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Okay, so I did a reboot of season 4...now this is my season 6 resurrection fic. Why? Cuz i wanted to write and I was thrilled with most of the reviews on my last story. It's pretty easy to follow(at least in my mind haha). For this fic...Grandpa Samuel and family along with Sam are not the only ones brought back from the dead. I've brought back another character as well...To me other hunters(in my opinion) would have been brought back...or in this case just being in the 'hunter' lifestyle.

As much as I hate it this chapter will take place during Exile on Main St,and up until this chapter everything has occured the same way as in the actual episode. The reason I say I hate it is because while I loved Dean getting to live a normal life for a little while I wasn't a Lisa fan and thought the randomness of him suddenly remembering her in last couple episode of season 5 just didn't make much sense...so it kills me to write it, but i have to for this story for a VERY short time and hopefully I'll be axing that 'relationship' as soon as possible.

Also like my other fic...this first chapter will follow episode 6x01 quite closely but after this one I'll change things more.

So here we go: This chapter is going to occur right after Dean is saved by Sam and they go back to the house to get Lisa and Ben, and head to Bobby's.

Oh, and I've changed the format from my previous fics to resemble scripts in parts of it...please let me know if you like it this way or not.

Exile on Main Street.

Bobby's House.

Bobby Singer was sitting in his kitchen, glass of whiskey in hand...after all he needed it to have this conversation. He'd done the tests anyways...even though Sam had already filled him in on all of those brought back with him. The Campbell's? Yeah he got that much. A couple other hunters he also knew were back he also understood. But this? Still had no damn clue why.

Bobby: Sam mentioned you were back with all the others.

The mysterious woman shrugged.

Bobby: Somethings got you by the tail if you're hunting now.

Woman: It's either that or go back…if this is what it takes…

Bobby: Who would've threatened you with that?

Woman: I'm not sure. It was the voice I woke up to, just saying I either hunt or I go back…

Bobby: Demon?

Woman: Hoping not. I'm not a demon's pawn, so if that's the case...then this isn't worth it. Listen I just came for the information. Campbell didn't have it.

There's a knock on the door.

Bobby: Just a sec.

She huffed a little...really wanting to get out of here and cut the awkward chit-chat as soon as possible. When she saw Sam several months ago she'd been nervous, but he seemed to care less that she was back. She stayed in the kitchen awaiting Bobby's return.


Bobby opens door to find Dean...well not just Dean.

Bobby: Uh oh. This has to be bad.

Dean shrugs.

Dean: Hey Bobby. Been a while.

Bobby agrees and Dean gives him a quiet cliff notes version of events, and Bobby sends Lisa and Ben upstairs.

Dean: So...

Sam came through the door as well. Dean expected Bobby to look surprised.

Sam: Hey, Bobby.

Bobby: Sam.

Dean: Um...you knew?

Dean gave Bobby a hard look. Bobby nodded.

Bobby: Boys, now may not be the best time...need to finish up a few things. Just give me a minute.

He'd hoped they wouldn't follow him, and when they did he made sure to stop in the study.


The woman hears the new voices besides Bobby's. Uh oh.


Dean: You knew? You knew Sam was alive.

Bobby nods.

Dean: How long?

Bobby: Look -

Dean: How long?!

Bobby: All year.

Dean: Oh, you got to be kidding me.

Bobby: And I'd do it again.

Dean: Why?!

Bobby: Because you got out, Dean! You walked away from the life. And I was so damn grateful, you got no idea.


Woman: No way? He did? How long has he been back?

Dean: Do you have any clue what walking away meant for me?

Bobby: Yeah - a woman and a kid and not getting your guts ripped out at age 30. That's what it meant.

Woman: Seriously? Dean started a family? For starters...he was supposed to be dead, when she ran into Sam and he was alone (as well as colder and more distant than she'd ever seen him) she figured it was because Dean was dead. Secondly, she'd never pegged him as one to leave this life...he'd been so adamant about hunting being the right thing to do.


Dean: That woman and that kid - I went to them because you asked me to. Well you both did anyway.

Bobby: Good.

Dean: Good for who? I showed up on their doorstep out of my mind. God knows why they even let me in. I drank too much. I had nightmares. I looked everywhere. I collected hundreds of books, trying to find anything to bust you out.

Sam: You promised you'd leave it alone.

Dean: Of course I didn't leave it alone! A damn year? You couldn't put me out of my misery?

Bobby: Look, I get it wasn't easy. It ain't like I wanted to lie to you. But you were out, Dean.

Dean: Do I look out to you?

Bobby shrugged.

