Most of you have learned the Rasengan and I know some of you are still learning it but it's the other one," said Naruto. He pulled the tri prong kunai from his kunai pouch. "The Hiraishin made my father famous and only to this day I am the sole user of this jutsu. Upon your marriage into my clan, I made it clear you would learn every family jutsu there was." Naruto threw the kunai into the dojo wall and appeared in a flash of yellow light.

"However, I learned from my father's notes it was a lightning jutsu so anyone without the lightning affinity or even a slight affinity is incapable of performing it. I worked for months to fix that flaw. With the new seal formula I put on the handle in place of my father's, it is now possible for all of you to use it. However, I have renamed the jutsu the Kamaishin, the flying god jutsu." Naruto tossed each of his wives and fiancé a Kamaishin kunai. "The key to this jutsu is to feel the pull of the kunai and teleport to it. To activate the jutsu, all of you must push your chakra into the seal as you throw it then retrieve the chakra. This move is known as the Shinpo. It is the first stage to learning the Kamaishin. The second is learning to move toward the kunai and the third is learning to move from kunai to kunai." The girls nodded before beginning the first step.

Somewhere in Amegakure, the Akatsuki were planning their assault on Konoha and remove the three jinchuriki there. "Pein-sama, we need to move swiftly. The Kyuubi jinchuriki is resourceful and he has many allies," said Zetsu. Pein nodded at the plant like member. He was Akatsuki's spy and was pinpoint accurate with information. "Itachi and I have fought the boy twice. He is a prominent seals master, more so than Jiraiya is. He has brought Fuiunjutsu to new heights," said Kisame. "Naruto-kun is also never alone. He always travels with at least four women," said Itachi. Pein was silent, processing the new information.

"Then I shall show him the power of a god!" said Pein as his six bodies appeared. "Pein, do be careful. If you fail, the other tailed beasts will be on high alert," said Tobi. "Tobi's a good boy and wishes you luck!" Everyone sweat dropped at his sudden change in personalities. "However we have a visitor to welcome. I will deal with him," said Pein. Jiraiya had successfully infiltrated Rain for a week now. He had gathered alarming information that Akatsuki would attack Konoha and moved to head home. "Ah, Jiraiya how nice of you to join us," said Pein's six paths in unison. Konan stood next to one of them with a paper shuriken in hand. "I thought you died years ago," said Jiraiya, stalling as he tried to move slowly to a safe distance. "You won't be leaving Jiraiya. You know too much," said the animal path. "I don't think you understand. I'm not here alone," said Jiraiya. Naruto suddenly appeared next to Jiraiya. "It's the Kyuubi jinchuriki. Should we capture it?" asked Konan. "By all means necessary," replied the paths.

Jiraiya clashed with Konan, using his Hari Jizo to block Konan's paper shuriken. He countered her attack by sending his sharpened quill-like hair at her. He quickly turned the earth below her into a swamp before sending a strong lightning jutsu through the liquid. Konan screamed before dropping into the swap unconscious. Jiraiya slapped a restriction seal on her and leapt with her body to a safe distance. Meanwhile, Naruto threw Kamaishin Kunai all over the field. Pein's paths futilely tried to track Naruto's movements. The Deva path tried to use the Almighty Pull to stop Naruto but was turned to dust when Naruto hit him with a new version of the Rasengan. The Naraka path began to resurrect the Deva path but was decapitated by Naruto's newest jutsu: the hurricane blade barrage. Naruto slapped a seal on the Preta path before activating it, causing the path's own chakra stores to be rapidly emptied.

Moments later a shriveled corpse hit the ground before bursting into flame. "You may have won this time jinchuriki but be assured, I will kill you and extract the Kyuubi from you," said the remaining paths before they disappeared from the destroyed landscape. "I never thought you could do that with a clone," said Jiraiya. "My boss is a man of many talents," said the Naruto clone before it dissipated with Konan's unconscious form. "That boy has all the luck," said Jiraiya.

Konan came to in a large bed. She tried to shift in the bed but found out that she could not move. A purple haired woman came in followed by a big breasted blonde woman and the kid she saw fighting Pein's paths. "I see you're awake now Konan-san," said Naruto as he closed the door behind him. Tsunade stood over Konan and healed her wounds as the purple haired woman stood close by. "She is at full strength now Anata," said Tsunade kissing Naruto. The purple haired girl smiled and Konan shuddered. Something was off about this woman, seriously off. "Naruto-koi, when can I play with her?" asked Anko. "If she doesn't cooperate, you can have a little fun with her, An-chan," said Naruto. Naruto sat on the edge of the bed near Konan.

"We can do this the hard way or the easy way. You can tell me why Akatsuki is after the biju or I can have Anko-hime here extract it from you. Believe me, she leaves a mess behind and you don't want to be that mess," said Naruto. Konan looked at Naruto with malice but nodded, not wanting to find out how bad the woman called Anko was. "Alright then, let's hear about Akatsuki then." Konan divulged everything about the organization's goal for the biju. "I don't know any more than that Pein wants to use the biju to create a world free of pain, suffering, and death. However, there is one suspicious character there. His name is Tobi but no one knows much about him. He wears an orange mask that reveals one eye," said Konan. "I see but why the biju? He is trying to kill countless human beings for his plan. Why not take the more peaceful path?" asked Naruto. "You wouldn't understand. You have a family," said Konan coldly.

Naruto's eyes glowed red as his wives whispered comforting words into his ear. His eyes returned to their normal blue color but the hard expression never left his face. "You say I wouldn't understand because I have a family? Alright let me show you the error of your statement!" Naruto pressed two fingers to Konan's forehead and both of them slumped onto the bed. Konan appeared in Naruto's mindscape. She looked around and found a beautiful forest and a large mansion in the middle of the forest. The door of the mansion opened and a young version of Naruto welcomed her in. "Onii-chan asked me to show you our memories," said the little boy as he took Konan by the hand and opened a door and pulled her through. "Welcome to my childhood," said a young Naruto. Konan witnessed Naruto being abused, beaten, and thrown out to die in the streets where more people tried to kill him.

Tears began to spill onto her cheeks as she watched Naruto escape to the ruins of Uzushiogakure with only the rags on his back. She watched him push himself to exhaustion to learn every bit of information the library of Uzu had. She watched the council try to mettle into his life and Naruto's journeys as he grew older and stronger. She saw Kyuubi kissing Naruto alongside his other wives. Konan witnessed Naruto saving villages, countries, and people. Not once did he kill for his own greed but only to save the life of another. Konan and Naruto woke up in the same room and she clung to Naruto as she cried for all the lives she had taken as a member of Akatsuki.