Bobby: What's this about, now's not the best of times I'm working on...

Sam: Djinn. Went after Dean, he's worried about them...so we're gonna have to take care of it before they can go back.

Dean and Sam started walking towards the kitchen, Bobby looked worried.

Bobby: Uh where are you goi..

Bobby's voice trailed off.

Sam gave Bobby a strange look.

Dean: I need a drink.

Dean stopped dead once he hit the kitchen.

"What the? Oh you've got to be kidding me!"

"Hello Dean." Bela Talbot smirked.

Bobby looked at his feet and back up...Sam was walking after Dean and Bobby followed.

Dean: This isn't possible. Maybe the Djin's still after me and all this is fake.

Dean shook his head. He knew Sam being alive was too good to be real.

Bobby: Aint' fake...I uh, tried to warn you.

Dean: No, you didn't.

He turns to her.

Dean: What the hell are you doing here...and alive?

Bela: Well technically I could ask you that same question.

Dean glared, at her then at Bobby.

Bobby: She uh...came for some info on a hunt.

Dean: A hunt? She ain't a hunter.

Bela: Wasn't a hunter..no.

Dean: I'm sorry? Right because we're supposed to believe you. Bobby come on I know you aren't this dumb.

Bobby: Dean, she's in the same boat as all of them..well almost.

Bobby motioned to Sam.

Dean: Oh so not only Sam, you knew about everyone coming back."

Bobby: I hold to my same reason."

Dean: So what, you got brought back for whatever reason since you aren't a hunter...why not just go back to what you were doing before...you know ripping people off and all that immoral stuff you do.

Bela was about to answer before Bobby spoke up.

Bobby: She can't.

Sam: Huh?

Bela: When I awoke, all I heard was a voice saying that I hunt or get thrown back in. I'm not stupid enough to risk going back."

Dean: Sure she's not a demon?

Bobby: I checked.

Bela: Along with every other test.

Bobby: Can't blame me.

Dean: Can't trust her either.

Bela: Maybe not, but I'm here and it's what I'm doing. Don't worry, I don't intend to stick around here for long nor do I want to get involved with your hunts, as much as messing with you boys was a pleasure.

Bela grabs her jacket.

Bela: Just give me a ring when if you get that info for me.

Sam: Wait...we have several Djinn to fight..we could use one more person.

Dean: Sam!

Sam: Just thinking strategy.

Dean: Uh how about you think with your head instead.

Bela: Thanks but no, I work alone, told you that when I ran into you months ago.

Dean: Oh come on. Sam, you knew about her too? Anything else I am missing?

Bela: Don't look at me, I thought you were still dead...or a demon by now.

Dean looked down..a tiny moment of guilt for what he'd done in hell, especially to her. She'd either forgotten or was doing a great job ignoring it. It was the only thing keeping him from being more outraged that she was here than he already was.

Bobby: They need this taken care of fast...and this way you can prove to us that you're really hunting and not trying to pull somethin'. Unless you want us following you're every move to make sure?

Dean: We don't need her help.

Bela sighed.

Bela: Fine I'll go. Where?

Dean: Indiana.

Bela: Lovely place.

Dean: Hey.

Bela: So he's back in the life and on a case in minutes. You guys move quick.

Sam: More like he's the case...the Djinn went after him as revenge, so we are headed back there to take care of it before they can go back.

Bela: Before who can go...

Lisa walks downstairs and interrupts as they are walking into the living room.

Lisa: What's going on? I need to know..."

Dean: Yeah...yeah let's go talk."

Bela watches Dean lead Lisa away towards the stairs. She turned to Sam.

Bela: You didn't say Dean was alive. I just assumed...

Bobby: So?

Bela: He wants me dead..or did.

Sam: He didn't kill you last time even when he should have.

Bela: Hmm..Nicely done Sam, supporting and undermining all in the same sentence.

Sam shrugged.

Bobby: Alright why don't you guys go pack up...maybe Dean will be ready by then.

Bela: Where to?

Sam gave her the address where the Campbell's would be, so she went to her car and left ahead of the boys. They headed out as soon as Dean spoke to Lisa about it. She was pissed...he didn't blame her. Although she knew this about him, knew it would happen eventually. As much as he cared though...he cared more that Sam was back. And he didn't really mind getting back into the game again.

End Chapter.

*Okay so there's the first chapter. Last time I know people complained that I followed too much with the actual storyline...but seriously I need to for this to work out plus if you're like me and miss Bela...well we'd do anything to see her back on the show. So if the real showrunners had her back it's not like their storyline would change that much. So that is why I've changed only minor things in this chapter by adding Bela in.

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